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Anti Corinbank gig

Jazz 2 March 2008 17

As a bit of a snub to the Corinbank music festival thats been going on for the last few days we have this anti corinbank gig ( being put on in short notice.

check it out and get a good listen to McClane and Condorcet and psyus

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17 Responses to Anti Corinbank gig
el ......TECortina 250 Deathtrap el ......TECortina 250 Deathtrap 8:16 pm 05 Mar 08

Nice one, guys 🙂 Oh, and nice one, emd…. 😀

Jazz Jazz 10:57 am 05 Mar 08

haha, ahh the power of admin rights 🙂

actually it was sent to me by johnboy and i put my own spin on it. no reflection of the bands involved.

qtpi69 qtpi69 9:55 pm 04 Mar 08

haha what a joke.
the whole thing was a joke.
if people didn’t get that then i would rather they didn’t come anyway.

Riot Records Riot Records 6:27 pm 04 Mar 08

And the whole ‘calling our fans dumb’ thing is a reference to a song lyric in one of my other bands songs. Bloodnut is one of our fans and he’s really fucking dumb, like, Peter Garrett fucking dumb. 🙂

For a link to said bands site, click on my name.

Thanks again for all the free press everyone.

Riot Records Riot Records 6:25 pm 04 Mar 08

emd, if you’d read the comments like I’d suggested you should before posting, you would’ve noticed that I’ve already mentioned that this wasn’t specifically an anti-corinbank gig.

I put a little tagline on the event that said ‘We put the FUCK in Fuck Corinbank!’, because the people who I knew were attending this show (which was at my house, might I add) would get it, and also because they weren’t going to Corinbank. Some guy I don’t even know called Jazz started this topic, and he decided to run with the whole ‘ANTI-CORINBANK SHOW’ deal, wasn’t my choice at all. For christs sake, the guitarist in my band even went to Corinbank after this show.

As I already stated as well, I have/had nothing against Corinbank, it’s just that it was all I heard about for the last three consecutive weeks and I got sick of it. I’m sure you’d do something similar in a given situation.

And Facebook is hardly another brain-sucking social networking site. it beats the shit out of that clunky piece of shit called myspace, and if you’d bothered to clink on the link to the event, maybe you would’ve realised that.

emd emd 3:30 pm 04 Mar 08

Very dumb. Nothing he said made me want to click onto another brain-sucking social networking website.

blood_nut blood_nut 1:00 pm 04 Mar 08

you twit emd.

he’s not anti local music.

they also tell their fans theyre dumb.

emd emd 9:08 pm 03 Mar 08

Riot Records, do you have a problem with constructive criticism? You still haven’t explained why you felt the need to have an anti local music festival event on Facebook.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:23 pm 02 Mar 08

I’m trying, man, I’m trying!

(nah, it’s actually pretty damn good, good work mate!)

Riot Records Riot Records 5:08 pm 02 Mar 08

Enjoy it, Ollie. Just enjoy it.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:57 pm 02 Mar 08

Nick, I put it on, you said it was urgent…what do I do now????!!!! What?????!!!!

Riot Records Riot Records 4:11 pm 02 Mar 08

emd, maybe you should read the comments before posting. Makes you look like an idiot.

emd emd 3:12 pm 02 Mar 08

For a group of people who generally seem to support local music events and want more of them, why would you have an anti event? If you want people to come to your events, focus on the positives of your event so you don’t look like just another bunch of whingers.

Riot Records Riot Records 3:09 pm 02 Mar 08

Wasn’t specifically an anti Corinbank gig, its just that Corinbank is all I’d heard about all week and was fucking tired of it.

Riot Records Riot Records 3:08 pm 02 Mar 08

bout 20-30.

Adza Adza 2:08 pm 02 Mar 08

How many people went?

Riot Records Riot Records 1:36 pm 02 Mar 08

Hahaha bit late but thanks for the free press. Good time was had by all.

Yeah listen to our bands, if you can stand it for longer than a few songs.

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