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Proposed Woolworths at Giralang Shops

zagons 7 May 2008 16

As many of you would know, the old Giralang shops have been deserted for some time and there is now a planning application to build units and a couple of shops on the site.  As an update, Nikias Nominees have announced that Woolworths may be interested in planning and building a supermarket on the entire site.  Does Giralang need a massive Woolworths considering what is around the corner in Kaleen? What are people’s thoughts who live in the area?

[Ed. our previous coverage of the Girlang shops redevelopment can be found here and here]

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16 Responses to Proposed Woolworths at Giralang Shops
Jurls Jurls 4:47 pm 07 May 11

blaringmike said :

Knock it all down and put houses there. Supabarn is 5 mins up the road wtf do we need a small, understocked corner store? Get off your lazy arses and go for a walk to Kaleen.

I live close to Giralang shops and although Supabarn is 5 minutes up the road by car, it most certainly isn’t on foot. Try more like 25 minutes walk each way plus time spent in store. So lets see, anyone got a spare hour and a half to wander down to Kaleen to pick up a pint of milk?

Giralangian Giralangian 12:20 pm 07 May 11

ACTPLA need to ensure this project goes ahead and puts this debate to bed for ever.

To suggest that Giralang residents do not deserve their own shopping centre and should “just walk” kilometres to Kaleen and carry bags of shopping home is just ridiculous and offensive.

If Supabarn and IGA want to compete with Woolworths then maybe they need to first ensure their prices are competitive and the food they stock is within its use by date (which is not always the case).

This is a far smaller development than the main Kaleen shops and the proposed Woolworths is smaller than Supabarn. Some of this hysteria about the world falling in with a new shopping centre on the block is ridiculous. I didn’t see Supabarn shedding a tear when the Giralang IGA closed down (or was it them that bombed out the Giralang shops in an air raid…it’s a bit hard to tell?).

zagons zagons 8:55 am 12 May 08

You’re funny Minime – why don’t you get a bit more angry and do some more ranting?

minime2 minime2 2:45 am 12 May 08

…and, I have never heard a bleeeet about Local Liquor being the almost only one near you. Myabe NRMA should get into that too. Pull the booze out of your corner shop and its all over…. shows priorities. Baa.

minime2 minime2 2:41 am 12 May 08

So if IGA broke the Woolies monopoly can I be a sheep [not think for myself] and baa at IGA for being too big, or whatever the problem seems to be that people have with Woolies. I would like to hear a hand go up for the real protesters who actually do a full shop at IGA, Foodworks, or any other corner market.

Soon you will be bleeting at NRMA as the new Woolies-in-the-market-place; after all, they have started up their own driving schools (there goes the one-man operaters trying to compete with that); their own caravan parks (mom and pop just got flushed down the financial toilet); their own mechanical repair shops (once again, the small family business left to rot). And I’ve heard people wanting the NRMA to start service stations for goodness sake! “Totally souless” and “totally over the top” … I buy food there, I don’t go for relationships and service. If you have to go to “a gorgeous little shop” then you need to get a life. Maybe you can take your car to a gorgeous little NRMA man.

Tempestas Tempestas 1:00 pm 11 May 08

ABC online slowly catches up with news from the Riotact. Go to ABC Online to read.

zagons zagons 10:22 am 08 May 08

I totally agree, I think a woolies is totally souless and where it is planned, totally over the top. The IGA in Ainslie and Watson are gorgeous little shops where you can get everything you need quickly (great stock of wine) on your way home…it is for the things you have forgotten from the supermarket. I personally do not want to have to enter a supermarket more than once a fortnight!

So come on IGA, break the woolies monopoly!!!!

sepi sepi 10:19 am 08 May 08

Shops can suceed near other bigger shops.

I can walk over the road to my little IGA to get bread, milk, papers, biscuits if people come over, meat for dinner etc. And I do my big shop about once a fortnight at a bigger shop.

Not everyone has time for healthy walks to a shop that’s further away. You can’t carry home the entire family shop. Oldies prefer a closer smaller shop. People actually prefer the IGAs in the burbs to supermarkets with pay parking.

Not everyone is the same, and many people would shop at a smaller local supermarket.

poppy poppy 7:26 am 08 May 08

I think the Woolworths is a good idea. Hopefully Woolies will be cheaper than Supabarn too and we might get some Kaleen residents coming to Giralang. Also with the defence land across the road going to be housing and no doubt not having any shops for years, they will need somewhere to shop too. Supabarn gets very busy in the early evenings after work, and is overpriced, so I think a lot of people would choose to shop at the Woolies.

blaringmike, understocked corner store? I believe this Woolworths will be comparable size to Supabarn.

blaringmike blaringmike 9:45 pm 07 May 08

Knock it all down and put houses there. Supabarn is 5 mins up the road wtf do we need a small, understocked corner store? Get off your lazy arses and go for a walk to Kaleen.

Zed Zed 5:45 pm 07 May 08

Well this sounds like good news to me!

The sooner that the current lessees f*ck off the better! It would be better for them to sell up and p1ss off and we get someone who has some community spirit on the scene.

This absolutley shows that their argument that shops are not viable is absolute sh1t.

It will be interesting to see how their current DA goes. They wont be able to use it as a fallback when its knocked back. I bet ACTPLA are interested with the emergence of interest from Woolies.

Dont get me wrong- I dont love Woolies- I just cant see that Woolies could ever be any worse than what we have been dealing with.

Anyone want to venture an idea who will buy the old Preschool site?
It would be real interesting if a private childcare centre (like the Jewish school that is circling) buys it. That would shoot Stanhopeless in the foot when he says the building is too small for a preschool!


aidan aidan 4:30 pm 07 May 08

To clarify, they (Nikias) claimed Woolies approached them, not the other way around.

aidan aidan 3:35 pm 07 May 08

Claire Middleton (planner representing Nikias) met with the Giralang Residents Action Group and a representative of Mary Porter (MLA). Subsequently they provided outline plans for the proposal.

Crucially they claim they need the current DA as a “fallback” if the Woollies thing falls through. I remain skeptical of their motives.

That being said a Woolies is better n’ nowt.

The plans supplied to GRAG (which I believe they will attempt to circulate for resident feedback) show the Woolies taking up the back 2/3 of the site (with underground parking) and the facade including 4-5 small retail spaces. They claim Woolies approached them, not the other way around.

niftydog niftydog 12:42 pm 07 May 08

“Nikias Nominees have announced…”
Uh huh. Where and when did they make this ‘announcement’?

Nikias swear black and blue that a supermarket is not a viable option on that site and yet they apparently have actively courted Woolworths? Give me a break!

All it needs is a small, clean, well-stocked IGA or similar akin to what’s in Kaleen. But, if Nikias want to sell it holus-bolus to someone who might give a crap about the community then they should go right ahead and do it.

Tempestas Tempestas 10:39 am 07 May 08

Sounds like good old fashioned – Look over there – marketing by the developer.

swissbignose swissbignose 10:14 am 07 May 08

I’m sure that Woolworths doesn’t care about Supabarn in Kaleen.

I can’t see it happening though. The access to Giralang shops is via a single single-lane road, has limited parking (although parking could be established unground) and does not have anything else to draw customers to.

Belconnen is 10 minutes down the road. Gungahlin is 10 minutes up the road.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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