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2009 RiotACT site survey

By Jazz - 30 April 2009 64

[First filed: April 28, 2009 @ 17:24]

Over the past few years, RiotACT has undergone a number of changes, some good, and some (in retrospect) not so. Here in the RiotACT HQ bunker our aim is to continuously improve RiotACT so it’s the best it can be for our community of users – that’s you! However, as much as we might think we can, we can’t do this in the isolation of the RiotACT engine room.

This is a shout out – we need to hear from you! (and be brutally honest, you know we can take it). This is your chance to tell us what you really think, as RiotACT would not be as varied and vibrant as it is without your input. We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions for RiotACT’s future.

Thanking you in advance for your time to participate in the survey. It should take you around 10 minutes and any personal information you provide will not be provided to any third parties and only be used for the purposes of making RiotACT the best it can be.

Click Here to take survey (or follow the link from the site survey ad when you see it). It should take you roughly 10-15 minutes


The-RiotACT team.

What’s Your opinion?

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64 Responses to
2009 RiotACT site survey
Granny 9:46 pm 28 Apr 09

Oh, that blank thing! *lol*

… Don’t let it or you’ll have to run the site up all over again!

ant 9:40 pm 28 Apr 09

The blank screen is that bank thing where it wants to close your browser.

vg 9:29 pm 28 Apr 09


RandomGit 9:17 pm 28 Apr 09

Ngyaahhh!! Done the survey but I forgot to add another feature suggestion. Themes. I, personally, like all my panels to be bordered. A theme that does that would be ace.

Granny 9:15 pm 28 Apr 09

I think we could probably all survive the terrors of a blank page if we really put our minds to it ….

; )

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:54 pm 28 Apr 09

Don’t get the problems about income. They don’t know who you are. Nobody’s going to say “ooh, there goes planeguy, you’d think he could buy his kids better shoes on his salary.” Better to just not do the survey than to on the results to make a point.

Spam Box 8:44 pm 28 Apr 09

1. It’s very rude to force people to declare how much they earn (thankfully, with these things usually everybody is getting over $250K yet still wont pay more then 4c a week)

2. I spend 10 mins doing this and you give me a blank white page at the end? Jesus a 404 or Fail-whale would have been more polite.

planeguy 8:16 pm 28 Apr 09

1. I always randomly select an income range when not given the option to not specify. I know friends do this too. What this means is that you shouldn’t trust income figures in surveys.

2. I got the blank page too.

3. Apart from that, it seems like a well structured survey, covering nearly all the areas I want to give feedback on.

Jazz 8:00 pm 28 Apr 09

#3&#5 Smackbang &Davo111, the question is there to work out if its going ot be worth our while to develop those features and if we’ve priced our membership options right. Certainly not forcing you to have one. All of the content you get for free now (registered or unregistered) will still be free.

#1 Kaydo, point noted. we’re not really interested in individual results in that instance, more the overall mix of profiles. One question we get asked is how affluent our readers are

BerraBoy68 7:34 pm 28 Apr 09

Survey completed as requested. Great idea.

Davo111 7:23 pm 28 Apr 09

Done the survery, the only two issues

the final question that said “how much per week would you be willing to pay for membership”. you can’t choose less than 50c a week. (lol maybe a lower option for us tight asses)

the other one was i forgot to mention online chat in a java window would be pretty cool.

S4anta 7:22 pm 28 Apr 09

kaydo said :

Also, mandatory on income range should have given an option of ‘prefer not to say’. Demographics are fun, right?

Probably a validator for how to you want to pay for premium access?

Smackbang 7:22 pm 28 Apr 09

Interesting that the “how much would you pay for premium membership?” question did not include an option for “I would not pay for premium membership”!

Granny 6:36 pm 28 Apr 09

I have also done the survey. I think it’s a great idea!

: )

kaydo 6:15 pm 28 Apr 09

Just did the survey, great idea. It ended with a blank page though, so I have no idea if it worked.

Also, mandatory on income range should have given an option of ‘prefer not to say’. Demographics are fun, right?

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