61-year-old man in a serious condition after being hit by LRV

Lachlan Roberts 12 August 2019 87

A pedestrian has been hit by a light rail vehicle. Photos: Region Media.

A 61-year-old man has been taken to hospital in a serious condition after he was hit by a light rail vehicle on the corner of Barry Drive and Northbourne Avenue on Monday morning (12 August).

Around 9.10am, the male pedestrian was struck by a northbound light rail vehicle at the intersection of Barry Drive and Northbourne Avenue, Turner.

ACT Policing members, along with ACT Ambulance Service paramedics, ACT Fire & Rescue members and Canberra Metro investigators attended the scene.

The patient was treated at the scene and transported to hospital in a serious condition.

ACT Policing’s Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Team (CIRT) is examining the circumstances surrounding the collision. CCTV footage from the light rail vehicle has been provided to police, and a number of witnesses were spoken to at the scene.

Light rail services have been impacted.

Police would like to remind drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to take care around the light rail corridor. Don’t cross light rail tracks unless using a designated crossing, and take care just as you would when crossing a road.

The incident occurred on the day Canberra Metro and the ACT Government launched their Rail Safety Week campaign.

Anyone with information that could assist police is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers ACT website.

Please quote reference 6427063. Information can be provided anonymously.

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87 Responses to 61-year-old man in a serious condition after being hit by LRV
Mark Oldrey Mark Oldrey 10:15 am 12 Aug 19

Is this foto of modern-day Northbourne Ave? It's soo ugly compared to the nature strip of old!! I suppose it's inevitable progress and might look OK in a few years' time once the trees grow back. I remember the red gums in the 70s, and the willow gums in the 80s.

    Malcolm Roxburgh Malcolm Roxburgh 1:39 pm 12 Aug 19

    The red gums and willow gums are river trees. Were not suited to a highway medium strip. The new trees will start dropping branches in a few years as well. They don't call them Crackly Gum for nothing.

    Kim Foster Kim Foster 1:51 pm 12 Aug 19

    Mark Oldrey yep that's the new "improved" Northbourne Ave.

    Mark Oldrey Mark Oldrey 5:42 pm 13 Aug 19

    Malcolm Roxburgh ha, or Brittle Gum! Aren't they already along the edge of Northbourne, Euc. mannifera?

    Yes, the previous gums were River Peppermints, Euc. elata, and before that Blakeley's Red Gum.

    Probably better off with something deciduous... Chinese tallow, crepe myrtle, Chinese pistacio etc...colourful and medium sized.

Dominic O'Sullivan Dominic O'Sullivan 10:30 am 12 Aug 19

I travelled from Dickson to the city at 7.30 last night and witnessed some drug affected idiot threaten to kill a Transport Canberra staff member. Security were called but didn’t attend. It would be interesting to know what arrangements Transport Canberra has to protect staff and public safety?

    Jack Lamont Jack Lamont 11:12 am 12 Aug 19

    Dominic O'Sullivan how'd you know he was "drug affected"?

    Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 1:11 pm 12 Aug 19

    Dominic O'Sullivan I was a Melbourne team conductor in the 1970s. The crazy people were the worst part of the job. Last tram to StKilda beach was where you got a few of the crazies. I’d expect the Canberra crazies to be a lot more upmarket.

    Dominic O'Sullivan Dominic O'Sullivan 1:16 pm 12 Aug 19

    My concern was that there was no obvious attempt by Transport Canberra to assist the staff members, to whom the offender and his companion seemed well known.

Russell Nankervis Russell Nankervis 10:32 am 12 Aug 19

Finally, some proper reporting. Not calling it a tram for once. It is light rail.

    Russell Nankervis Russell Nankervis 4:44 pm 12 Aug 19

    Trams share the road with cars. LRVs have dedicated corridors.


    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 10:47 pm 12 Aug 19

    Russell Nankervis but the vehicles are the same. Either or when referring to the vehicle is correct.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 5:12 pm 14 Aug 19

    Russell Nankervis so what operates the 96 and 109 in Melbourne. Are they LRV’s or trams? Noting that those lines are part light rail and part tramway.

Brad Mann Brad Mann 10:33 am 12 Aug 19

The way I see it Canberra is Not design to have something like this. You just got put something in like this and Expect everyone to get Used to it straight away not going to happen

    Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 10:39 am 12 Aug 19

    Brad the old parts of CBR were to have trains (on roads like Northbourne Ave). New parts can barely take a bus.

    Brad Mann Brad Mann 10:48 am 12 Aug 19

    Daniel Duncan Personally I think otherwise. The ACT Government was not Probably prepared for it

    Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 10:56 am 12 Aug 19

    Brad Mann

    By doing what exactly? It’s impossible to prepare for pedestrians who forgot to put their brain into gear before venturing out...

    Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 10:58 am 12 Aug 19

    Except Canberra was literally designed to have something like this

    James Blake James Blake 11:43 am 12 Aug 19

    Burley Griffin would disagree, Canberra was definitely designed for something like this

    Jesse Mahoney Jesse Mahoney 11:50 am 12 Aug 19

    Not designed for people to look left and right before crossing roads?

    Jesse Mahoney Jesse Mahoney 11:57 am 12 Aug 19

    You can't use them in hot weather? Okay...

    James Blake James Blake 12:14 pm 12 Aug 19

    You don't have to listen to us lol, but to ignore the Burley Griffin plan is to ignore the literal design blueprint of Canberra. Light rail was literally conceived from the beginning

    Dylan Castles Dylan Castles 12:41 pm 12 Aug 19

    Huh..others have stated facts, not arguments to your "opinion".

    Barry Pope Barry Pope 12:54 pm 12 Aug 19

    James Blake lol

    Leigh Brady Leigh Brady 1:04 pm 12 Aug 19

    I agree Brad - the world wasn’t build for cars, busses, trains, or planes. That’s why we have these accidents.

    Because we never had a car or bus hit a pedestrian in Canberra before 🙄

    Lynelle Connelly Lynelle Connelly 2:44 pm 12 Aug 19

    Surely people look for traffic before crossing the road. Trams are traffic.

    Peter Manger Peter Manger 6:14 pm 12 Aug 19

    Brad Mann yeah cause the concept of mechanically powered horse and carriage is totally new??

    Gabrielle Hadkins Gabrielle Hadkins 2:08 pm 15 Aug 19

    James Blake exactly right 👏👏👏👏

Grail Grail 10:35 am 12 Aug 19

Watch as the light rail detractors try to blame this on light rail, instead of the pedestrian ignoring the “don’t walk” signals.

Light rail is fast and quiet, people. You need to at least look at the pedestrian signals before crossing. If you aren’t hit by a LRV this year, you will be walking in front of electric cars next year.

Yes, looking at the signals and glancing up the road/rails to check for red light runners or emergency vehicles takes tour eyes off the screen. But you can deal with that by pausing playback for a few seconds while crossing the road.

    Kent Street Kent Street 11:47 am 12 Aug 19

    yes, I’m a “light rail detractor” but my overwhelming feelings at the moment are for the well-being of the victim as well as for the driver and witnesses.
    Every day I see pedestrians running across civic streets and rail lines when the lights are against them. I really hope I’m wrong, but there will be more of this unless pedestrians modify their behaviour.

    Malcolm Roxburgh Malcolm Roxburgh 1:33 pm 12 Aug 19

    If the tram wasn’t there it wouldn’t hit him. Great waste of money!

    JC JC 7:32 pm 13 Aug 19

    No but could have been a bus.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:12 am 15 Aug 19

    Not on the tram tracks.

    Grimm Grimm 2:50 pm 12 Aug 19

    It’s the drivers fault. He needs to slow down!

    Or, is that only the case for cars?

    noid noid 4:05 pm 12 Aug 19

    Well you would have to admit if we didn’t have a train he wouldn’t have been hit by one 🙂

Jeannine Lee Jeannine Lee 11:00 am 12 Aug 19

And are we surprised...? Not.

Allan AJ Allan AJ 11:03 am 12 Aug 19

Is the light rail going again yet?

    Allan AJ Allan AJ 1:24 pm 12 Aug 19

    Daniel R Burns thanks ended up driving didn’t want to risk it

Sophie Watson Sophie Watson 11:08 am 12 Aug 19

And rail safety awareness started this week.... 🤦‍♀️ here folks... what not to do.... don't just jump out in front of the LRV which is bright red.... or any transportation actually......

Sonia Bowditch Sonia Bowditch 11:20 am 12 Aug 19

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, riotACT, now that we can’t read the Canberra Times on Facebook without subscribing. I’ll bet your readership is growing 👍👍👍

Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:21 am 12 Aug 19

“The incident occurred on the day Canberra Metro and the ACT Government launched their Rail Safety Week campaign.”

What a PR disaster. Let’s now wait for the spin.

    brucewantstobecool brucewantstobecool 10:06 pm 12 Aug 19

    I’d argue the opposite – it’s unfortunately the perfect example for why people need to be careful and attentive when walking across the rail line.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:05 am 13 Aug 19

    I’ll take that as spin.

    So, we need more volunteers for “tram crash dummies” to make the campaign more successful?

    JC JC 7:31 pm 13 Aug 19

    Spin is better than faux rage. As I said above something like this was always inevitable and is not the fault of light rail or government no matter which way you want to spin an argument.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:12 am 15 Aug 19

    I haven’t seen anything more about the launch of the Rail Safely Week campaign.

    Was it derailed by this incident?

Judy Carn Judy Carn 11:25 am 12 Aug 19

Hope the person is ok..but doesn't sound good.....:(

Darron Marks Darron Marks 11:37 am 12 Aug 19

Surprised those things don't have some sort of pedestrian airbag device.

    Geeta Datta Geeta Datta 8:26 am 15 Aug 19

    Darron Marks A great big HUGE one is apparently what's needed! Lol

    Geeta Datta Geeta Datta 8:26 am 15 Aug 19

    Tamara Kenna I think ppl who mention mobile phones as a factor may be onto something

Shaz Shaz Shaz Shaz 12:27 pm 12 Aug 19

I knew it was going to happen eventually :(

Doris Andrews Doris Andrews 12:45 pm 12 Aug 19

Can anyone advise if Acton buses are now being used for that section?

    Leigh Brady Leigh Brady 1:00 pm 12 Aug 19

    Yup - Bus replacement is in operation (according to the post)

    Markus Bruun Markus Bruun 2:08 pm 12 Aug 19

    Leigh Brady looking left and right, reading the post all the same pointless exercise apparently 😂😂

Spiral Spiral 1:15 pm 12 Aug 19

The speed limit for cars in some areas has been reduced from 60kph to 50 and then to 40 with talk about going to 30.

This has been to reduce injuries to unobservant pedestrians who step in front of cars.

The light rail is much heavier and presumably takes longer to stop.

Following the same logic, it should be reduced to perhaps 10 or 5kph in some places to protect unobservant pedestrians.

Of course I’m sure the government will not consider doing so. When a pedestrian steps in front of a car, the government penalizes car drivers. When the same thing happens with the light rail the government wouldn’t dream of penalizing their beloved light rail.

Matt Turkich Matt Turkich 1:25 pm 12 Aug 19

Stop hitting people Simon

Krste Saklamaev Krste Saklamaev 2:14 pm 12 Aug 19

Light rail??? What a waste of public funds.

    Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 12:32 am 13 Aug 19

    Post it to two years ago.

    Bruce Hargrave Bruce Hargrave 7:36 am 13 Aug 19

    Krste Saklamaev over a million journeys on that 'waste of public funds. "

    Krste Saklamaev Krste Saklamaev 9:52 am 13 Aug 19

    Bruce Hargrave More importantly that money should have been spent to fix our health system.

Grimm Grimm 2:48 pm 12 Aug 19

And if he had been hit by a car you would all be blaming the driver and saying he should slow down. Funny watching the hypocrisy.

Ray Adams Ray Adams 3:10 pm 12 Aug 19

Had to happen sooner or later.

Christine Warren Christine Warren 4:01 pm 12 Aug 19

So which bus routes were cancelled to supply the buses to replace the light rail?????

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