Dirty Deakin

jill 5 January 2007 14

Here’s a snap of the area outside my local gym at Deakin. It seems to have become over the past year a favoured spot to dump wrappers + bottles + cigarette butts! When I walk to the shops it drives me nuts…….. any suggestions on how to go about getting this area cleaned up and keeping it clean?

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14 Responses to Dirty Deakin
luca luca 7:14 pm 06 Jan 07

I think burninator’s suggestion is (obviously) the most useful. One thing I’ve noticed recently is just ordinary types cleaning up a public area such as a picnic spot. If people see you cleaning up the (Deakin) area then perhaps the litterers might feel suitably shamed and deposit their litter in a bin? Just to hopefully impress you and perhaps see my good idea take off (I tend to have a lot of them) I think everyone who vists a beach (and other wilderness-type areas) should take back with them a little bit of rubbish, no matter how small. A toll, if you like, for using the beach!

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 3:01 pm 06 Jan 07

There’s no law stopping you from picking up the odd bit of litter yourself.

On the topic of smoking, I was at Lot 33 last night with a group of friends. It was interesting that even the smokers I was with commented on how they preferred the smoke-free atmosphere inside.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:49 pm 05 Jan 07

I understand the litterers are the keep-fit brigade themselves. They stub out their cigarettes before entering the premises, “work out”, then down countless softdrinks and choc bars after their exertions – and leave the debris outside the front door. Then claim to be fit.

burninator burninator 5:00 pm 05 Jan 07

“any suggestions on how to go about getting this area cleaned up and keeping it clean?”

Uhm… pick up the rubbish?

lateralis lateralis 4:40 pm 05 Jan 07

Typical inner-city slum mess. You would never see that kind of rubbish in spotless Tuggeranong.

terubo terubo 3:31 pm 05 Jan 07

Only if you drink from them, seepi.

seepi seepi 3:29 pm 05 Jan 07

ACT govt has removed all the public rubbish bins so that has made a lot of parks grottier.
– i often pick up glass bottles if i see them (easier than trying to pick up shattered glass later). is there any chance of catching hep c or anything from them?

jill jill 3:03 pm 05 Jan 07

What is so bizarre is that all of this filthy area is part of the entrance to Fitness First so every day the staff look at this mess on their way to work! Having lived in Sydney and overseas this is the dirtiest public area I have seen in my travels (actually the back streets of Bangkok were dirtier) 🙁

Danman Danman 2:53 pm 05 Jan 07

acreless shoudl read careless – like my editing skills.

Danman Danman 2:51 pm 05 Jan 07

My brother actually comented on my smoking while camping rural south coast.
he could no tbelieve that I put cigarette butts in my pocket until I got to a suitable place to dispose of them.

It is pretty gross – – no more than smoking – but I get the king sh*ts when I see other peoples rubbish and butts etc ruining my nature experience – so to that end – I do my best to not ruin others nature experience even to the point of cleaning up stray rubbish from other acreless individuals.

Not that I am a greenie – I just prefure my nature relatively untainted.

Jazz Jazz 2:26 pm 05 Jan 07

boomacat, you mean that maybe we should STILL be making kids do it. so that when they grow up ot be adults that they actually have the patients to look for a bin

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:23 pm 05 Jan 07

A pump action shotgun should solve the problem!

boomacat boomacat 2:09 pm 05 Jan 07

People are farking gross. No respect for mother Earth! Punks…I remember at Primary School, if the teachers caught students littering they would make them go round and pick up rubbish to teach them a lesson. Maybe we should start making grown-ups do it!

S4anta S4anta 1:56 pm 05 Jan 07


Contact Canberra Urban Parks and Places via the helpful folks at Canberra Connect. That should get the joint sorted for you. Send a photo, tends to annoy them into action.

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