Woden restaurant recommendations?

bigfish 26 July 2008 23

Any good restaurants in Woden

Have some friends coming from sydney would like to take them to a trendy restaurant close to home, Not Asian, Any recommendations?


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23 Responses to Woden restaurant recommendations?
Doc Doc 7:35 pm 09 Jul 09

not looking to hijack the thread but regarding chinese restaurants in woden. i recently moved from the much spoiled north side & damn do i ever miss dickson lol. ive been to both ming’s & noble, but noble seemed a bit non-traditional for my liking. red onion in the sang choi bow & way too much ginger in the combo short soup. ming’s came out on top for me. i actually prefer the simple bbq joints like tak kee. ive noticed one near krispys & im wondering if someone has tried it?

bigfish bigfish 5:29 pm 29 Jul 08

Thanks for recommendations everyone.Peppered Prawn sounds interesting has anyone been there recently and where is it?

peterh peterh 5:05 pm 29 Jul 08

mings restaurant in phillip has new owners. worth a look too. may be chinese, but they have some really great dishes.

needlenose needlenose 9:13 pm 28 Jul 08

Yeah, you’re right, astro – v slack of me. I only read the heading. Saw a mention of Rama’s and got overexcited. Sorry about that.

But why not Asian restaurants? I ask because I nearly missed out on Noble Palace because I sort of leapt to the conclusion that a Chinese restaurant would be laminex tabletops and plastic chopsticks. NP is, in fact, pretty swish. If it’s about not liking the food, then fair enough – though as oberved above, that’s excluding a pretty broad church.

astrojax astrojax 5:27 pm 28 Jul 08

i thought egypt was african…

otherwise, that was my point. in england, for instance, if someone identifies ‘asian’, it is often as not a pakistani, indian or suchlike, while australia utilises the epithet for s.e. asians, and chinese, while we have cultural/tribal conotations for the western reaches and call them ‘arab’ states (or middle east – which is a conjunction i always thought odd).

the stans are rarely thought of at all – poor stan!

Beserk Warrior Beserk Warrior 3:17 pm 28 Jul 08

No disrespect to Indian Affair (or Rama’s for that matter) but Jehangir Indian at Swinger Hill has no peer.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 1:55 pm 28 Jul 08

I don’t think of Indian when I think of Asian food. I also don’t think of Egyptian food, Lebanese food, Russian food or even Jewish food as ‘Asian’ food, even though all of those countries are a part of Asia. If somebody had suggested the Turkish place at Woden would you have thought ‘oh noes, Asian’?

astrojax astrojax 1:29 pm 28 Jul 08

btw, bigfish, where’d ya choose in the end? any good? sinney friends like?

astrojax astrojax 1:28 pm 28 Jul 08

interesting how many recommendations for indian places (not that i too don’t totally dig rama’s – yum!) when there was a request for “not asian”. [not picking, but this observation apart from needlenose, who clearly simply didn’t read the request closely] and are there just no japanese restaurants of note, or was this clearly in the ‘asian’ category?

how do canberrans see the term ‘asian’ as a geographical entity – i’d be keen to know.

maculicauda maculicauda 12:01 pm 27 Jul 08

I second Peppered Prawn. I went there last week, and it was absolutely delicious. Couldn’t fault it.

realityskin realityskin 11:58 am 27 Jul 08

Peppered Prawn under Woden Sky Towers, very very good.

emd emd 9:01 am 27 Jul 08

1) Bite to Eat in Chifley. They have Zierholz beer too.
2) Rama’s in Pearce. Although not a quiet place to eat in, but perfect for groups.
3) Delissio in Curtin.

Duke Duke 8:11 am 27 Jul 08

@Bigfish – i’ve been to every restaurant mentioned on this thread and I can say that all of them have excellent food and each have their own quirks and level of ambience.

I tend to favour smaller, more intimate dining so my picks would be Ramas in Pearce for spicy food, Maestral in Weston Creek for mediterranean and Delissio in Curtin for a reliable mix. If you want to play it safe book a table at Delissio – something for everybody.

Only problem is each of these restaurants is very popular so can be busy and a tad noisy.

Wide Boy Jake Wide Boy Jake 5:21 am 27 Jul 08

The best deal is 83 Restaurant at Woden Tradies. Not trendy and not upmarket but the food is great and you can eat as much as you want.

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 12:41 am 27 Jul 08

Delissio has really good food. However, for my lame arsed vote Ramas has it hands down. The food is spicy and moreish, the service is quick and efficient and Minnie, the host, makes everyone feel special. I have eaten there for 10 years and will eat there for another 10.

needlenose needlenose 11:55 pm 26 Jul 08

Another vote for Rama’s here. A Bite To Eat has good food and ambience but the service is a debacle.

Try Noble Palace on Corinna Street for really great Chinese food (especially seafood) in a well above-average setting – tablecloths and beautiful china, choose your lobster from the tank, etc.

Thai Spice, also on Corinna Street is pretty good, and Bellucci’s has decent food but patchy service. And there’s more great Indian food at Jehangir at Swinger Hill.

peter@home peter@home 11:43 pm 26 Jul 08

indian affair in phillip. by far the best butter chicken in town.

plausibly_deniable plausibly_deniable 11:03 pm 26 Jul 08

Seconding the recommendations for Delissio (brasserie style, something for everyone, some interesting meat choices available), A Bite to Eat (more for the lefty ambience), and Ramas (where the host is very hospitable and the hot curries are really very hot indeed). Alternatively, get along to the Greater Indian and International and watch Mr Bari get through a bottle while at the counter…

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:32 pm 26 Jul 08

Ramas. Not trendy, but tasty Indian-Fijian curries…. you will leave with full tummies and a smile on your faces!

DIGRIZ DIGRIZ 10:23 pm 26 Jul 08

Turkish Pide House banquets are great, Bellucis good too.

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