Tiger Airways, is it better?

wagons 7 April 2008 8

“Canberra – Low cost airline Tiger Airways is concentrating on regional routes in the Australian market, with the low-cost Canberra to Melbourne route tipped to capture travellers’ attention.”

I have had an interesting experience with Tiger on the ‘Canberra – Melbourne’ route. I booked flights 3 months in advance for myself and my partner – three weeks out, Tiger contacted us to tell us that our return flight back to Canberra was changed from 10.30am to 8:55am. Considering we were to be attending a hens/bucks weekend, this was not good news. Then, two weeks out from our travel date, I noticed that I had more money in my account that I should have had. Looking over my statement – Tiger had cancelled our flights and provided us with a refund – no explanation at all!! I was about to ring them to find out what had happened, when I noticed they had a sale on, and I rebooked my flights for $100 cheaper! I should have known that this was not going to end well. And sure enough, my partner and I dragged ourselves from bed at 6.30am on the Sunday morning (with very sore heads) in Melbourne to make it to the airport at 8:00am – only to be told our flight was delayed by two hours!!! So in the end, the flight was scheduled for the original time we booked in 3 months previously!!! Has anyone had such experiences?? It is cheap, and I like to back the underdog, but it is far too inconsistent for me to trust again.

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8 Responses to Tiger Airways, is it better?
Hamilton Hamilton 10:54 am 14 Apr 08

I can’t believe that people complain about budget airlines – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! Spend the extra $50 and fly with an airline that has the infrastructure no notify you if there are changes to flights and that has aircraft leaving every 30 minutes!!

At the end of the day they are running a business – it’s cheap for a reason!

I-filed I-filed 9:36 pm 07 Apr 08

So long as they are spending enough money on maintenance and repairs, nothing else matters .

bigred bigred 9:20 pm 07 Apr 08

Flew on them to Melbourne last week. Needed to go in a hurry, booked late the night before and still got a $50 ticket. They were on time, service was OK and the eye candy was up to Virgin Blue standards. Came back on Virgin Blue, cost me $110 – plane was a couple of hours late and not as clean and tidy as Tiger.

bighead bighead 7:58 pm 07 Apr 08

I got a letter about a month and half back stating my flights had been changed. Nothing I could do about it. The number they provided had been disconnected. I will fly them down when I go, but depending on how things go I may not be taking them back. Certainly it’s Qantas or Virgin for me from now on. I would rather pay the money and get some decent service.

wagons wagons 2:29 pm 07 Apr 08

yes, but they cancelled our tickets with absolutely no explanation – and if I hadn’t have picked it up on my bank statement – I would have been without flights!

AG Canberra AG Canberra 2:23 pm 07 Apr 08

I too booked on those cheap flights – and don’t mind dragging me and my family out of bed earlier – as we are only paying 80 bucks for the four of us to fly return to Melb!

Yes they have had to make changes to their schedule – Virgin also did this when starting up. Who cares at 10 bucks a ticket?

And delays occur at every airline – even ones with first class!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:08 pm 07 Apr 08

Low cost for a reason: you get no service!

JD114 JD114 12:50 pm 07 Apr 08

No airline deliberately lets flights be delayed. Any delay to a timetable has flow on effects that cost more than any saving could ever have been on the original flight.

Still, the communication sounds a bit dodgy. Tiger is still developing its procedures for Australia one assumes so errors will creep in.

Oh and for the record, Qantas had me as a full economy passenger some years back, messed up, and a dozen of us travelled an extra two days and 10,000km being shuffled around various airports and airlines to get home. I’ve yet to experience even a delayed flight with the cheapies. It’s the luck of the draw.

It’s not even different on the roads. Last month, returning from Newcastle area, mid morning to miss the peak, I got to Pheasants Nest and the traffic stopped for 10 mins then crawled at 1-2km/hr for another hour because of roadworks. At least sitting in a terminal you generally know the length of delay and there’s little of the frustration of being caught in a traffic crawl with no end in sight.

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