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Gay Man to Repay First Home Owners Grant

By Kramer - 24 July 2007 28

The ABC reported yesterday that the ACT Administrative Appleals Tribunal ruled that a Canberra man will have to repay his $7,000 first home owners grant as he was in a defacto relationship with a man who had already received the grant.

So according to the Commonwealth, they don’t recognise same sex relationships, unless its taking money out of their pockets? I have heard of many hetro couples getting the grant when they should not have – and are yet to be caught. So are gay couples undergoing greater scrutiny, or are people in the community more likely to dob in a homo couple?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Gay Man to Repay First Home Owners Grant
Mr_Shab 2:08 pm 25 Jul 07

Methinks big dave doth protest too much.

Kramer 1:33 pm 25 Jul 07

What’s wrong BigDave? Not secure with your own sexuality?

BigDave 1:04 pm 25 Jul 07

I’ll gladly dob in any homo pervs.

GregW 12:50 pm 25 Jul 07

‘Yes, but according to the law their relationship is not recognised.’

Last I heard that’s not true, defacto relationships do not depend on sexuality. I think there’s some confusion with the marriage debate…

Thus, this story is no different than a heterosexual couple cheating the FHOG, and getting caught..

I think the point of the story was not that his partner was male but that they weren’t in a de facto relationship for one reason or another..

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:57 am 25 Jul 07

The key word here is ‘defacto’. I think it’s pretty clear, really.

Ruby Wednesday 5:50 pm 24 Jul 07

philbert83, it’s not the first time I’ve heard of that particular situation cropping up. According to my friend who was in this boat, a lovely and intrusive questionnaire followed.

Kramer 4:31 pm 24 Jul 07

hetero or homosexual – if they are rorting its wrong.

Yes, but according to the law their relationship is not recognised.

philbert83au 3:12 pm 24 Jul 07

Off topic but as a student it was the case that Centrelink wouldn’t pay you a benefit on the basis of having been in a marriage-like relationship for 2 years or whatever the rule was if that relationship was gay, however if you gained austudy by some other means and declared you were living in a couple you would lose the higher singles rate and just get the couples one. Made sense not to tell them obviously but ironically it was a gay friend and his straight female flatmate who got nearly fortnightly badgerings regarding their relationship to each other as Centrelink suspected them as a couple…

neanderthalsis 2:35 pm 24 Jul 07

Actually, the FHOG, whilst a Commonwealth initiative, is administered by the State and territory Governments. So it is not the commonwealth recouping the money, it would be the Territory.

I’m afraid that I have to agree with bonfire on this one. He rorted the system, it has nothing to do with his sexual preference.

OzChick 2:27 pm 24 Jul 07

Google him.

This article here tells us that he is in fact in a domestic relationship with his partner.

emd 2:25 pm 24 Jul 07

So if you have a same-sex partner, you can’t take advantage of any of the tax rebates for people with partners; and you also can’t take advantage of any of the grants or concessions for single people… seems unfair.

bonfire 2:09 pm 24 Jul 07


how is this disgraceful ?

hetero or homosexual – if they are rorting its wrong.

if you know of a crime being committed – what are you doing ?

Kramer 1:49 pm 24 Jul 07

I don’t suppose anyone here knows the guy?
His name is listed in full on ABC site, but I won’t list it here for fear of ruining his google rank πŸ™‚

Absent Diane 1:44 pm 24 Jul 07

thats pretty disgraceful.. not to mention hypocritical.

andy 1:34 pm 24 Jul 07

I beleive I can safely say that’s utter bullshit, and I hope the dude appeals and quotes the CoA’s own legislation back at them.

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