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Canberra seafood.

By bigfish - 20 July 2008 33

Just to let you know most seafood caught on NSW Coast is sent to Sydney and Melbourne fish markets after which they are distributed by wholesalers in major towns which basically means Canberra gets very good quality and variety of seafood before a lot of the towns along the coast.

Lot of the seafood is flown in overnight. ie Coffin bay oysters from SA. Salmon and Ocean Trout from TAS. Morton Bay Bug from QLD so on so on.

We are getting damn good seafood the only thing you need to check with restaurant is if they are able to source this supply and are serving it to you?

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33 Responses to
Canberra seafood.
Aeek 8:01 pm 20 Jul 08

I remember when Canberra fruit & veg were disgusting because they too all went via the Sydney markets.

johnboy 6:36 pm 20 Jul 08

Ahh, someone remembers.

p1 6:35 pm 20 Jul 08

“Its ok to eat fish, they don’t have any feelings”Kurt Cobain

johnboy 6:18 pm 20 Jul 08

Dunno GB,

A hell of a lot of the Japanese fish has been air-freighted from Australian fisheries.

Even in most coastal towns in this country you can’t get fresh fish because it’s all going through the markets.

GB 5:51 pm 20 Jul 08

Its stupidly difficult to get fresh fish in Canberra. Most of what we get is either several days old, or frozen and thawed, or part-frozen and part-thawed many times (that’s what you get when fish is kept on ice). If you want fish that tastes like fish – especially Australia’s excellent oily fish like garfish or mackerel – its a 1 in 100 chance. Why? We live 3 hours from great fisheries. If they can sell great daily fish in Bermagui, why can’t we get at least next-day fish in Canberra?

I suspect the answer is more to do with the low standards people expect, the low prices we have been demanding, and the weight of history. Most people in Oz seem not to expect fish to taste like fish at all, let alone like fresh fish.

Go to a place like Japan, and the 7/11 sells better fish than most “fish shops” in Canberra sell. I’m sure we can do better if we start to reward people who treat fish well — and yes, that does mean paying more for it.

peter@home 12:50 pm 20 Jul 08

the only one to watch out for, is “barramundi”. half the time it is nile perch, but you still pay through the nose for it.

bubzie 12:35 pm 20 Jul 08

johnboy said :

Don’t you hate it when fish tastes of, er, fish?

Yeah, i hate it when that happens!!!

And yeah, there really is no such thing as canberran seafood. 3 eyed fish?? 🙂

Thumper 10:22 am 20 Jul 08

There is no such thing as Canberra seafood…..

Straight off the boat at Narooma is the only way to go.

I-filed 9:34 am 20 Jul 08

The old Lyneham fish&chips (now a Turkish pide place) used to have its fish brought straight up from Eden by road twice a week far quicker than airfreight via Melbourne or Sydney … .

johnboy 9:17 am 20 Jul 08

Don’t you hate it when fish tastes of, er, fish?

ant 9:16 am 20 Jul 08

Actually, this topic is quite relevant. There’s been some threads recently about seafood, with numerous complaints about lack of freshness. I pointed out that all seafood is required, after catch, to be processed through the Sydney fish market (and Melbourne, I guess). Which means it’s not “fresh from the coast” as some would assume.

It’s known that some outlets source some of their fish stuff from fishermen on the south coast… bootleg fish or fish contraband or something like that.

But ultimately, it does require some effort from retailers, restauranteurs etc to ensure that what they’re selling is as fresh as can be, and that’s where the good old freezer is unfortunately the big fall-back.

If people know of eateries and wet fish shops that do have particularly fresh fish, it’d be worth sharing. I don’t eat the stuff, but my mother has been complaining that the big slabs of salmon from the fyshwick markets in recent times have had a distinct “off” taste.

Loose Brown 8:31 am 20 Jul 08

Ha ha – does anyone remember Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech – Australia is a lucky country, surrounded by oceans that provide a wealth of seafood…

shiny flu 4:27 am 20 Jul 08

if half of seafood comes from the sea, and half of seafood comes from the ocean… why don’t they call it ‘oceanfood’ personally i feel that this is the issue of least importance to Canberrans and the nation at large.

ocean sea ocean sea….. which one?

jakez 12:57 am 20 Jul 08

Next on RiotAct:

The state of Canberran potato imports.

bigfeet 12:55 am 20 Jul 08




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