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Images of Canberra – The Blue Sullivan

By johnboy - 13 June 2005 25

The photographer and I went for a walk along a branch of Sullivans creek. There’s a lot of beautifull photography, and a lot of very sordid graffitti to be seen along the way. More importantly Carey (my parent’s Jack Russell) got a good walk. In any event this is a tale of life in the drains.

This picture was taken under Northbourne Avenue. I was wearing a heavy coat and yes, a redneck hat.

john and carey under northbourne

The headwaters of the Blue Sullivan

Top of the Blue Sullivan

All the way along there are morlock holes contributing their flow to the Blue Sullivan.

Morlock hole

The upper reaches of the Blue Sullivan are criss crossed with these delicate bridges.

Bridge over Blue Sullivans

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25 Responses to
Images of Canberra – The Blue Sullivan
Canberra_unsung_hero 11:16 pm 14 Jun 05

Ok … it just reminds me of this —

(without the swastika of course ).

johnboy 11:14 pm 14 Jun 05

Sam, I meant to mention we’d started up by Dickson college, thanks for pointing that out.

CUH, the eagle is the dara logo, as portrayed, if you want more explanation go ask them.

Vic, that was pretty much the imrpession we were trying to convey.

Geoffco 10:43 pm 14 Jun 05

The eagle is Darra logo/mascot. But I can’t explain past that… cause I have no idea why they have an eagle as their mascot.

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:55 pm 14 Jun 05

Here’s the link –

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:48 pm 14 Jun 05

and what about that Eagle ? Please explain !

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:36 pm 14 Jun 05

oops, not “standing on”, just “standing”…my typing should go through the google translator, it would make more sense that way!

Good set of photos, if you walk further back along the frain past Dickson College you can go along the outskirts of the Mt. Ainslie Nature Park.

Why didn’t you take a photo of the phone tower near the tennis courts?


Vic Bitterman 9:27 pm 14 Jun 05

Truly wonderful post – well done. Having never lived in the civic region, it was all unfamiliar ground – I felt like I was along for the walk as well!!!!

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 8:51 pm 14 Jun 05

Oh, and the saplings were standing on when I saw them last…I think.


Samuel Gordon-Stewar 8:49 pm 14 Jun 05

The first few pictures are taken just near Dickson College…the green building in the background of pictures 2 & 4.

I know, I walk along there almost every day.


johnboy 6:54 pm 14 Jun 05

Yes, but before the ladies panic, I am very much still on the market

(and just look at the fun you could be having ladies!)

Jazz 12:45 pm 14 Jun 05

JB, I take it the photograhper was a woman?

yakz 11:51 am 14 Jun 05

another interesting set, thanks
Glad see that by sticking to the drains you dodged any security presence this time

Canberra_unsung_hero 8:21 am 14 Jun 05

Whew! It took me 20 minutes to get through that lot…. I couldn’t help but notice Daramarlan’s ‘Logo’…..reminds me of the eagle of the Third Reich.

cfi 8:17 am 14 Jun 05

wow this is great! I love those rows of Pine, Oak and Gum trees.. used to call it POG when I was a kid 😀

DoppelFrog 5:19 am 14 Jun 05

Wow, nice post!
I went through and viewed all 31 pages. Makes me homesick. 🙂

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