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18 Storey Monstrousity to go up in Belconnen

By Thumper 19 September 2005 20

No links I’m afraid but it would appear that the vacant block of land behind the Belconnen Labour club, overlooking the old Sizzler’s place and the lake, is to be sold and developed.

The initial plans have an 18 storey building.

Now I’m not against progress but it does seem a bit of overkill and I’m also wondering what ever happened to those height restrictions that Canberra had in place.

As for the overall effect i believe it will be good for Belconnen, except for its sheer size.

Anty thoughts?

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
18 Storey Monstrousity to go up in Belconnen
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kaleen_calous 6:27 pm 25 Sep 05

Belconnen is the place where the apprentice architects of the 60’s were given some space to try and learn their trade. Given the butt-ugly result of Belconnen Mall and other eye-sores in the area I would suggest that most failed dismally and became brickies-labourers instead. Anything that lifts the concrete bunker ugly 60’s Stalinist design ethos of Belconnen is to be applauded – why not make this new development 36 stories tall. Can’t be any worse than we have already got. Bring in some money – new blood – starts a virtuous circle – more entertainment better venues etc etc. Bring on such developments!!!!

GuruJ 1:55 pm 21 Sep 05

Vader: actually the proposal is for an apartment complex that is between 12 and 18 stories high.

It’s difficult to describe using just text, but imagine the site in question as being bounded by Emu Bank, Chandler St and Cohen St.

What they are suggesting is a set of 4-storey apartments on Emu Bank, 6-storey apartments on Chandler St, then the 18-storey apartments on the side nearest the Labor Club with a gap between the smaller and high-rise apartment buildings.

All residential car parking will be underground with the entry from Emu Bank.

Of course, these are only suggested developments and anyone buying the site might do something completely different.

But if the actual development resembles their current I’d have to say it all looks pretty good.

Vader 2:06 pm 20 Sep 05

Primarily the fact that it would look out of place, and not fit in with the other buildings in the surrounding area.

No, I can’t see it from my place.

Spitfire3 1:33 pm 20 Sep 05

I’m not sure I understand what’s bad about the building being significantly taller than what’s there now. I get the notion it’s something to do with the aesthetics. Is it that it would intrude into your view of the open sky from certain viewpoints? Or would it look too out-of-place in an area of shorter buildings? Would you be able to see it from your house? Fill me in, I don’t get it.

Vader 12:45 pm 20 Sep 05

I don’t think anyone is arguing that they shouldn’t build apartments on that particular site. The problem is the height – 18 storeys being overkill.

The tallest building in the area is Netanya, which is 6 or 7 storeys, situated on top of the hill. Assuming they’re counting storeys from the bottom of the hill, that gives them another 4 or 5 to play with.

Thus, by my estimations, a 12 storey block would fit in with the existing buildings, as almost half of it would be below the crest of the ridge.

So.. 12 storeys good, 18 storeys bad.

simto 11:40 am 20 Sep 05

There’s an awful lot of big apartment blocks being built already (just look along Northbourne) – I’m a little concerned that we might already be looking at an oversupply of apartments that will remain vacant a lot of the time.

Maelinar 8:59 am 20 Sep 05

Ahh the rancid stench of Belconnen Mall body odour just got that much stronger…

To be honest, the population boost in Belconnen will probably do it good, although there are several vacant developments awaiting populating at this very moment. (the Kippax magpies complex and the Belco lake frontage developments).

The jury is currently out on how those developments will turn out, however urban ghetto springs to mind.

I’m hoping that the relevant nightlife scenes are also going to move into the area, although Thumper, perhaps it’s a good time to refurbish our idea of a Jazz and Slap Funk Bass bar called Beatniks within prowling distance to the Pot ?

Thumper 7:48 am 20 Sep 05

One of the good things about such a development is that perhaps the government will stop there little greedy land grabs from the suburbs.

But then again, if there’s money to be made.

Personally, I’m not against it but I do think the 18 storeys are a bit of over kill.

KRE 11:49 pm 19 Sep 05

A majority of town centres in most capital cities have a wide range of height differences in terms of buildings, both residential and commercial. It may bring a sense of life into the area, it certainly needs it. developments of high quality should be welcomed as it adds to the value of the area and makes it a more liveable place. it also make rent cheaper in this city (we all want that) also this kind of development will bring in other operators such as bars and restaurants, until there is the young population in the centre, these venues will not exist and it will remain a sterile and boring environment. It makes sense to expand upwards not outwards. I welcome such development and would certainly consider moving in to such a development rather than living in the suburbs.

johnboy 7:19 pm 19 Sep 05

most town centres in europe that i’ve been to have had pretty solid 5 storey development.

18 storeys is unusual for residential, but i suppose there will be some nice views.

I’ve gotta say I think Sky Plaza is looking rather cool at the moment.

bonfire 4:02 pm 19 Sep 05

long term i think that these types of buildings are town centre futures. it works in europe.

it also creates enough urban mass for light rail to be a feasible alternative. where are the people in the 18 storey building going to park theur falcons ?

the carpark which is in front of the multi storey carpark at wetfield belconnen is actually zoned as a site for a similar multi storey mixed use building. if they ever built it, i’d move in.

these types of development aid the city in reducing urban sprawl and concentrating population mass in an area where other support services such as 24 hour souvlakis are viable.

bulldog 3:13 pm 19 Sep 05

Shadows aside, I think there are factions at work really trying to move away from the “sterile” stereotype that Canberra still carries. What better way to do this than to try and create people and life where there are none? If they can’t do this in the town centres then where?

I don’t think is such a bad thing although maybe eighteen floors is too much.. But at least it will draw the eye away from the fugly-ass mall, the flithy bus interchange, the crime infested carparks and disgusting lake.

Woden down, Belconnen is on the way; next on the list will be Tuggeranong.

Mr Evil 12:27 pm 19 Sep 05

An 18 story high block is overkill, but Simon probably thinks this is a good thing for Belconnen. Anyway, it should cast a beaut shadow over everything.

Thumper 11:56 am 19 Sep 05

Hopefully it will lead to more music venues as Belconnen really is dead, given you’ve got the Pot, the Labor club and Pete’s.

xman 11:35 am 19 Sep 05

I think it’s no bad thing. The major problem with Belconnen, particularly the Town Centre, is that it’s as dull as duck shit. A few scattered restaurants and bars and the only live music is at the Pot.

With more apartments/townies being built adjacent to the TC, we’re starting to see the appearance of a few cafes etc – Black Pepper and Musica e being examples. With more TC residents, the demand for more eateries and entertainment venues should hopefully follow.

Thumper 11:09 am 19 Sep 05


yeah, I believe it will be apartments with some shops on the ground level.

colsim 10:35 am 19 Sep 05

I assume it’s going to be apartments?

Kind of raises the same question for me as the Woden block – why live out in the burbs without a backyard? (And no, still not seeing the appeal of having a skybridge to the Southern Cross club and Woden Mall 🙂

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 10:15 am 19 Sep 05

Just as long as it doesn’t look like that thing that was recently built in Woden, and doesn’t have weird artworks stuck on the front of it like the building in Civic.

Thumper 10:02 am 19 Sep 05

Agreed, the Mall is a shocker. Maybe you’re right, it won’t be noticed.

The overkill is the height of the building, but, if it fits in I guess its okay.

Spitfire3 9:54 am 19 Sep 05

Yeah, I’ve got a thought. The Belconnen town centre’s butt-ugly as it is. Putting up another building isn’t going to make it any worse.

What’s overkill about it?

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