4 June 2007

Westin in trouble again (sigh)

| Pandy
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The Sunday Times reports that Amber Jane Westin (22) was allegedly (WTF?) found in the possessin of cannabis and a syringe – wait for it- at the Symonston Remand Centre on Friday. She will appear before th magistrate on June 12.

Well Ok who remembers that she got off lightly in the culpable driving charge.

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VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt11:37 am 08 Jun 07

I know you didn’t. The point is about the ‘barrier’.

I never mentioned bars…

I was thinking of something that would be effective.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt10:15 am 08 Jun 07

“VY, the answer is ridiculously simple: put up a barrier.”

You should be a magistrate.

VY, the answer is ridiculously simple: put up a barrier.

The most effective way of not having to deal with somebody is to never be in contact with them. This includes a complete ban on attending malls, the works.

Currently, there is no real consequence to her actions, and she will continue to reoffend.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt9:34 am 08 Jun 07

Bonfire, you make some goods points. The question I ask, though, is this : what will it take to stop this person destroying our society through drugs and other negligent behaviours? She has already killed someone – what about protecting the rest of society from this person? What about if it’s my wife and kid in the car next time she causes an accident because she’s high and doesn’t have a license anyway? What if it’s your family?

I think we need to stop worrying so much about the punishment aspect and consider more the ongoing safety of the rest of us. The current approach points toward a lawless society.

Don’t hold back bonfire.

Is the jerk magistrate who let her off the same jerk magistrate who let Anu Singh off?????

amber will never rehabilitate if that is a verb until she is removed from the environment that supports her reoffending.

that is her family and friends.

who from all accounts are losers of the lowest magnitude. hairybacked inbred bogans on the welfare to cannabis scheme.

oh yeah, the whole worlds against them you know.

so how does amber rehabilitate ?

she would have to move to a new location and start all over again.

and of course with the reserves of confidence and self esteem she has built up over the years probably non-existent, the chances of her making a go of it are small.

she is an unfortunate, in a wretched position but i would also say this – she made her own choices and that includes breaking the law on numerous occasions. many other people from similar backgrounds never break the law.

her life is crap, inside or out.

keithsaisell9:01 am 06 Jun 07

Before we make judgement, would it not be wise to read the Judges sentencing remarks in her culpable driving charge.

Sentencing seems so easy – until you look at all the facts – and take account of punishment, rehabilitation etc etc.

Stuff any prison on an island for this lowlife. It would be tantermount to an all expenses paid suite with ocean views. Better option… just handcuff her, throw her in a raft and send her out to see. Let the ocean and the sharks deal with her.

Look at the positive, at least AJW turned up for her weekend detention …but I don’t expect that will last too long (and bugger all will be done about that, too).

I like the idea of a Simpson Desert jail … but I always thought Macquarie Island would make an excellent prison location. Dump them there, and tell them to fend for themselves.

“Rehab is for quiters”

If they cant quit the habit how are they even going to NOT QUIT rehab.

I think this chick is pathetic.. Lock her up for christ sake and save all of us the hassell.

Snahons_scv6_berlina12:27 pm 05 Jun 07

KandyA – you’re assuming she is carry that as a burden – not all people are compassionate, sensible productive citizens of society… case in point would be the subject of this thread.

…next door to a nuclear waste dump.

Figures. I like the idea of the central Aus rehab centre.

Ugly your outrage shows you
helping are you?
the depraved is worthy of pity,
or do you think it would be an easy burden to carry, having accidentally killed someone?

Lefties like NickD fail to see the irony that people like Ms Westin are actually products of the welfare state.

Sell her to a snuff movie producer.

i favour an escape from ny type solution.

i think qbn would be ideal.

Some may remember my alternative option of opening a remand centre in the middle of Australia.

No Drugs, No Alcohol, and a bloody long hot walk to get anywhere where you can.

I doubt you’d even need bars.

As I said give her pure smack and let her make her own choices in life and death.

Indeed. Lethal injection would be just as effective.

NickD I am with you on the talk of bullets? When did Canberra get Right Wing extremist/ACA/Today Tonight????????

People- step away from your weapons.

1) Take her kid away and put it with a good family before the poor thing can be harmed any further by having this sicko for a “mother”.
I agree with point 1 from Soulman.
It’s sad that this woman has a child forming it’s few on the world from an ugly, pathetic human waste of a life. The child should be in foster care.

What the hell is wrong with his woman??

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt8:57 pm 04 Jun 07

Hey NickD – I’d be interested to see if your wanky do-gooder lefty spray would be any different if it were your mother she carelessly killed.

el, damn right!

Rehabilitation? How many f*cking chances do you want to give her? The point is she’s only just started her sentence and she’s already screwed it up – AGAIN – Just like the multiple bail breaches and failed drug tests beforehand. Or haven’t you read all that’s ‘been reported’?

I can’t say that I’m any fan of drug addicts or idiots in general, but I think that this woman deserves at least some sympathy. From what’s been reported, she’s basically a basket case and has totally stuffed up her life (accidently killing a person in the process). I think that she deserves support and a chance at rehabilitation (remember that she was only convicted a few weeks ago and is just starting her sentance), and comments that she should be murdered are disgusting.

I suggest a hit of 100% pure smack and shutting off 000 for a while.

She is a no hoper who took someone’s life while evading police. Two things need to be done:

1) Take her kid away and put it with a good family before the poor thing can be harmed any further by having this sicko for a “mother”.

And I agree with thumper, it is sad. But seriously, can this f****** piece of druggo pond scum be rehabilitated? The courts won’t do anything. Obviously incarceration won’t do much except cost taxpayers $60,000 for prison costs. I say a bullet would indeed be a quick and easy option.

end her life please

I reckon she’s a bit of a spunk so in my book she can’t do nuffink wrong, she was obviously in the area to reportt hat she had found the dacca and the syringe… well that’s needed in case she has an allergy and needs a shot of adrenaline.

I say hands off… well everyone else’s hands anyway, mine can do what they like and probably enjoy it, her being a spunk and all that

Snahons_scv6_berlina1:13 pm 04 Jun 07

the script writers for days of our lives couldn’t do a better job.

she probably found she can buy her gear cheaper in the lockup then out side…

mudge-python10:22 am 04 Jun 07

I’m a little concerned that her full name is being reported. Isn’t that normally reserved for serial killers or assassins? Whats her next move?

Hey, give her some credit for taking so long to stuff up – again. I was sure she’d be in strife much sooner! 🙂

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt8:51 am 04 Jun 07

The courts will do nothing.


She should be genetically clensed.

22 cents for a bullet.

This is the most cost effective option.

He’ll realise she is a habitual drug user, and send her off to rehab, which she will fail to complete.

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