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5 potential swine flu cases in Canberra – It’s not as bad as it sounds

By johnboy - 29 April 2009 89

[First filed: April 28, 2009 @ 15:07]

Nothing online yet but the ABC news on the radio is reporting that five people in Canberra are being monitored for the dreaded swine flu.

The media loves to scare you, and in turn some of you love to be scared.

But before we get our panties in a bunch on this one bear in mind that everyone’s got the sniffles right now and these five people are only special for having the sniffles and having been within hundreds of kilometres of people with the real swine flu.

I’ve got a bottle of single malt that says more people in Canberra will die of plain old flu this winter than exotic killer pig flu.

Any takers?

UPDATED: ACT Health has an omnibus information page with all the info you need should fear of Mexican Swine Flu be keeping you awake at night.

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89 Responses to
5 potential swine flu cases in Canberra – It’s not as bad as it sounds
Granny 5:08 pm 28 Apr 09

Where are my shiny shoes?! I want to die with my shiny shoes on!

Steady Eddie 4:59 pm 28 Apr 09

I heard someone on the radio say that the entire population of the world will be dead within six months because of this flu.

harvyk1 4:44 pm 28 Apr 09

teapot, you are black 🙂

(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Granny 4:35 pm 28 Apr 09

I’m a teapot! I’m a teapot!

harvyk1 4:33 pm 28 Apr 09


Yes I love it when the media uses the word Pandemic. It does sound very scary, and love the over reaction of people who think they can make a quick buck from it. (Eg TWU vs Qantas).

I’m travelling to some of the countries which have confirmed cases next month, and to be honest I’m more worried about getting mugged than I am about catching bird, no strike that, SARS, no wrong again, Swine Flu. (Sorry about getting these pandemics all mixed up, at least two of them killed me last time around).

Lady_from_Holt 4:27 pm 28 Apr 09

Just let me know when I can use it as an excuse not to come into work…

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 4:26 pm 28 Apr 09

I saw someone sneezing while being handed a speeding ticket. Does that count?

PreciousLilywhite 3:49 pm 28 Apr 09

*jumps through window, runs off screaming*

Thumper 3:47 pm 28 Apr 09

No, just alarmed.

martyo 3:44 pm 28 Apr 09

just coughed up some bacon? should I be concerned?

ant 3:44 pm 28 Apr 09

I guess staffing up the Dead Carts will help with some of the unemployment. We’ll need people to sprinkle the lime, and others to dig the holes. Anything is good, apparently, if it Creates Jobs.

Thumper 3:35 pm 28 Apr 09

UPDATE 2.44am: TWENTY-SEVEN people with suspected swine flu are being tested in Australia, while five assessed in Melbourne are clear.

Sorry, I should have done that in CAPS to further spread scaremongering. The CAPS for the ’27’ is from the original article in the Herald Sun.

Bring out your dead…



ant 3:32 pm 28 Apr 09

The various forums are alight today, and some people seem really spooked. And yes, a phenomenal number of people die every year from common flu.

The national plan for pandemic swung into action sometime last week, as world health authorities registerd that there was a threat. the media was evidently notified sometime on the weekend, and suddenly the plague is come among us.

We are very well prepared. A lot of work was done in 2005-on. And much of the plan lies in preventing spread should this thing be highly contagious. MInd you, if this was implemented it would massively magnify the effects of the recession.

The good thing about our level of preparedness is that even if it does turn out to the “the big one”, we are very well placed to limit its (health) effects here.

Ozhair 3:31 pm 28 Apr 09

I’m goin’ with the whole thing being a coverup for the start of the Zombie Apocalypse

captainwhorebags 3:13 pm 28 Apr 09

A sample of swine flu and a syringe is all I need to get a free bottle of single malt. Score!

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