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Coppers on trail bikes

By Serendipity 28 July 2008 49

It seems that wherever I or some of my friends went over the weekend we saw large bright orange trail bikes with coppers in bright yellow jackets prowling around the grassy areas and bike paths of the suburbs.  Friends even said they saw them with some blokes in utes with trail bikes on the back out at the Cotter Reserve. 

So I guess they are finally taking on the illegal trail bikers that disturb my peace often. 

Personally, I thought it was good to see them (the coppers not the illegal trail bikers) and good that they are aware of the problem and the noisy illegal trail bikes are as much a suburban problem as out the Cotter way, probably more so in the suburbs where it affects many more of us directly.  Previously I have just endured the problem thinking that the coppers couldn’t or didn’t do anything about it, but now I see they are having a go, I, for one support it. 

I will be ringing in and reporting any illegal trail bikes I see.  I might even take some photos to prove my case as I don’t remember seeing any of the trail bikers with rego plates to identify them by.  

What annoys me most of all is when my dog takes me for a walk invariably a trail bike(s), usually ridden by helmetless teenagers, would ruin my peace and destroy the purpose of the green areas and walking tracks.

Have the coppers got a power to seize illegal trail bikes like they can with hoon cars?   If not, they should have.

What’s Your opinion?

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Coppers on trail bikes
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Matto 6:56 am 31 Jul 08

This has really got you fired up vg hasn’t it? I’m glad I have been able to experience your “finer” side. A real pleasure to be around, so to speak.
Just to make one thing clear, I have never owned a trail bike, but have lived near neighbours with them riding at all hours of the day and night. But you didn’t see me on them or complaining about the minor interference they caused as they rode up and down and around the street.
As far as your personal attacks, your slight hold on the english language and your sharp comebacks, hopefully it makes you feel your are a far more superior being than myself or others in this forum. Because from what I can gather, you are coming off as an arrogant know it all, looking to instigate aguements any chance you get. Sure we all like to put in our 2 cents, but once you have made your point, get over it! Stop dwelling on the small things and maybe get out into the sunlight and enjoy this wonderful city of ours.
On this whole thing of kids riding their bikes where they’re not supposed to, I hope when they come around your house looking for you to sign the petition to have a purpose built area/track constructed, you are more than willing to sign and even get those around you put their names on it. You might even be able to contribute in a constructive manner.
Anyways, keep smiling.

johnboy 11:35 pm 30 Jul 08

VG I’m really getting sick of these fights you keep starting.

You’re often right, but you don’t need to ruin your argument with the personal attacks.

I won’t warn again.

vg 11:25 pm 30 Jul 08


English and logic lesson. What I said I would describe as a metaphor. You stated, and I quote, “Don’t let the 5 seconds of noise ruin your day”. This implies that we should all just acqiuesce to the issue and let it happen.

I replied that my turd would only stink for 10 secs, so don’t let it ruin your day. This draws an annoyance parallel between my post and yours.

I understand you may have been busy on your trail bike and missed a good part of an English and comprehension education, but you really must bring yourself up to speed if you are to survive without ridicule here.

If we extrapolate your post, the period of uncomfortablity directly relates to someone objecting to it being miserable. Perhaps if I let off a car alarm outside your bedroom window every morning at 0300 for 4 secs (1 sec less than your trail bike noise as stated) you would gain a greater appreciation of what I am saying.

Ultimately that won’t happen though, as you are the living, breathing stereotype (I love that word) of the suburban trail bike warrior. Next time you go to a fatal accident involving a suburban trail bike warrior going decidedly pear shaped give me a tinkle

Matto 10:22 pm 30 Jul 08

So by dropping a loaf in someonene’s bedroom makes you a giant in society? You’ll have to refresh my memory when they made this type of behaviour acceptable.

Thumper 8:52 am 30 Jul 08


Tards on monkey bikes…

that is a classic post….

vg 8:28 am 30 Jul 08


Compared to the juvenile piffle you originally posted, and I’d urge you to read this again

“What’s the big deal? They closed the bike track out at Stromlo so where are they meant to ride? I must admit riding on footpaths is not the smartest idea, but with all the greenspace, they’re not doing anyone any real harm. Big deal, every now and then you hear them come by, it’s not like they’re on your font lawn tearing it up. Don’t forget, we were all teenagers at one point in our life. What would you rather them sitting in front of the idiot box playing video games, stuffing junk food into their mouth while becoming socially retarded? What do you get out of dobbing these people in? Do the cops give you a great big medal to pin on your chest? I hope so, what’s the point? Why inflict your miserable life on some one else? Don’t let the 5 seconds of noise ruin your day. They’re also enjoying the outdoors, they just might be doing it a little bit faster and noisier than you”

I would suggest that compared to you I am a true giant of society.

You were suddenly all uppity and ‘get over it’ to people and now you suddenly go all soft with this

“Like I said earlier, riding on the footpath, is not cool. Same with terrorising kids playing in these Greenspaces. By all means, call the cops. But if they up in the Brindie’s or just riding through, are they really doing that much harm?”

Make your mind up what side of the fence you are sitting on or this will be a painful literary and educational experience for you here on this site. People who ride trailbikes on footpaths, public greenspaces in suburbia and up and down the street unregistered in a dangerous way are morons….full stop

Heavs 2:55 am 30 Jul 08

Since the Darwin award winner left this earth near the Latham power station earlier this year there has been a noticeable decrease in trail bike action around my area. The spastic 50 year old down the street still tools up and down on his monkey bike every now and then though. I just don’t think he knows what a tard he looks like

Aeek 11:44 pm 29 Jul 08

Years ago I saw 2 trail bikes heading towards me on the East Curtin path;
they turned off before we closed. The thing is, they were doing walking pace at most.
Totally illegal yet responsible. What they were up to earlier? No idea.

I don’t get how monkey bikes can be sold as if they can be used.

Matto 10:24 pm 29 Jul 08

Like I said earlier, riding on the footpath, is not cool. Same with terrorising kids playing in these Greenspaces. By all means, call the cops. But if they up in the Brindie’s or just riding through, are they really doing that much harm?

Oh and vg, nice, really nice. I hope that makes you feel better. You are a real pillar in the community aren’t you?

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