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In defence of Queanbeyan

By Yeboii 16 August 2008 93

Okay um, to all you QueanbeyanHigh haters.  If you have never been to Queanbeyan high beforee why write bad comments?  i understand that those who have been or go their have their own opinions, but why believe whats in the papers?  i am currentley at queanbeyan high now and it is coming a really long way. yeah we have bad people at our school but there bad people everywhere , at every school.

Our new princible is fantastic his trying to do new wonders for our school. We just built a new trade centre for our senior students to prepare them for the work force. Our teachers are trying there hardest to give us the best education. and all you people are doing is rubbing all this BullSh*t into our faces okay.  Honestley qbn high isnt what people think it is. And it isnt more violent then any other school honesltey  come to out school see us. then have something to say. dont judge a book by its coverr.

UPDATED: Jodie_2008 has also posted a story with this to say:

    im currently in year 10 at queanbeyan high and i can guarntee you it is not the roughest school in the state. Everyone gets along really well, both teachers and students. i only live about two blocks away from the school and you never hear anything and the students never cause trouble. The article that was posted in the news paper was written from a father who’s student was in a fight. It was a one off thing . Everyone bags the crap out of queanbeyan but its actually like the maddest place to live. Every one will do anythin to help you out so anyone who hasnt been to queanbeyan high and is going to bagg it out get your facts right ..

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In defence of Queanbeyan
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elleisha 11:11 am 23 Aug 08

hi you may have read my other comment but that was my cousin writing so now its my turn. i go to qbn high and im in yr 7 last yr when the paper wrote that horrible atricle about the school being the worst in the state, i didnt take any notice of it because i knew it wasnt true, i got teased from my so called “friends” because i was going to go there and all my friends were going to campball. after that i was starting to get worried but my 3 cousin who go to qbn high all reassured me that the school was great and they were right, im in my last term of yr 7 and i have loved every bit of it, ive got great teachers and fantastic friends. we do have some kids who just love mucking around but so does every other school, because, hey, nobodys perfect.

Madxzz 6:50 pm 22 Aug 08

“You know you are from Queanbeyan when you let your 14 year old daughter smoke at the table…in front of her kids.”

Wow! I laughed for ages at that one!

But I have to say, I am at Karabar High in Queanbeyan, and I also live here. I think that all the bogans give us a bad name.. but there are some normal people over the border as well!

I am full of the queabeyan jokes, and I just think that we have a.. err.. wider demographic.. to put it nicely.

Oh, and as much as I laughed, I’m 14, living in queanbeyan, don’t smoke and am a virgin!

ant 10:11 pm 19 Aug 08

‘Onya, CharalotteX. Now we all have hope. I’ve had a 2620 postcode for years, had my first job in Qbn, and now have one there again, and I’m more than happy to see evidence that there are successful kids in the schools there. More power to you, we and you know you’ll do well.

The angry kiddies earlier in the thread are members of a tribe, the Qbn High Tribe. It’s not about education or what the school stands for, for them. It’s about belonging to a group. When they leave school, they’ll join another tribe.

BerraBoy68 9:18 pm 19 Aug 08

charalotteX said :

I am a year 10 student at Queanbeyan, and i think it really is a great school and I am not one of those students that choose not to learn. I respect that everyone has their own opinions and often don’t like a certain school for what ever reason. Queanbeyan High is not a school of bogans and there are far more smart, hardworking, respectable students. It is just that the obnoxious and rude ones make the most noise and attract attention. The stories that the community hear about are only the bad ones, Queanbeyan High is a lot better than most believe it is.

charalotteX – now that’s an opinion I can respect! It’s not a diatribe but a reasoned view.

charalotteX 9:02 pm 19 Aug 08

I am a year 10 student at Queanbeyan, and i think it really is a great school and I am not one of those students that choose not to learn. I respect that everyone has their own opinions and often don’t like a certain school for what ever reason. Queanbeyan High is not a school of bogans and there are far more smart, hardworking, respectable students. It is just that the obnoxious and rude ones make the most noise and attract attention. The stories that the community hear about are only the bad ones, Queanbeyan High is alot better than most believe it is.

ant 12:56 pm 19 Aug 08

Maybe this is an example of a generation of kids who’ve grown up in a world where they do not experience “failure”, where they are never “incorrect”. So normal criticism comes as quite a shock.

Loquaciousness 12:45 pm 19 Aug 08

Granny said :

Thanks, guys!

: )

I am glad you are so happy and settled in your school. It is important that the gifts and talents in the students are nurtured, and it sounds like your principal is very innovative and enthusiastic – both of which are very desirable qualities in a leader. He or she has obviously managed to inspire and touch the lives of students such as yourselves.

I reckon I have been judged most of my life one way or another. It never really stops hurting, but it can make you very strong. In the end, you really can’t please everybody. You can only do what you think is right at the time. If someone wants to be critical they will always find something. After it has happened for long enough you find yourself just kind of going, “Oh, this again …” and shrugging it off.

Public education is so important. When I was in Russia I had a taste of what illiteracy is like, as I could not read or write anything at all, and very few people spoke English.

As a woman, I think of my right to an education in a similar way as my right to vote. It is very seldom that I cast my vote without pausing to remember the women that fought and died for me to be granted this privilege, and I have always approached education the same way.

Somebody actually had to fight for my right to be educated (I understand that the unions were fabulous in this regard). So it is really such a precious thing. It is the most wonderful gift.

It is a good idea to make the most of the opportunity, because it only comes around once. After that you can always study as a mature age student, but it is far more difficult and involves a lot of sacrifices.

Just remember to keep your eye on your vision, not the obstacles, and you will do just fine.

Take care and do good things!

Well said, Granny. I’ll drink to that!


I have watched this thread with interest, as I grew up in Queanbo and did all my primary and secondary education there. My advice to the kids defending their high school is to stop acting like victims. You may love your school, but trust me, the world doesn’t care. As Nyssa alluded to, people are starting to dislike generation ‘me’ – you aren’t the first people to go through this you know!

So… have your dreams and make your choices, but don’t expect to change the world with them. If you really want to change the world, action is all that counts. You want to know why you think people ‘judge you’ and don’t ‘respect you’? Because you haven’t earnt it yet.

It’s 15 years since I finished year 12, and I’m sure we didn’t carry on like this. Perhaps it was because that we were taught (sometimes the hard way) that respect was earned, and not a ‘right’. Carrying on like this perpetuates Queanbeyan stereotypes, when, in reality, there are a lot of smart and educated people who live there.

mdme workalot 9:02 am 19 Aug 08

I’ve got to say to all the people criticising these two for their spelling – I am yet to come across anyone from the younger generation who is able to spell the majority of their words correctly. I think it is a problem not confined to public schooling, but is occurring across the board because the people teaching are not fantastic spellers. I think it’s a bit harsh when the majority of posters on here (including those currently flaming these two) consistently make grammatical and spelling errors. To demonstrate:

“You do realize, your not the only kids on here you know…sorry to burst your giant ego’s bubble there..”
Bubzie, the word you are looking for is ‘you’re’ as opposed to ‘your’. Please note – traditionally, an apostrophe appearing within a word denotes that a letter is missing. In it’s, the word missing is ‘i’ as it’s is an abbreviation of it is. Similar mistakes occur when using their, there and they’re.

I don’t profess to be perfect, because everyone makes mistakes sometimes. However, I generally do not make a point of picking on spelling because of this. Ease up people, and at least have a bit of respect for the argument the kids are bringing forth.

Bitchmonster 4:26 am 19 Aug 08

What a sad reflection on the life of teachers! Online at 4am – sheesh!

Bitchmonster 4:22 am 19 Aug 08

As a TAFE teacher I get to see some of the best and worst students from both sides of the border. As far as I am concerned, it is the quality of the person – and their desire to learn – that makes me give up my time to nurture them. Sure, spell checkers are a useful tool, but so is an involved parent – someone who takes the time to read over what their son or daughter has written and offer constructive suggestions for improvement -spelling and grammar included.

Putting down Queanbeyan is a recognised sport for Canberrans, and that’s their choice. We who live in Queanbeyan do so as our choice, and I am quite content with my decision.

If we want to have a dig, let’s look at the stats from the last census – freely available from the ABS website – that show the ACT as having a population of 340,000 with 11,000 public housing dwellings. Queanbeyan has 694 public housing dwellings to a population of 35,000. Even multiplying Qbn’s population and housing by 10 to compare directly to the ACT’s numbers would give the ACT nearly twice as many so-called ‘bogan’ dwellings than Queanbeyan.

I agree that the rustbucket that accommodates the NSW gov’t offices is disgusting, and the architect’s vision is lost on me, but Canberra has the Northbourne Avenue flats as its introduction, so I think we have image problems on both sides of the border!

In an age where kids are supposedly selfish and uncaring, I think it’s great to see students standing up for their school – regardless of what one they go to. So there are spelling and grammar errors – so what?! They are trying to get a thought across, and I applaud that.

But, while both towns are populated, this argument will go on . . .

nyssa76 3:56 am 19 Aug 08

and so at 3am I make a mistake 🙂 that will teach me to be up so early marking (taking a break from it atm).

nyssa76 3:55 am 19 Aug 08

As a public school teacher, I have all 3 of my children (one in Yr 8 btw) at Government schools.

ehxoh, you have demonstrated, through your postings why people are starting to dislike Generation “me”.

You go to school but you make the ‘choice’ not to learn? Tell me, are you one of those kids who sits there disrupting the lesson because you ‘choose’ to go to school to socialise in class rather than learn?

The NSW Curriculum is far more structured than the ACT one and it contains a more indepth focus on language and sentence structure.

Instead of whinging about the posters ‘picking’ on your, perhaps you need to take this constructive criticism and use it to pay more attention in class.


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