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Olympic Torch protests

By tap - 10 April 2008 91

Does anybody know much about the Canberra pro Tibetan protests that are supposed to be taking place at the olympic torch relay? Who is organising it, where are people supposed to meet etc?

What’s Your opinion?

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91 Responses to
Olympic Torch protests
tap 8:43 pm 10 Apr 08

Canberra Resident, Yes. Yes I can.

CanberraResident 7:49 pm 10 Apr 08

Tap, in your own words and without looking it up – can you describe in DETAIL what you plan to protest about and why?

From my experience, many protesters have little idea of what they are protesting about, but Tap … I am not suggesting you fall in this category.

Mr Waffle 6:53 pm 10 Apr 08

I found it interesting in the CT today that some Aboriginal leader has come out in support of it, as it’s a sign of peace etc… but said something to the effect of “I know about the protests, but there’s no point. If it would help change the situation then I would support them” (paraphrasing because I don’t have it with me). So the symbolism of the protest means nothing? What the hell was Sorry day about then? That sure as hell didn’t reunite torn apart families, so why did they bother, by that logic???

tap 6:51 pm 10 Apr 08

An actual answer! And here I was, losing hope. Cheers for that Skidbladnir, ill wait and see what happens.

Oh and Your not-so-lordshipness-anymore,
You are a clown.

Skidbladnir 6:17 pm 10 Apr 08

It may be worth waiting for a “where is the protest group” thread until an Official Route gets published in the CT (April 21) for the actual torch relay (April 24). EventsACT haven’t disclosed anything to the public yet.

Otherwise you can just organise your get together for the Stage 88 Concert, where we can predict it is going to be.

Until then, wait for extra security arrangements and signed contracts for any extra dogs\thugs\bulldyke women to be sorted.
And by the time the extra outlay of Government (ACT or Commonwealth) funding had been agreed on, it will be too late for Stanhopeless to save face\reinvest capital (political or financial) to back out of the arrangements.
But it may well mean there are a huge number of personnel standing watch over empty streets.

Mr Evil 6:06 pm 10 Apr 08

Knowing the Chinese Govt, they’ll be modifying the torch so that it shoots a jet of flame 300m: that’ll really sort the protestors out!

Aurelius 5:41 pm 10 Apr 08

Anyone else found it ironic that we’re being told the relay is ancient and above reproach, but it started in its current form in 1936 because Hitler wanted to play up the pagan side of his Olympics? (as noted today in Crikey)
It seems the torch relay exists to highlight oppressive regimes. Why should 2008 be any different?

Dave_K 4:58 pm 10 Apr 08

An interesting feature of the San Francisco protests was the fact – reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, for example – that the Chinese consulate had bussed in many of the pro-China supporters. It was the risk of clashes between protestors that played a large part in the farcical re-routing of the torch relay. Will be interesting to see whether the Chinese embassy plays a similar role in Canberra by stacking the route with supporters waving Chinese flags (which I thought was against the spirit of the Olympics anyway). Don’t mind the blue trakkie gang – it’s the red flag wavers you should be worried about apparently.

jenny green 4:50 pm 10 Apr 08

They need to speak in code in case the pigs are reading this…

Thumper 4:46 pm 10 Apr 08

I’m going to take a ghetto blaster and play Britney Spears music at them.

Oh the humanity….

BTW mr Tap, this site is all about opinions so let fly!

Colonel Sanders, in the kitchen, with a chicken…

tap 4:44 pm 10 Apr 08

Thats fine Jenny, erm no, not a cop. I want to go and protest and i keep reading about how there are going to be protests, but I can’t find any information about where or when or anything. I guess if no one knows ill just rock up to the relay and turn my back, but if there is some organisation taking place it would be good to know about it.

I didn’t mention my opinion on the matter cause I was hoping to actually get information from this post instead of into a massive fight… we’ll see how that goes…

LG… say again?

Mælinar 4:40 pm 10 Apr 08

S4anta, in Belconnen Mall, with a black mountain tower replica

LG 4:29 pm 10 Apr 08

Colonel Mustard, in the Civic Library, with a Grasby statue

jenny green 4:29 pm 10 Apr 08

Sorry I should have read your pseudonym before posting! 🙂

jenny green 4:16 pm 10 Apr 08

Do you work for the AFP?

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