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Glenloch interchange signage

By nanzan 14 April 2008 15

Regarding our now world-famous Glenloch Interchange, has anyone else noticed the signage confusion around Caswell Drive and Gungahlin Drive? There are separate signs (two each), on both Parkes Way and Belconnen Way, for this same stretch of road (always known before as Caswell Drive) naming it as both Caswell Drive AND Gungahlin Drive! Literally, within metres of each other, there are separate huge green and white signs directing traffic along the same road, but the first refers to it as Gungahlin Drive, and the second as Caswell Drive! Does this make any sense? I thought Gungahlin Drive terminated at Belconnen Way, and thereafter it is called Caswell Drive. Has there been a change?

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Glenloch interchange signage
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montana 8:21 pm 16 Mar 09

post #13 there are more lights becasue you now have to wait for cars to turn on and off GDE from all directions whereas before you didnt have to when it was only a t-junction.

i will give the cotter road a try, i did consider that route but the map suggests it is longer than going william hovell drive route.

post #14 Not exactly sure which way you were going, however you can only get onto the gungahlin bound side of caswell drive by 2 ways:

1. travelling northbound on parkes way
2. travelling northbound on the tuggeranong parkway

i think you missed the exit loop.

cranky 7:25 pm 16 Mar 09

Not being particularly Glenloch savvy,I was recently caught out trying to turn onto Caswell heading north from William Hovell travelling east.

It does not appear possible, or am I missing something?

caf 6:37 pm 16 Mar 09

There’s no more lights on Belconnen Way than there was before. And the fastest way from Gungahlin Dr to the Cotter is to keep going down the Parkway and exit at Cotter Rd.

montana 6:09 pm 16 Mar 09

i agree with post #6.

i just noticed this too, having recently needing to get from gunghalin to the cotter.
The only way to turn onto hilliam hovell northbound from caswell is to exit at lady denman, go under the parkway overpass and do a u-turn up north.

Also residents from Aranda and Bruce would find it faster if this missing turnoff was possible, especially with the hundreds of new trafic lights on belconnen way and bindubi st these days.

God i hate the GDE. Awesome if you like in Gunghalin, but those who travel along belco way and ginnindera drive now have to put up with stupid traffic lights. i thought the point of the GDE was to reduce lights?

Tony 2:22 pm 22 May 08

can some one tell me, if we have a fire or accident at Glenloch interchange near the cork tree plantation side of William Hovell without going over the medium strip, which is quickest way for fire or accident vehicles to get there from Belconnen.

The Admiral 12:36 pm 21 May 08

Interesting, bandjalong cr is miles away from william howell and coppins crossing area.

caf 10:56 am 21 May 08

It still makes no sense. If you were going to the Hospital or AIS you’d head NORTH from Bandjalong Cr.

The Admiral 10:50 am 21 May 08

Having used that way for many years, to go to the Hospital and the AIS. It seems a pity that due to employing brain dead designers we have to have another badly designed road system.
Another similar crossing is Kent St and Adelaide Ave in Deakin.
And you can go and on.
When are we going to employ competent people

tickboom 10:19 am 24 Apr 08

Why would you head south from Aranda if you wanted to head to Belconnen? Surely you should have just gone towards Belconnen Way? The reason there is no turn-off to William Hovell from Caswell southbound is that there is no reason to go that way, similarly there is no reason to head north up Caswell when driving citybound along William Hovell: before reaching Glenloch, people travelling that way will have had the chance to go along Bindubi St or Coulter Drive, and join Gungahlin Drive at Belconnen Way…

MelonHead 7:33 am 24 Apr 08

Last evening I uncovered a fatal flaw (if not two) of the Gridlock Interchange. I was headed out of Aranda towards this wonderful interchange and wanted to turn right towards Belconnen. Either I missed the sign, or there is no path to make this turn. As it seems there is no path to turn left on to Caswell Drive from William Hovell when traveling towards Civic.
Thank you roads and design branch. Another wonderful piece of infrastructure bought to you by our friends feeling the power.

Pickle 11:25 pm 14 Apr 08

Why the hell couldn’t they do Dual carriageway for the little bit between barry drive and the interchange for south bound? They have dual for north bound. Then at least left lane could go to Civic right lane to tuggers, and there would be one less merging situation. Its not like it would cost an extra bridge, and they did it for north bound???

aronde 7:05 pm 14 Apr 08

Maybe they should have just put “Caswell Dve/Gungahlin Dve” on both signs? And yes can they actually FINISH the bloody thing. Nearly sideswiped today in that mess of chicanes/lane merging going on to William Hovell from Parkes Way. I have seen no workers there at all ever since Hargreaves pronounced “Mission Accomplished!”

Kramer 12:44 pm 14 Apr 08

Just wait until we have a wet morning peak hour.

Also, I goota say that I love how the GDE & Glenlock are proclaimed as “finished” yet there is still so much to be wrapped up. Hmmmmm…. That gives me an idea for my next project at work…. Afterall, I work in IT! For the government!!

threeze 11:38 am 14 Apr 08

I am mightily impressed about the lack of warning signs just before the GDE, Parkes Way and Tuggers P’Way traffic all merge City-bound. I anticipate there being some real horrowshow accidents there.

szeretetta 11:28 am 14 Apr 08

The way I read it, driving through there last night, I saw the first sign as saying something along the lines of turn here for Gungahlin Drive – not that it was Gungahlin drive, but you could get there by using that road…

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