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Ugly ART

By ARTistic-U - 31 August 2008 33

JB 1977

Hello all.

I’m looking for the artist that made THIS horrendous excuse for a cup.

It is inscribed with “JB 1977” and has a saucer to go with it.

Did you make it? It was found at Aussie Junk about a year ago.

Anyone know who made it? I need to know as I am doing some research and developing a site – more to come if I get an answer to this question.

Many, many thanks!

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33 Responses to
Ugly ART
Granny 12:37 am 01 Sep 08

It is a brilliant site.

ant 11:55 pm 31 Aug 08

That writing scratched on the bottom is definitely not a sheltered workshop person. It’s just a person. Later on, most potters used a stamp.

Granny 11:48 pm 31 Aug 08

Ari said :

I’d suggest a sheltered workshop retard as the prime suspect.

It’s easy to take your abilities for granted when your body works properly. It might pay you to remember that you are one unexpected stroke or traffic accident away from being a ‘sheltered workshop retard’ yourself.

Madman 11:01 pm 31 Aug 08

the letters look like my grandma’s writting – definatly not childlike to me either.

ant 10:58 pm 31 Aug 08

There used to be a good potter’s shop upstairs in Garema, next to the toy shop (which probably isn’t there any more, but used to be). It was run by the potters’ association or whatever it was, and sold all their various works. Looks like something from there.

ARTistic-U 10:46 pm 31 Aug 08

Ant, lol, isn’t it awful. I just have to find the creator of this masterpiece. I’ve started a website that features home-made art – this piece gave me inspiration to create a website for homemade art which I’m well on the way to starting – see

How the ‘ell did this piece of endearing junk end up surviving for 31 years when there’s so many modern, Maxwell Williams type designs, being dropped in the kitchen every day?

This little treasure deserves the attention it now gets, if not from others, then from me.

Thank you all.

ant 10:39 pm 31 Aug 08

In fact, this works
And it’s quite artful! Crummy and rubbishy, but artful.

ant 10:38 pm 31 Aug 08

Artistic, do the “direct link” thingy in Photobucket. Image code doesn’t work here.

Ari 9:16 pm 31 Aug 08

The cursive “J” would suggest it was made by someone far older than Riot-Act’s JB.

I’d suggest a sheltered workshop retard as the prime suspect.

ARTistic-U 9:15 pm 31 Aug 08

And, okay yes, it should have been a pic of the main part of the mug – here it is – can mods please add this to top of this thread also please?


ant 9:08 pm 31 Aug 08

And the bottom’s all flat, obviously cut off a wheel with a wire or something. Probly made by a proper potter an all. Just not a very tasteful one. Show us a picture of the important bit of the mug!

johnboy 8:47 pm 31 Aug 08

Sands said :

how old were you in ’77 JB? I made some crap when I took pottery class as a kid. I’d be stoked if it made the market though!


Not old enough to be making pottery.

As far as maker’s marks go it looks reasonably adult to my eye.

grunge_hippy 8:35 pm 31 Aug 08

looks like something a kid would make… the letters are certainly child-like. it could have been from anywhere! good luck looking for the needle in the haystack!!!

Sands 8:10 pm 31 Aug 08

how old were you in ’77 JB? I made some crap when I took pottery class as a kid. I’d be stoked if it made the market though!

ARTistic-U 8:05 pm 31 Aug 08

The cup itself is a rainbow of browns in a swirly pattern – a little blagh. Sorry, I only posted the base pic in this thread. Anyone know who JB is? Please?

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