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Canberra Food and Dance Spectacular 2006 in pictures.

By johnboy - 13 February 2006 21

So, Saturday was the “Food and Dance Spectacular” component of the multicultural festival. Here at RiotACT we tend to look forward to it as “Foreign Food and Beer Day”. Meat on a stick and people in funny clothes are also regarded as essential components on this holy of holies.

Colour at the multicultural festival

When the boys and the girls parted ways for a moment and thoughtfully bought each other beer things got a bit messy.

Too much beer at the multicultural festival

The crowd was large, happy, and getting stuck in.

throng at the multicultural festival.

Anyone is free to join the SBS band, only they meet in Conder, os some other ridiculous location beyond the ends of the earth.

SBS band at the multicultural festival


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21 Responses to
Canberra Food and Dance Spectacular 2006 in pictures.
Maelinar 3:33 pm 13 Feb 06

The ‘puff’ pun was intended btw…

I think from memory it had a brief 2 week stint at popularity in the late 80’s or early 90’s (I was quite drunk during it’s climb and subsequent dropping from common vernacular), and it’s place in the grave of crap sayings it should remain.


colsim 2:10 pm 13 Feb 06

Did anyone try the Hungarian deep friend bread with sour cream and garlic? Quite the tasty and unusual snack treat.

(But in no way “puff” Mael – my God that campaign shits me.)

I didn’t see the McLeods daughters dancers but I’m sure the wogboy comedy stylings of John whatsisface came a close second. (Dressed up like an Italian mum, no less)

kimba 1:52 pm 13 Feb 06

Yes there was a Sari Sari stall but it wasn’t sponsored by any of the 3-4 Filipino groups in town. the stall was there to raise funds for a charity.

johnboy 1:41 pm 13 Feb 06

And they were selling San Miguel, how could I forget.

che 1:26 pm 13 Feb 06

We went to the Phillipino stand JB, I’m pretty sure it was called the Sari Sari stand or something, they had Phillipino flags up etc

johnboy 1:07 pm 13 Feb 06

I’m pretty sure i saw phillipinos too

Maelinar 12:12 pm 13 Feb 06

LG, did you ever meet the last bellydancer on the right in your previous life ?

I’m sure she used to be one of us…

Maelinar 12:07 pm 13 Feb 06

I think the point may have been that Chinese, Vietnames and Filipino cultures extends somewhat significantly beyond a stall selling beef in black bean sauce and combined fried rice.

BTW, for the BEST ever vietnamese spring rolls, go to the vietnamese restraunt in Page, they put on a great feed but the spring rolls are ‘puff’.

areaman 11:55 am 13 Feb 06

Not sure why big groups such as the Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino communities are not represented.

I counted at least three Vietnamese stall, a large chinese, a smaller chinese and and a taiwanese stall, I didn’t see any Filipino stall though.

Big Al 11:41 am 13 Feb 06

Damn! I missed it.

Although after last years marathon effort – an attempt to sample a beer and a grilled sausage in a bun from every country that claims grilled sausages in bun and beer as its national dish, its probably for the better.

johnboy 11:25 am 13 Feb 06

Personally I would recommend it as a lunch activity.

JoeyJoeJoe 11:14 am 13 Feb 06

Hmm looks like during the day is much less crowded than the evening. I met a bunch of mates at Wig & Pen at 6pm and sauntered in from there, food was excellent as usual but the crowd factor was a pain in the bum.

kimba 11:10 am 13 Feb 06

It was a good day….it’s one of the better festivals the city puts on. Big well behaved crowd. Sadly more and more of the stalls are commercial and not community based.

Not sure why big groups such as the Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino communities are not represented.

Went into the city on Sunday and all the fun had been switched to mainly leftie community groups stalls…big yawn. Hardly any food outlets – although the Greeks know how to party 🙂

Not sure if anyone else went to the CATs awards on Saturday…it was a very professional and uplifting night. So much talent especially with the youth. Well done CATS!

bonfire 9:55 am 13 Feb 06

the foreign food festival was quite fun.

it was marred only by an australian dance inspired by (i shit you not) ‘macleaods daughters’. akubras, flanny shirts.

a wave of cultural cringe surged tsunami like through the crowd.

of course uncle bonfires 4 yr old niece thought it was great, but she also likes the wiggles.

the announcer amazed us all by saying the macleods daughters dancers had won some competition and had represented australia in poland.

i always thought some sharpies in too small cardies and rat tails had a unique australian dance. happy to send them to poland.

simto 9:47 am 13 Feb 06

I vaguely remember Carny rides always used to infiltrate the Civic carpark (when it was still a complete entity) every year, back in the late nineties – around Feburary or March (possibly during the Canberra day long weekend, possibly not). I don’t know whether they’ve been associated with the Mutlicultural festival previously, or not, though. But hey, you’re in civic, where people shop. Commercialism is there to begin with.

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