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Deservant of Guidedog?

Sulfura 2 April 2008 32

About 15 minutes ago, on Alinga Street just near the Post office in Civic, I saw a middle-aged blind man get into an altercation with a woman over his treatment of his guidedog.

 I didn’t see him mistreat his dog, but from the way he screamed at the woman I am guessing he is not the gentlest of people.

 The dog seemed very timid, with its ears flat against its head and tail between legs. After the shouting match the blind fellow wanted to go into the Post Office and the dog couldn’t find the right door so the man started tugging its harness quite hard and raising his voice.

 I’ll give the gentleman the benefit of the doubt, he was perhaps having a rubbish day and was just being rougher than normal.

 Although it got me thinking, does anyone know what kind of training visually impaired people recieve on how to handle their dogs? And is there a way you could report the abuse of a guide dog to the powers that be?

 This fellow aside, if a disabled person abuses their helper animal, the animal should be given to someone more grateful who is also in need.

 Did anyone else witness the argument and hear what was actually said? I only caught a few snatches. One thing I did hear was the man saying to the woman how few guide dogs there were and how many people needed them, which struck me as an odd way to justify your poor treatment of such a special animal.

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32 Responses to Deservant of Guidedog?
la mente torbida la mente torbida 1:43 pm 03 Apr 08

There’s no bad dogs, just bad owners

jessieduck jessieduck 11:37 am 03 Apr 08

Dogs are the best people

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 11:04 am 03 Apr 08

sounds as if the blind chap is a prime candidate for a Thinking-Brain Dog as opposed to a Seeing-Eye Dog.

A guide dog is a valuable working animal and needs to be highly trained and disciplined to work effectievly. I don’t think yelling/screaming at it would help at all.

blood_nut blood_nut 10:53 am 03 Apr 08

imarty and proudlocal at least have a logical and cohesive thought process.

Please explain which actions described in the post constitute animal abuse.

There were none.

Simply pointing out that only fools humanise animals.

They let them sleep in their bed. Sit on their couch. Eat from the dinner table.

I’ll reiterate that dogs are dogs – not humans.

Put your manners back in nutter.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:16 am 03 Apr 08

Blind people – don’t they like, dribble on themselves and stuff?

s-s-a s-s-a 9:57 am 03 Apr 08

We have a friend with a guide dog who he has had for many years. Observing him doing a simple thing like walking from a meeting room to the carpark (of a location they go to regularly) is like watching a very patient parent guiding/cajoling/praising a toddler through every single part of the task in order to keep them on track and reward them for their cooperation.

Now I don’t know about you but doing this every single minute I was out and about without ever having a crappy day would be beyond my patience, no matter how well the dog and I were matched and trained (which they are – I believe there is a long period of training both residential at the guide dog training school and then back in the blind person’s home area).

If I had a complete stranger come up and tell me off for yelling at my preschooler (which I don’t do often but have done towards the pointy end of particulary trying days) then my stress levels would probably be such that the do-gooder would cop an earful too.

I have even had my dear Other Half (having been absent at work all day) pull me up for disciplining her over something apparently small suggesting I be more patient to which my reply was “yes I *was* more patient the first ten times she did that today!!”.

My point is that outsiders are never going to get an accurate picture of a situation by only looking in a teeny little window. Jump into this person’s shoes for… ummm… maybe a week and then pass your judgements.

bloodnuttheanimalbeater bloodnuttheanimalbeater 12:33 am 03 Apr 08

Correction to the last post. In the 3rd last paragraph, as far as the guide dog is concerned, I meant to say “2 steps toward” as oppossed to “2 steps in front”.

Keep stirring Blood_nut. You’ve got 14 posts so far. Nice work tough guy

bloodnuttheanimalbeater bloodnuttheanimalbeater 12:17 am 03 Apr 08

Oooooohhhhhhh Blood_nut

How Controversial.

Whilst I am am a believer of companionship for the under privileged, i also respect the notion that any particular being – is a product of it’s upbringing and surroundings.

So, based on your comments, i’m kind of hoping that you become blind one day and that the beautiful guide dog assigned to you should stop 2 steps in front of an oncoming bus as you take 3 steps forward to find your ears alerting yourself to your fate in your final half second of life as you regret your acts of @ssholism.

Actually no, i don’t wish that upon anyone. I just wish they’d have respect for anything other than their own self indulgience.

I guess you’ll keep trying to be controversial though. It creates the beginning of an argument i suppose.

Proud Local Proud Local 10:53 pm 02 Apr 08

Funnily enough I was stopped in my car at the traffic lights there when I too saw this man and his dog but not the above mentioned argument. I saw the dog lead the man diagonally North across Northbourne Avenue towards the bus interchange in quite a dangerous manner as it was not really safe to do so.

I then saw another man in a uniform then run out onto the road and call out to the dog and the blind man to come back towards the Post Office side. I couldn’t work out what his uniform said but I got the distinct impression they were doing some live training for the dog and it wasn’t going too smoothly.

imarty imarty 10:41 pm 02 Apr 08

Stressed beef doesn’t really taste that much different (can be identified by its dark red purplish colour) and is in fact generally more tender although the shelf life suffers quite a bit.
Due to significant changes to pre slaughter animal handling practises (sp?) over the past 10-15 years, the occurance of this is far less frequent. Overall husbandry and/or treatment of any animal destined for production of meat, milk, wool etc has quite an impact on output therefore it is in the interests of the producer to treat his/her animals as best as he/she can.
Getting back on track, the treatment of the guide dog in this situation was the observation of one person so far. Lets hope it was not as serious as is made out and we’ve all got the wrong end of the stick…

Aeek Aeek 8:44 pm 02 Apr 08

foie gras
shellfish are best eaten live
then again stressed beef apparently doesn’t taste as nice as happy beef

barking toad barking toad 7:59 pm 02 Apr 08

Hope the dog dumps in his shoe. Being a lab, it’d need two shoes

Thumper Thumper 7:53 pm 02 Apr 08

Sorry, There is no reason whatsoever to be cruel to an animal.

It’s very simple.

illyria illyria 6:58 pm 02 Apr 08

Maybe after the shouting match the dog thought “Bugger this, I’m gonna walk this bastard into the wrong door, that’ll teach him”. Dogs are people too you know 😉

el el 6:57 pm 02 Apr 08


Sina Sina 6:28 pm 02 Apr 08

blood_nut said :

Ever have a rough day and get cranky at your boss/employees/missus/boyfriend/wife/husband/kids when you get home?

Dogs btw are dogs – not humans. Do gooders (not aimed at you sulfura) need to be reminded of this on a regular basis.

What the hell is that meant to mean? That it’s ok to take your frustrations out on a helpless animal?

JD114 JD114 3:36 pm 02 Apr 08

depends… if a dog in a nightclub pises you off, you can call her derogatory names, bitch even.

Thumper Thumper 2:53 pm 02 Apr 08

In fact, there’s no reason to be cruel to any animal, ever.

Thumper Thumper 2:53 pm 02 Apr 08

Dogs are dogs, and there’s no reason to be cruel to them whatsoever.

blood_nut blood_nut 2:47 pm 02 Apr 08

Ever have a rough day and get cranky at your boss/employees/missus/boyfriend/wife/husband/kids when you get home?

Dogs btw are dogs – not humans. Do gooders (not aimed at you sulfura) need to be reminded of this on a regular basis.

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