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Do I deserve the bird?

By dorrie 20 August 2008 147

Do I deserve ‘the finger’ while driving the speed limit on right hand lane of Belconnen Way at 5.15pm

Is there a rule that I should be on left hand lane if I’m doing 80 kph. Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days,  especially P platers.

[ED – Still waiting to find out when these good old days actually were]

Sitting in the right hand lane doing 80 in an 80 zone

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147 Responses to
Do I deserve the bird?
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Overheard 12:20 pm 05 Sep 08

I’m not a flag-waver for Gooooooogle, but if anyone’s interested, this new Chrome Beta browser gets around the ‘too many posts’ melt-down that afflicts IE, the problem that is also solved by Firefox. It seems quite a bit quicker than IE as well.

That’s about as techo as I get. (Sheesh! It also tells me that ‘techo’ is spelt wrong. Hmmm. It also says ‘spelt’ has some issues. Spelled? Mr Goooooooogle likes that one better. My friend Herr Herman Helmut Spelt from Hamburg will be highly offended.)

Oh, and finally, on topic, I take it all back (on this or the ‘Indicate or I will bludgeon you to within an inch of your life’ post) about indicating on the lead up to the roundabout just down from Defence on the approaches to Kings Avenue bridge. It’s two lanes already before you get to the roundabout, just not very well-defined lanes.

Gawd! ‘Defence’ is spelled wrong. Off to look for a language option.

Sgt.Bungers 5:13 am 24 Aug 08

No you did not deserve the bird. It is remarkable just how many drivers get worked up over loosing minuscule amounts of time on the road. Would anyone here give someone else the finger or scream abuse at someone in the shopping centre for holding them up for a few seconds? Not likely! Consider how much road rage we all see compared to verbal abuse or assaults on the street. If we all drove as though everyone else in every other car was a psychopath just waiting for an excuse to kick off and destroy someone, our roads would be far more pleasant.

That said, depending on where you were on Belconnen Way, you may have been required to be in the left lane. There are “Keep Left Unless Overtaking” signs on Belconnen way, meaning you’re legally required to keep left (unless you’re turning or the road is congested) regardless of the speed limit or how fast you’re going.

Sleaz274 7:47 pm 22 Aug 08

Hi vg

You’re right flog is a better word and easier and shorter to say… I wonder if I shoudl change my screen name?? of course I’m called sleaz right now so I doubt names really bother me to much.

And yes to date it would appear I’ve been able to use my “mad skillz” to control my car up to 110km/h oh my god just like everyone else how exciting for me yay yay can I play with you big men on campus now up on your pedestal? Can I really?

I hope they are still making you count your rounds in I’d hate to see what happens to someone who actually does something really bad rather than post on a website.

If I take your advice and go visit a magistrate I’ll simply say Grand Theft Auto made me do it… which I’m going to play right now with a bottle of vodka.

I bid you a good weekend this post has become boring and a little personal for my liking…. I do enjoy “flog” however I might work that in more often.

aidan 12:32 pm 22 Aug 08

“Does my 5-10 km/h really affects the whole community? Really?”

If the road is clear then it probably doesn’t, but in moderate to heavy traffic it is dangerous to be doing 10 km/hr more than the bulk of the other cars.

On of the reasons I stay in the right hand line going west along Barry Drive/Belconnen Way is that it can be hard to get into the right hand lane by the time you get to Hayden Drive because of aggressive drivers that don’t let you merge.

Personally I find it alot more relaxing to drive on the Victorian part of the Hume as most cars and trucks do the speed limit (miraculous how most speedometers agree on that stretch of road). On the NSW side (when traffic is heavy) when I have to overtake a slower vehicle I often have someone behind me slamming on their brakes and tailgating me until I have the room to move back into the left hand lane.

vg 9:05 am 22 Aug 08

“Does my 5-10 km/h really affects the whole community? Really?”

When that increases your stopping distance and causes you to go from no accident into accident then yes.

You were wrong about one thing though. You’re not a nob jockey. With your attitude to driving you’re actually a flog.

But I gather you’re one of those people who ‘can’ drive above the speed limit because you have ‘better skills’ (or is it madd skillz?).

The speed limit is ‘arbitrarily’ decided to respond to the lowest common denominator. Just because you think that rationale doesn’t apply to you doesn’t mean you can or should exceed the limit but, if you feel so strongly about it, feel free to maintain that 5-10 above the limit as you pass a speed camera van. Then argue about how arbitrary it is to the magistrate. In fact give us all a yell when you’re going to court it will be a hoot.

Stick to the speed limit. I can guarantee you’re not as good a driver as you think you are

Special G 8:09 am 22 Aug 08

The major cause of accidents on or roads is fatigue. People push the envelope a bit too far and skills degrade rapidly when tired, or are less than desired when asleep at the wheel. There was a great push to keep the American national speed limit at 55mph (88km/h) in the states due to the ‘speed kills’ lobby. This was discounted when the road toll on highways dropped significantly when it changed to 80mph (128km/h). The same could be applied very effectively here especially on the large stretches of dual lane highway up and down the East Coast. Obviously sections would need to change until they are upgraded. Decreased trip time = less fatigue. Modern cars can easily handle these speeds safely. Old cars don’t go that fast (unless you cook the engine).

Around town this doesn’t apply as merge speeds/lanes/reaction times/visability etc apply. Some boffin does the calculations and the road speed is set from there. I haven’t seen any stats on collisions since the residential speed limit was dropped to 50 and how this has impacted.

Driver discoutesy is becoming a leading cause of road rage which is becoming more frequent and more violent . If you are happy to piss other drivers and possibly get your car smashed up by some little punk in his fully sick CRX with oversized wing then go for it. But unless you’re built like VG then I advise against putting yourself into the victim category lest we be reading about you here after your head gets caved in with a tyre iron.

Sleaz274 11:51 pm 21 Aug 08

We borrow systems from every where else all the time and why won’t they work here? Has anyone tried or does veryone just blindly follow the “presumably” safe limit because someone decided to put a sign up and deem a road “safe” at a certain speed. Let’s drop the auto bahn example it has no relevance to any australian road at all. From general pbservation I’d say the greater percentage of Canberran’s speed on roads such as Ginninderra drv limestone ave monaro highway majura road etc etc the speed on limestone is regularly around 70km/h not 60 km/h as one example. Again comparing our roads to Tassie or the Kings highway there seems to be vast discrepancies in what is deemed “presumably safe”. Does my 5-10 km/h really affects the whole community? Really?

I don’t think so and everybody breaks or bends the rules do the people who look right and left evaluate the risk and then cross the road before the little man turns green deserve to be called a moron those drug smoking hippies!! I don’t speed in school zones or in the wet because I assess the risk and decide it is not appropriate (unlike a lot of canberran drivers) but on wide clear well marked roads I can’t really see how the posted limits can apply so rigorously as your comments would suggest.

I definitely don’t go “as fast as I wanted” that would be stupid and reckless but that is very different from merely going above an arbitarily decided (in all conditions I may add) speed limit.

Thanks for the reasonable response and sorry about the family glad they are okay. I hope you can see from my arguments that I do take driving to be a serious business in fact it used to be my job and I have thought about these issues a great deal.


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