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$200,000 to be spent on feasibility study for new stadium

Dominic Giannini 10 February 2020 132
GIO Stadium

A new 25,00 seat stadium will be built in Civic or EPIC, with GIO Stadium (pictured) also undergoing upgrades. Photo: Region Media.

The ACT Government is set to spend $200,000 on a feasibility study to determine the best location to build a new 25,000 seat stadium in Canberra.

The report will weigh up Civic and Exhibition Park as sites for the new stadium, which is projected to cost between $250-500 million.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said investment in the study, set to be included in the ACT’s mid-year budget review this week, will provide the groundwork for the decade-long infrastructure project.

“The city location has been previously identified as a preferred site for a new rectangular stadium,” Mr Barr said.

“However, given the size restrictions of this site, the requirement to realign Parkes Way, as well as the investment in light rail, the government is exploring EPIC as a fallback option.

“The new work will focus on the existing Canberra Olympic Pool site but also consider EPIC to determine suitability for a new rectangular stadium.”

According to the government’s long term infrastructure plan, upgrades to the 35-year-old GIO Stadium over the next five years were also flagged at a cost of less than $50 million.

Raiders supporters on mass at ANZ Stadium. Photo: Tim Gavel.

The sea of green at the NRL Grand Final at ANZ Stadium. Photo: Tim Gavel.

The stadium will take into consideration the future needs of the capital, with Canberra’s population set to exceed 500,000 by the end of the decade.

“The government has outlined an ambitious infrastructure agenda to ensure we can continue to provide world-class services and entertainment for a growing city,” Mr Barr said.

“This infrastructure agenda will create more jobs and ensure Canberra remains one of the world’s most liveable cities.”

Both sites will be considered against a range of key criteria and the report will be completed before the end of June.

“The two identified sites will be assessed on key technical and planning characteristics including urban context, security, site fit, orientation, and traffic and transportation considerations,” Mr Barr said.

“Work will include site analysis and investigation, procuring technical architectural and engineering advice, and engaging a quantity surveyor to assist in determining the estimated costs of constructing a stadium on each site.

“The outcomes of the work will allow the government to make a final decision on whether Civic is a viable option or the fallback options of the existing Bruce precinct or EPIC should be progressed.

“Once this is determined, the next stage of the project will involve detailed design, site analysis and community consultation.”

Both the Raiders and the Brumbies have been very vocal in their support for a new stadium, pointing to the positive impacts new stadiums have had on sporting teams and local businesses in other cities.

Similar stadiums have boosted local economies by around $1 million dollars every time an event is held.

Three sporting events at the new Bankwest Stadium in Paramatta, with a seating capacity of 30,000, recorded an estimated total of $2.92 million for the local government area, according to an October 2019 report.

Over the three events at Bankwest, visitors spent about $1.27 million inside the stadium and $1.65 million in the Parramatta local area, the report found.

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer said local sporting events have increased demand for local businesses in Paramatta.

“This report shows people heading to Bankwest Stadium are really making the most of their visit to Parramatta, whether it is enjoying a meal at one of the city’s many fantastic restaurants and cafes or booking accommodation at local hotels,” Mr Dwyer said.

Do you think the new stadium should be built in the city or at EPIC?

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132 Responses to $200,000 to be spent on feasibility study for new stadium
Kim KD Winks Kim KD Winks 2:31 pm 11 Feb 20

What a waste of money!!!!!

Matt Russell Matt Russell 2:32 pm 11 Feb 20

The city makes sense

    Matt Russell Matt Russell 2:41 pm 11 Feb 20

    David Eschbach nope. But I can see people using restaurants before and after and visiting the casino 👍

Donna Venables Donna Venables 2:33 pm 11 Feb 20

Why does Canberra supposedly need a new stadium???

    Daniel Oyston Daniel Oyston 2:47 pm 11 Feb 20

    Go to a game

    Jesse Mahoney Jesse Mahoney 2:56 pm 11 Feb 20

    Because people like sporting events, and it would likely bring more music events to Canberra too

    Ben Jones Ben Jones 5:38 pm 11 Feb 20

    Donna Venables because it is 3rd rate compared to other cities.

Carol McHarry Carol McHarry 2:34 pm 11 Feb 20

Let the voters choose .waste of money

Tenille Noja Tenille Noja 2:35 pm 11 Feb 20

Waste of money.

Kellie McCann Kellie McCann 2:37 pm 11 Feb 20

Waste of money. Dont need a new one just need to uograde the current one and provide better parking and services. Stop wasting tax payer money!

    Lachie O'Sullivan Lachie O'Sullivan 4:04 pm 11 Feb 20

    bruce stadium is literally one of the worst stadiums in Aus.. no pre or post game entertainment/dining options and no atmosphere due to its open design.

    Kellie McCann Kellie McCann 4:14 pm 11 Feb 20

    Lachie O'Sullivan there are similar stadiums that have the same set out and still get more people in. Entertainment, dining, atmosphere has nothing to do with the building itself its the organisers and that act gov probably wont give them the permissions needed to bolster it.

    Ben Jones Ben Jones 6:19 pm 11 Feb 20

    Kellie McCann what other stadiums have the same set out as Bruce ?

    Kellie McCann Kellie McCann 6:22 pm 11 Feb 20

    Well my home town had a stadium with limited parking, no roof, restricted entry and exit for roads on game days and in comparison we tend to get more attendance than the raiders do. Theyve only up and built a new one in a shittier location that still doesnt have a roof and floods as its on a river bank. Was called 1300 Smiles Stadium

    Garvin Francis Garvin Francis 6:54 pm 11 Feb 20

    Canberra (Bruce) stadium was build as part of the AIS Precinct in the 80s, apart from one upgrade to remove the track and make it more rectangular it hasn't had much done to it. The land it sits on is still Commonwealth land and while the ACT Government controls the stadium, any major changes to the stadium would need Commonwealth approval. When first constructed, the stadium wasn't intended for major event use like Rugby League, Union and Soccer. It was located in a quiet area with then limited residential development. Demand for facilities has changed and currently in a mostly now residential area there is little hope of expanding any dining, bar or entertainment options. I'm sick of the anti development lobby in this town who don't seem to want Canberra to change from what it was like back whenever. . .

    Kellie McCann Kellie McCann 7:08 pm 11 Feb 20

    Not anti development but am anti-wasting tax payers money when its not necessary just because people people want new and fancy without proof that its required. When the current stadium shows it can fill its current seating and attract decent events id happily say time for an upgrade, but not when its because people dont like its location or because its old. My old time has wasted so much money on a new stadium and it only increased as it went on which will also drive up costs for everything so the local government can gain money back from the locals

    Ben Jones Ben Jones 7:19 pm 11 Feb 20

    Kellie McCann is your comparing Townsville to Canberra.


    Kellie McCann Kellie McCann 7:59 pm 11 Feb 20

    Yeah.... If a town half the size of canberra can get more bums in seats, has a slightly bigger stadium and can get some decent concerts why can't Canberra?

    Tracy Houston Tracy Houston 1:47 pm 13 Feb 20

    The stadium doesn't fill because it is a freezing wind tunnel, with no amenities.

Matt Russell Matt Russell 2:43 pm 11 Feb 20

You guys who think it’s a waste of money, try the art down the park way, the sky whale.

A new stadium is needed and enclose it and you will even be able to attract better concerts when footy season is not on.

The city will thrive if it is placed there.

Tony Hardy Tony Hardy 2:48 pm 11 Feb 20

There is a Canberra South of the lake ... ...

    Brian McKenzie Brian McKenzie 3:11 pm 11 Feb 20

    Tony Hardy it doesn’t matter though

    Shane Jasprizza Shane Jasprizza 8:48 pm 11 Feb 20

    Too many shootings south of the lake.

    Tony Hardy Tony Hardy 8:51 pm 11 Feb 20

    That is because most of the premier sports facilities are Northside.

Amanda Adams Amanda Adams 2:48 pm 11 Feb 20

😡😡bloody hell there are more important things needed in Canberra ,how do they come up with this enormous cost ?its just a study, not building anything just walking around with hands in deep pockets 😡

Steve Mcleish Steve Mcleish 2:52 pm 11 Feb 20

That’s cheap! I would of charged $350k.

Tony Armstrong Tony Armstrong 2:54 pm 11 Feb 20

During the week it could be used as a hospital to cut down on waiting times.

Richard Willcoxson Richard Willcoxson 2:56 pm 11 Feb 20

Can save you the money. Civic hands down. Having visit Wollongong with its stadium in prime location it creates a great party atmosphere and packs out the local bars, restaurants and cafes.

Kevin Read Kevin Read 3:00 pm 11 Feb 20


I have a yes no ball that they can use for free

Raffy Sgroi Raffy Sgroi 3:01 pm 11 Feb 20

We want a new hospital WE NEED ANOTHER HOSPITAL!!!!

    Dan Rayner Dan Rayner 3:26 pm 11 Feb 20

    Raffy Sgroi we have five hospitals already 😂

Marion Rae Marion Rae 3:06 pm 11 Feb 20

How about something for the Deep South

Aldith Graves Aldith Graves 3:12 pm 11 Feb 20

EPIC with the tramway public transport link & parking. Trying to cram it into the city with such heavy reliance by the ACT community on car transport is simply unworkable & poor planning

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 4:27 pm 11 Feb 20

    Aldith Graves then people will adapt and take other transport. You need to do things to decrease dependence of cars, not encourage it

    Aldith Graves Aldith Graves 9:54 pm 11 Feb 20

    Jon Billows I catch buses

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 1:01 pm 13 Feb 20

    Aldith Graves Yes, easy isn't it. The greatest obstacle to people catching buses is their mindset. Since the bus change I now need to walk much further to catch a bus, but I still do. I grumbled a lot though. I will be catching a bus in about an hour.

    Aldith Graves Aldith Graves 1:24 pm 13 Feb 20

    no for me with a disability it is not easy at all. The extra distance means I go out much less regularly than in the past.

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 1:49 pm 13 Feb 20

    Aldith Graves Hopefully there will be disability parking at any stadium. I often drive someone with a disability card and those spots are usually close to venues.

Trish Roberts Trish Roberts 3:14 pm 11 Feb 20

Leave the Civic pool alone!

Capital Retro Capital Retro 3:21 pm 11 Feb 20

It appears that the ACT government already has the raw figures and surely they can get the rest from the internet.

So, when the same government has so many smart people and employs even smarter people on huge salaries to head the directorates, why is it necessary to waste $200K on outsourcing this “study”?

Heather Gordon Heather Gordon 3:23 pm 11 Feb 20

More money on yet another study

Charlie Sgroi Charlie Sgroi 3:24 pm 11 Feb 20

Maybe he can do another under the table deal with the unions.

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