Get to know the trio behind Weston’s The Meating Room

Sophia Brady 27 July 2020 26
The Meating Room

The masters of those good times and co-owners Robii Khalil, Hamish Walker and Phillip Sacksady: Photos: Sophia Brady.

Some days when they have the smoker going, you can smell the wood-fired aromas long before you enter The Meating Room.

Located just behind the popular Cooleman Court Shopping Centre in Weston, the bar/café/restaurant feels deeply entrenched in the community and the basement space they occupy.

Exposed concrete floors and ceilings adorned with milk crate lights above the bar set the scene, along with a large mural depicting the three owners. It is industrial and functional with a mix of table sizes and chairs; you can tell it is the kind of space that has seen in a lot of good times.

The masters of those good times are co-owners Robii Khalil, Hamish Walker and Phillip Sacksady, and they’ve just racked up their five-year anniversary at The Meating Room.

“From the get-go, the vision was to offer a selection of food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner with quality coffee, craft beers on tap and a family-friendly environment all with a focus on meat that doesn’t break the bank,” Robii told Region Media.

Each owner brings their own set of skills and unique vision that has seen them flourish and weather the ups and downs of business ownership. Robii, a chef by trade, is a marvel in the kitchen while Phillip is a customer service wiz, and Hamish a magician with smoked meats and coffee.

Like a well-oiled machine from the beginning, just after a year of opening the trio expanded and added a second business to the mix – 1 on One Espresso – a café housed in the new Department of Finance building in Forrest.

Shortly after that, after the success of adding smoked meats as a special offer at The Meating Room, the team expanded again by purchasing the Bare Bones BBQ food truck to cater to special events, pop up markets, and festivals.

Our visit to The Meating Room was during a busy Thursday lunchtime rush when neighbouring office workers popped in to grab burgers and drinks while catching up. It also coincided with their once-a-month special evening ‘Texas Thursday’.

That means Hamish has the smoker going in the back ready to serve up a bevy of BBQ for dinner. It happens on the first Thursday of the month and the menu is ever-changing. Expect to see anything from cornbread to melt in your mouth brisket, pork belly, and ribs.

For our lunch, we gravitate to some bar classics to start: buffalo wings with a burger and fries. The buffalo wings have been perfectly cooked and expertly coated in just the right amount of sauce. The hit of vinegar and cayenne pepper is mellowed by the addition of melted butter added just before serving and the result is magnificent.

To follow, a crispy skin salmon showcases how well the kitchen team excels beyond bar food.

As with all local businesses, The Meating Room has had to make some adjustments due to COVID-19.

“Along with restrictions on how many patrons are allowed in at one time, we have changed our opening hours. We are closed on Mondays, open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday and breakfast on the weekend,” Robii explains.

“We are also taking the opportunity to reinvent the menu. Come spring there will be a fresh new offering along with a seasonal menu. We are excited about the planned changes.”

Another change the team has implemented is to their supply chain with a focus on supporting other small local businesses.

“The coffee being served is now Cosmorex, Underground Gin can be found behind the bar and we are in discussion with local beer and wine suppliers. We are so thankful for the local support during these hard times that we want to do all we can to give back and support local as well,” Robii says.

Phillip Sacksady, Hamish Walker and Robii Khalil

Phillip Sacksady, Hamish Walker and Robii Khalil. Photo: Supplied.

The Meating Room is located at 45 Liardet St, Weston. For bookings call 6288 6328. It’s currently closed on Mondays, but is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday and breakfast on the weekend.

* The food provided tasted was courtesy of the team at The Meating Room.

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26 Responses to Get to know the trio behind Weston’s The Meating Room
Eamonn McGill Eamonn McGill 8:02 pm 30 Jul 20

Dave Fuller Pete McPhillips Matthew Lowe

Lunch on Sunday?

    Dave Fuller Dave Fuller 8:07 pm 30 Jul 20

    Eamonn McGill , I may or may not have work Sunday. It could be an early start or 1pm start, not sure.

    Pete McPhillips Pete McPhillips 8:59 pm 30 Jul 20

    My local! Good grub (y)

    Matthew Lowe Matthew Lowe 10:31 pm 01 Aug 20

    Aren't we doing brunch at your house at 10 on Sunday?

Marie Nirta Marie Nirta 9:30 pm 28 Jul 20

great food and great friendly service. Thank you 😊

Stewart Pope Stewart Pope 11:48 am 28 Jul 20

Rebecca Pope if only...

Marion Watts Marion Watts 11:46 am 28 Jul 20

I had the best ever Halloumi Salad at The Meeting Place that I have had anywhere. I’ve tried it at a lot of other Restaurants, but they are nowhere near as good. Keep up the great work, and congratulations. ?

    Marion Watts Marion Watts 11:49 am 28 Jul 20

    Sorry, the Meating Room. You know what I meant.

Marcelle de Almeida Marcelle de Almeida 10:31 am 28 Jul 20

James Mason Tasma Barr Alex Fraser our fav haha

Mark Bain Mark Bain 10:17 am 28 Jul 20

Kate Lynn this looks good for lunch.

Bec Cody for Murrumbidgee Bec Cody for Murrumbidgee 7:53 am 28 Jul 20

Well done guys love going to the Meating Room for a bite to eat and a catch up with friends.

Maria Morton Maria Morton 7:38 am 28 Jul 20

Jason Morton should go check out

Jane Paige Jane Paige 7:03 am 28 Jul 20

Thom Gustav Eriksson the new local!!

John Rummery John Rummery 12:54 am 28 Jul 20

Gotta love the local ay Melissa 🤙 cheers for all the wonderful hospitality over the years guys 👍

    Melissa Khalil Melissa Khalil 2:25 pm 28 Jul 20

    John Rummery love the meeting room 🤗 one of the best places in Weston creek !!

Kane Childs Kane Childs 12:45 am 28 Jul 20

Congrats guys, where did that 5 years go?

Skye-maree Mitchell Skye-maree Mitchell 9:10 pm 27 Jul 20

Steve Mitchell now that the secret is out, it’s going to be heaps busy 🤣😅

Leisha Lister Leisha Lister 9:10 pm 27 Jul 20

Fantastic effort! Congratulations

#Phaturday #Phaturday 9:07 pm 27 Jul 20

3 legends right there!!

Juz Hawke Juz Hawke 8:47 pm 27 Jul 20

Shhhh...a Weston Creek secret 👌🏻

Jenny Gordon Avery Jenny Gordon Avery 8:36 pm 27 Jul 20

Those 5 years have flown by Robii. Well done guys, you have built a great restaurant.

Murray Emerton Murray Emerton 8:21 pm 27 Jul 20

Love the Meating Room

Emma McDonnell Emma McDonnell 8:18 pm 27 Jul 20

Love the Meating Room, and the boys, so genuine, and great food!

Margreet Philp Margreet Philp 8:04 pm 27 Jul 20

Kelly Manaog the boyzzzz....

    Kelly Manaog Kelly Manaog 8:05 pm 27 Jul 20

    Margreet I miss them!

    Margreet Philp Margreet Philp 8:07 pm 27 Jul 20

    Kelly Manaog and I’m sure they miss you too, as we all do 😘

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