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In defence of Queanbeyan

By Yeboii - 16 August 2008 93

Okay um, to all you QueanbeyanHigh haters.  If you have never been to Queanbeyan high beforee why write bad comments?  i understand that those who have been or go their have their own opinions, but why believe whats in the papers?  i am currentley at queanbeyan high now and it is coming a really long way. yeah we have bad people at our school but there bad people everywhere , at every school.

Our new princible is fantastic his trying to do new wonders for our school. We just built a new trade centre for our senior students to prepare them for the work force. Our teachers are trying there hardest to give us the best education. and all you people are doing is rubbing all this BullSh*t into our faces okay.  Honestley qbn high isnt what people think it is. And it isnt more violent then any other school honesltey  come to out school see us. then have something to say. dont judge a book by its coverr.

UPDATED: Jodie_2008 has also posted a story with this to say:

    im currently in year 10 at queanbeyan high and i can guarntee you it is not the roughest school in the state. Everyone gets along really well, both teachers and students. i only live about two blocks away from the school and you never hear anything and the students never cause trouble. The article that was posted in the news paper was written from a father who’s student was in a fight. It was a one off thing . Everyone bags the crap out of queanbeyan but its actually like the maddest place to live. Every one will do anythin to help you out so anyone who hasnt been to queanbeyan high and is going to bagg it out get your facts right ..

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93 Responses to
In defence of Queanbeyan
Madman 1:25 pm 16 Aug 08

I think I missed something… How come this has started?

Whatsup 1:23 pm 16 Aug 08

Don’t take any notice of what these people say. You stick to your “princibles” ! You’ve certainly showed us an example of what is inside the “coverr” of the book.

The Jas 1:19 pm 16 Aug 08

I am buying an apt in Qbyn later this year and don’t mind the area and aren’t about to start bashing, but goodness me, that is some shocking grammar and spelling from a high school student.

Adza 1:15 pm 16 Aug 08

Most of it is simply because there are a number of Canberra people who visit RiotACT and take great pride in sticking their head up their ass and commenting on what they have no idea about… but hey it doesn’t matter because it’s Queanbeyan bashing and that’s all that Queanbeyan is good for.

And they think Queanbeyan people are bogans!

Cameron 12:44 pm 16 Aug 08

Oh dear.

OzChick 12:38 pm 16 Aug 08

Radcliffe College, where is that school?

miz 12:36 pm 16 Aug 08

What I-filed said. And of course, some schools keep their, shall we say, ‘dirty laundry’, within their walls so the general community is unaware of the incidents that occur there.

I-filed 12:10 pm 16 Aug 08

Yeboii – don’t worry, aspirational bogans who think they are a cut above their immediate past family dump on working-class folk out of fear of their own origins. If anyone pulls school snobbery on you, remind them that, for example, Radcliffe College was originally designed to keep the lower-class Belconnen girls away from the snobs at Canberra Church of England Girls Grammar … (I have that from several old girls and teachers from the school).

Hammo 11:58 am 16 Aug 08

I’m sorry, am I meant to be convinced? A good wealth of resources isn’t the only thing which determines what is a good school – it has to be a safe and positive environment as well. Queanbeyan High does not deliver on this. That said, a number of public schools within Canberra are not that good either.

miz 11:52 am 16 Aug 08

Having had kids at public schools in both NSW and ACT, I can verify that NSW beats ACT hands down, despite the rhetoric. So, I am sure Yeboii is correct, and Queanbeyan High is as good, or better, than the majority of ACT high schools.

There has been a massive decline in the ACT since the 1980s, which has caused the ACT’s decline from showpiece to struggling. I was SO disappointed when I came back to Canberra with my children in the early 1990s.

IMO, the only things the ACT has going for it are
1. the teachers, who do a wonderful job in the face of adversity from the places that should be supportive but make things so hard, and
2. the Socio Economic Status (SES) base of its students, which carries the comparative ed levels, as we are starting at a higher base level. So we look better than what we actually deliver to the students. This SES also means a good proportion get tutoring.

So, don’t believe the pollies, who like to crow that ACT’s good ed results are down to their policies!

Sammy 11:11 am 16 Aug 08

Oh dear. RiotACT is like the bully holding the victim down, and each comment is another kick in the kidneys.

johnboy 10:58 am 16 Aug 08

Pasted as a new story.

The thing I love about this site is I never have to make stuff up.

ant 10:50 am 16 Aug 08

Did Yeboii post this as a topic, or has it been cut n pasted by Someone Else from the comments on the Qbn High topic?!

tom-tom 10:50 am 16 Aug 08


Spectra 10:49 am 16 Aug 08

Are we allowed to judge it by the English language education level of its students?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist).

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