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Dunne votes Green

By Pandy - 26 October 2006 22

Vicki Dunne sucks up to Pedal Power

“Representatives of Pedal Power generously spent over an hour with me today bringing me up to speed with cycling and related transport issues.

“The undoubted health benefits and the rising cost of car transport make cycling increasingly popular part of the Canberra transport scene.

Does that mean we are going to see more bike lanes on suburban roads?

[ED: Just the other week Steve Pratt was voicing the opinion that bike lanes should be scratched.

Also can people please read the FAQ before posting and try and keep to the style of the other stories? Title goes in the TITLE box, story in the POST box. It’s not rocket science.]

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Dunne votes Green
andy 11:18 am 27 Oct 06

ahh, but does she know a recumbant from a unicycle ?

Big Al 11:14 am 27 Oct 06

LG, I suspect that the posted speed limit is the maximum allowed not the mandatory speed at which vehicles must travel. Whilst you can get a ticket for driving slowly, I believe that it would only be in a situation where you were deliberately malingering or obstructing traffic. I have been told that the test used by police relates to something they call ‘best speed’ for that vehicle in those conditions on that road.

Examples might be a tractor travelling along the highway at 30km/h – travelling at its best speed and therefore not breaking the law. Same would go for a cyclist zipping along at 25 or 30km/h or a laden truck climbing a steep hill.

S4anta 10:53 am 27 Oct 06

who on earth proof reads and edits the media releases on that site? They need to be shot, or stop riding a recumbent cycle.

LurkerGal 10:43 am 27 Oct 06

I don’t have a problem with them taking up the whole lane, as long as they are doing the speed limit. If they are doing LESS than the speed limit, however, then, like all motorists who do it, they should be given a ticket. And get the f*&k off the road. Going way under the speed limit is just as dangerous as going way over.

If I am in a 100km zone and the car in front of me is doing 60km, I will beep them until they speed up or move over. Same goes for cyclists. If they want the same rights, they can have them, along with the responsibilities.

johnboy 10:19 am 27 Oct 06

which rules are you referring to exactly jube?

jube 10:16 am 27 Oct 06

So by your logic Stella I can drive 5 CARS abreast on Northbourne on a Sunday, even though the rules specifically say I can’t?

Stella 9:07 am 27 Oct 06

Hey Jube, I agree with you in so far that cyclists must follow the road rules if they choose to ride on the road but I think that you need to brush up on your road rules. Cyclists can use the road like other vehicles, so long as they don’t create an unreasonable obstruction (hook-turns are allowed, although not mandatory and two abreast is allowed so long as it doesn’t impede the flow of traffic).
As a cyclist, I have come to realise that sometimes it is necessary to use more than the foot of road next to the curb in order to make myself more visible to cars or just to avoid all the broken glass from car accidents.

In relation to bunch riding, it usually occurs in the early hours of the morning or on weekends, when there is very little traffic (Northbourne Ave has 3 lanes – ample room to go around a bunch)

Pandy 8:33 am 27 Oct 06

The Melbourne “Hell Riders”. Riding as a pack, disregarding the road rules, casuing a death.

Also pack riding on bike lanes is never wise or allowed on places like Nthbourne Ave.

Big Al 7:03 am 27 Oct 06

You’re right about the big pack thing – I wonder if they do that because of some percieved safety advantage?

jube 7:01 am 27 Oct 06

OK, Al, but the point was no pack riding as in 5 abreast in traffic. And IMHO no vehicle that uses publicly funded roads for free is entitled to the whole lane.

Big Al 6:48 am 27 Oct 06

“…plus the law of single file.”

I think you mean … plus the law of two abreast, that and the fact that a bicycle like any road user travelling in the left hand lane is legally entitled to the whole lane – many of course stay to the far left politely letting people pass, but if they want to use the lot then that’s waht they’re entitled to.

jube 6:43 am 27 Oct 06

Pedak Power will only get my respect when – and only when – they advocate and participate in education for cyclists on the road rules. eg: how to use an intersection (stay in left hand lane and go around outside of intersection – and of course that red lights apply to all traffic); roundabouts (stay in left hand lane and give way at each entry); plus the law of single file.

I have full respect for any cyclists who follow these rules, and I thank both of them for making the effort.

Big Al 6:36 am 27 Oct 06

This is all a bit of a wank really.

On-road cycle lanes having never been implicated in a fatality since their introduction in the ACT yet we’ve managed to bury about 50 drivers, passengers and pedestrians in that time. The ongoing carry on simply acts as a diversion from the fact that policy makers and motoring groups are clueless on the issues associated with the real causes of death on our roads – driver skill, alcohol, fatigue, road quality and inappropriate speed.

As long as everyone’s pointing the finger at those selfish cyclists and wanking on about cycle lanes the real issues can be swept under the mat.

Jey 6:13 am 27 Oct 06

They’ll be back up soon, and they’ll stay up.

el 10:41 pm 26 Oct 06

Rising cost of car transport?

Petrol prices are going *down*, Vicki. Get with the program ($1.05/L by years end is looking more and more likely.)

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