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Queen’s had her day: BarrFront page today’s Canberra Times…

By Hippo 8 June 2008 34

There I was thinking this was a misprint, and they had meant the ‘Queen’s had his day: Barr’, and that this would be yet another story in the ongoing debarkle that is Andrew Barr’s political career.Yet this story (from anyone else’s lips) might have seemed rational. (think – a) education policies towards closing schools, b) planning policies that reduce open spaces for children to play in, c) does Mr Barr have any children – or ever likely to?)However, with statements such as “stop commemorating the past… looked to the future…” so soon after the massive campaigns for all Australians to ‘remember our past and our Aboriginal history’, it kind of smacks.

The concept of marking the King or Queen’s birthday with a public holiday in Australia dates from 1788, when Governor Phillip declared a public holiday for convicts and settlers on the birthday of King George III on 4 June. Until 1936 the actual birthday of the reigning monarch was observed, but after the death of King George V it was decided to retain the day of his birthday, 3 June, or the nearest suitable day for the public holiday.

The focus of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend was raised in Parliament in June 2000, where the relevance and significance were questioned by the Hon John Hatzistergos. An almost identical article to Ms Sherlock’s was run in today’s The Age.

I’m not a die hard Monarchist, a Children’s Day (sorry I don’t raise goats) sounds plausible. I know this might sound kind of out there, but maybe we could incorporate ‘Children’s Day’ in the ‘Family Day’ we now celebrate in November?? Just a thought you know, children, family, they kind of go together…

Seriously, as an apathetic ACT voter, the only thing I got from this flashy front page grab, is a Minister desperate for any media attention that might take the focus off his complete incompetence. Well Mr Barr, sorry, you didn’t achieved your aim, I’ve taken notice of you, but will now vote for anyone but.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Queen’s had her day: BarrFront page today’s Canberra Times…
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ant 8:31 pm 11 Jun 08

Child Free Weekend, a Kid Curfew: no kids infesting restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres, awesome! I’d be in that. It sure would be nice if the parents of noisy, obnoxious kids got the hint and taught them that there’s “at home” behaviour and then there’s “not at home” behaviour, and then you wouldn’t have people hating to share public space with them.

jenny green 7:14 pm 11 Jun 08

Smackbang said :

Wide Boy Jake, you are so funny. And Hippo too!

How clever of you both to associate Barr as a homosexual with the word “queen” – simply genius!!

What can we expect next? Some incredibly witty pun based on the surname “Barr” perhaps? I am many others on RiotACT await your next oh-so-funny “Pssst: Andrew Barr is a *homosexual*” jibe with baited breath.

I didn’t think there was any secret here or anything AB would be ashamed of.

Absent Diane 6:01 pm 10 Jun 08

of course there always exceptions to the rule.. but I also wonder if you would actually say anything else regardless, given that to say anything else would be a betrayal of your partner and kids (in general terms).

lol – inner chi!! haha nice one!! I actually don’t know what life is all about – i have suspicions that we can make it about more than just our instincts, innate desires etc. There is probably also a chance that I am insanely wrong but I am not prepared to take the simple option. Nice assumption about the breeding position too but yeah completely off the radar. maybe i am also an exception to the rule – maybe I have to say that? or else it would be a betrayal of my own beliefs.

all this and more next week.

vg 5:33 pm 10 Jun 08

I am infinitely happier than I have been at any time in my life pre-child. Life has never been better. You, on the other hand, have fear and loathing personified by the above.

I’d love to hear what you think life is all about. I work to support my family life. Your tone indicates you’re unlikely to be in a bredding postion in any case so enjoy your individuality and ensure your inner chi isn’t frightened off by those scawy, wittle kiddies

Thumper 5:27 pm 10 Jun 08

I like studies based on rumour, innuendo and pure, unadulterated speculation…..

tickboom 4:11 pm 10 Jun 08

oooh! A *scientific* study! The best kind of study!

Absent Diane 3:56 pm 10 Jun 08

actually I heard a scientific study that indicates that people that have children do not maintain their pre-child happiness until after their children have left home.. and every childless person i know seems a lot happier than those with child. So technically you with children are the miserable ones!!

I gather you managed to morph from birth to adulthood in a matter of seconds rather than years thereby not inflicting one iota of annoyance nor trouble on others during your childhood. Congratulations

and what does that have to do with me not liking children? am i supposed to feel empathy because I was once a child? maybe i have more than half a brain and know there is more to life than just working, breeding and retiring..

Ingeegoodbee 3:31 pm 10 Jun 08

What’s really wierd is when I find myself agreeomg with vg!

vg 3:22 pm 10 Jun 08

Or a day when miserable, petty people are forced to stay indoors without inflicting their tales of child terror on others.

I gather you managed to morph from birth to adulthood in a matter of seconds rather than years thereby not inflicting one iota of annoyance nor trouble on others during your childhood. Congratulations.

Fcuk me, if little kids annoy you in public places its time to change the tin hat to aluminium foil

Absent Diane 3:13 pm 10 Jun 08

what about a child free day/public holiday… whereby children are not allowed in public and adults are free to walk around without having some annoying child and their parents floating around thinking they are kingshit.

Ingeegoodbee 3:08 pm 10 Jun 08

I think it is kind of wierd that someone who’s lifesyle is based upon sexual encounters that result in the genetic material of one party ending up in the other parties chutney chute – whould feel entitled to talk about children and families … I guess that’s just the Standope Government for you.

peterh 3:01 pm 10 Jun 08

as I keep saying, please don’t have kids. more oxygen for mine. and as for bratty kids, they aren’t in my house, nor many of my friend’s houses. They do, however, seem to appear in the hyperdome, woden plaza, belco mall etc. and are attached to ferals. not just loud and obnoxious, but fully formed ferals who ask you for a dollar for the bus (yeah that’ll work, costs more than a dollar) or a spare smoke (they are NOT spare, they just mean I have to buy more sooner) or the common catchcry: “whadda youse looking at?”

God, if I only knew…

Pandy 10:43 pm 09 Jun 08

Kids Day: Would make us the pedofile capital of the world on that day.

Someone_else 9:18 pm 09 Jun 08

I thought as much, I’ll try not to encourage him.

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