$18 billion in construction projects in Canberra

johnboy 30 March 2011 14

Chief Minister Stanhope is thrilled to announce that Canberra currently has nearly $18 billion in construction projects planned or underway.

“These positive results are evidence of a strong economy and the sustained confidence in the future of our city from the business community.”

Construction activity is spread across the ACT with a major focus on developments in Barton, Kingston, Belconnen, Fyshwick and Civic.

Which explains all the cranes on the horizon.

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14 Responses to $18 billion in construction projects in Canberra
KaptnKaos KaptnKaos 2:02 pm 31 Mar 11

It took actgovco 10 weeks to re-lay bitumen on the Erindale/Ashley Drive roundabout, it took the Japanese less than a month to rebuild a large section of highway without much budget to think about, who cares more about their country/city, not the dweebs running Canberra that’s for sure. Its all well and good to throw numbers around that look impressive, but you have to back them up with some sort of action, to date stanhope you’ve done bugger all except turn Canberra into an ugly city.

EvanJames EvanJames 1:18 pm 31 Mar 11

Yes, don’t forget the Public Art. It serves a much more useful purpose than adequate roads. While you are stationary every morning, stuck in a road that has morphed into a car park, you can at least admire the Public Art and feel happy.

We need to get those Japanese over here, the ones who fixed that devastated bit of road in a story a few days back. Get in there, do the job, get out. Crawling past roadworks where nothing seems to happen for weeks or months, but the road is all closed and covered in crap, is a joke.

sneakers sneakers 8:34 am 31 Mar 11

“it will be like every other soulless, homo genus city in the world”

Tee hee. That’s funny.

Cassandra Cassandra 7:42 am 31 Mar 11

At least $1B is being used to build the Stanhope statue factory, our glorious leader has spent years softening us up with extraordinary pointless public art, his tenth anniversary year should see the mass role out of solid bronze Stanhope statutes all over the city. How lucky we are to have him.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 7:30 pm 30 Mar 11

You guys probably don’t know this, but that $18B includes construction of Jon Stanhope’s secret jungle laboratory…

Dr Strange Dr Strange 6:36 pm 30 Mar 11

Was wondering where all that $18 billion in construction was. Went and read the read the statement and $10.5 billion of it is planned construction – just shy of %60.

damien haas damien haas 5:53 pm 30 Mar 11

Interesting – when you can finally navigate to the actual page of ALL projects http://www.business.act.gov.au/canberra_construction_snapshot/all_projects
that the spending on Park and Ride is the same as spending on a ‘boat harbour’ for Kingston.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 4:36 pm 30 Mar 11

They’ve been working on the Lanyon Drive duplication near Jerra for a year and a half and it still isn’t finished.

Brianna Brianna 4:35 pm 30 Mar 11

Many years ago when I first visited Canberra, I was told by an aunt who lived here that there is always construction going on. Coming from way out bush, I was astonished. Very young as I was 9 years old. I asked her when they would be finished. She laughed but didn’t answer. Now that I live here, I understand why she laughed. It NEVER finishes……….

EvanJames EvanJames 4:12 pm 30 Mar 11

alaninoz said :

The buggers in ACT government have never heard of performance based contracts, or are unwilling to enforce the contract provisions. Either that or they just haven’t got a clue.

All of the above, I think. (Seriously). I think that the mob they often hire are spread very thin. They put in the cheapest tender, move in and make a big mess, then allocate 2.5 men to continue whatever it is they’re doing, then wait 8 months for the patches bitumen rolling machine to be available.

I hate to admire the Airport, but you could hire them to run roads contracts and see some real action.

alaninoz alaninoz 3:49 pm 30 Mar 11

The buggers in ACT government have never heard of performance based contracts, or are unwilling to enforce the contract provisions. Either that or they just haven’t got a clue.

johncox2009 johncox2009 3:44 pm 30 Mar 11

Just fix finish the GDE before they start anything else, it’s an embarrassment to the North of Canberra. They also need to start thinking about the future and build upwards because they can’t keep selling off our beautiful grasslands and forests forever, Canberra is a unique place and if they carry on like this it will be like every other soulless, homo genus city in the world.

EvanJames EvanJames 3:27 pm 30 Mar 11

The trouble is, the firms they contract to do the roadworks seem to take forever. They move in, put up cones and fences and dig up the road, and then… nothing. Remember the mess around Majura/Fairbairn/Moreshead? Went on forever. The Airport did their bit of road in months flat, took ACT Government’s lot years to do their bit.

Jclarke Jclarke 3:08 pm 30 Mar 11

What is happening with this: http://the-riotact.com/monaro-highway-duplication-kicks-off/33077

I dont see any movements, if stanhope promised that upgrade…unless this would have been mentioned in this budget.

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