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Queanbeyan Shopping Centre redevelopment

smokey4 20 March 2008 12

Queanbeyan council getting into bed with the developers to redevelop Qbn shopping centre. Surprised no one has brought this up although it is the other side of the border where no self respecting riotacter would live let alone shop.

Similar thing happened in Frankston Victoria 20 years ago. Council had some really nice big car parks purchased by rate payers etc.
Council got involved with developers who went broke after building new shopping centre. Frankston Council was forced to hand over all car parks gratis to the receivers and walk away with nothing. Warning councillors who get in water with shark developers likely to get eaten.

This is a particularly dangerous time to be going down this path with Centro and other shopping centre developers on very shakey ground.

Qbn council should have a talk with someone like former Frankston councillor W Parkin who was around at this time before proceeding.

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12 Responses to Queanbeyan Shopping Centre redevelopment
Knows Best Knows Best 11:02 pm 12 Jun 08

Just to get the facts right Council was not getting into bed with developers, they were going to sell the land but only on the basis that more carparking would be provided and shops and cinemas would be built. There was no risk for the Council.

minime2 minime2 1:57 am 10 Apr 08

well, Smokey, you might just be a redneck if you go to Qbyn/Karabar servos and wonder how they keep the toilets so clean….

Adza Adza 1:04 am 10 Apr 08

LOL Canberra Towie…

You joined the derros at the Shell servo then.

smokey4 smokey4 9:44 pm 24 Mar 08

Hey I did not intend this to be a slanging match re which shopping centre is better or whatever.
I heard bits of a report on radio QBN whilst driving to work one morning. I listen to QBN which is full of Country and Western Music. Oh gee I will need to check what color my neck is and do not tell my friends.
The reason I raised this entry was that I believe it warrants discussion not only within the local council but out in the wider community. Dealing with developers can be dangerous. The council and ratepayers can easily end up providing a large part of the equity in a development whilst the developers through loans etc may contribute very little equity in the development. If the development goes pear shaped the council and ratepayers can be left carrying the can. As I stated before I have seen this happen and hopefully will not happen to Qbn.

I currently live in Qbn and have never denied it so I am not picking on another town etc

illyria illyria 8:09 pm 22 Mar 08

Canberra towie,

If you “never went into the Karabar Shopping Centre”, how do you know it is a shit hole?? Do you base your opinion solely on some booner looking types and someone at the servo chucking a burnout? Based on those kind of assumptions, anybody coming into Canberra via the Northside every January would think Canberra was the arse end of the earth! Sounds like Queanbeyan bashing to me. Maybe you should fill your car up in Manuka from now on so that nobody offends your sensibilities. Trouble is, I once saw a real deadshit at Manuka shops, they must have gotten lost on their way to NSW.

canberra towie canberra towie 2:47 pm 21 Mar 08

Adza that karabar shopping center is a shit hole i used to go to the servo there as it was handy but i never went into the karabar shopping center as there seems to be an abundence of really derro looking people hanging around there.
And a couple of months ago i recall driving towards the servo and i saw someone just sitting in there driveway doing a burnout !!
what is it with that part of Queanbeyan ???

Adza Adza 12:28 am 21 Mar 08

Agree with Josephine… the QCC rejected the request but did indicate that they were open to Expressions of Interest… but they don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story heh?

And illyria, I do believe you are correct. The Shell service station closed its doors today, they were muttering something about the Karabar Mall taking the space.

aussielyn aussielyn 6:47 pm 20 Mar 08

Almost all the people I know in Narrabundah shop in QBN, it is a nice place to shop because parking is not as chaotic as the ACT and it is good value. Epicentre may have some good bargains but it will not keep me away from QBN. Maybe Riverside or the link will be thinking of refurbishing because of the competition from Epicentre. Insulting QBN is not very smart as it was the launching pad for the ACT.

Josephine Bresnik Josephine Bresnik 5:04 pm 20 Mar 08

Smokey, you might like to get your facts straight. A majority of the Qbn. Council voted not to go ahead with the proposed development unless other developers had an opportunity to put in their own expressions of interest.

And it is beneath you to bash another town. I lived in the ACT for 23 years, but now live happily in Queanbeyan where the services are generally better than in Canberra. At least in Queanbeyan we get value for our ratepayer dollars. Services in the ACT have gone downhill in recent years. That said, I still love Canberra and work here.

beagle0044 beagle0044 3:27 pm 20 Mar 08

Well done Smokey for sticking both slippers into Queanbeyan in the vast majority of posts that you submit. Your observations are always devilishly clever.

The rest of Australia would surely find it mildly amusing that a Canberra resident has the gall to criticise another community. Perhaps it’s attitudes such as yours that contribute to the commonly held perception outside the ACT that Canberra is full of wankers.

illyria illyria 2:31 pm 20 Mar 08

Which shopping centre are you talking about, Riverside Plaza in the CBD? I heard a rumour that the Karabar Shopping Centre in Queanbeyan was going to be redeveloped.

Crikey Crikey 1:40 pm 20 Mar 08

In recent years the Canberra Centre, Woden, Belconnen and the Hyperdome have had massive redevelopments and of course the ACT Government has approved the enormous ‘brand’ outpost on Canberra Avenue (near Queanbeyan) which some forecast will become another giant shopping mall BUT it would be “dangerous” for Queanbeyan to investigate developments that may improve its CBD.

Such double standards!

Queanbeyan needs a new ‘broom’….cranky Frankie Pangallo is tired and over-the-hill. It’s time they elect a Council that will help guide Queanbeyan in to the 21st century.

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