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Nutter of the month auto-nomination for August – The car hoons speak

By allofus 2 September 2008 65

[ED – August was a little light on for quality nut-baggery. But the first day of September saw the local street racing enthusiasts inundate the Naas Rd Street Racing thread. “allofus” has chosen to make the following entry. The rights and wrongs of their argument are largely lost in the sea of block capitals but fear not, allofus has won the prized RiotACT “Nutter of the Month” award for August and is now in the running for the prized Chester Trophy. Enjoy the classic flame]

Hi to Canberra. ITS ABOUT TIME WE HAVE OUR SAY ! AS THE “LOCAL CAR HOONS !” I know for a FACT that these “local CAR hoons” as you like to lable them are ACTUALLY DOING IT SAFE ! REGAURDLESS TO WHAT YOU THINK ! OR ARE GOING TO SAY ABOUT MY POST ! They are always in back streets well away from the general public, the areas they use, they are always safe smart, they make sure that there is no chance that any one can get hurt. no one stands in the way of any of it. AND I WILL MAKE THIS CLEAR ! NOW, THEY NEVER STREET RACE, Infact, these cars are never doing any more then 5kph.

I will explain the police report. ! they got to Phillip, Marties Food Van to be exact, and all the “hoons” where there. MEETING ! is that agianst the law ? for a CAR CLUB TO BE GETTING SOMETHING TO EAT ?
The “HOONS” then broke up to head to the NEXT meet spot ! all the way out in the middle of NO WHERE !
the cops never broke up anything, and if they followed them to “the spot” and there was anything against the law taking place dont you think that the cops would have taken cars ? or issued fines on those grounds? that whole story was MADE UP LIES !
and more then that. WHY WAS THERE 20 odd police cars, each with 2 officers ALL THE WAY OUT THERE??? why arnt they policing CANBERRA ! like they are PAID TO DO ! not to mention they are no better then the “hoons” there has been said to be VIDEO FOOTAGE OF SEVERAL POLICE CARS SPEEDING WITH NO REASON TO BE, AND SPINNING THERE OWN TYERS TURNING AROUND ! why is it leagle for them ??

Canberra should be thanking us that we are providing a SAFER way for this to happen, HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED THAT THERE HAS BEEN LESS “HOONS” ON THE STREETS ! they now have some where to go. AWAY FROM DANGER TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. oh, wait, people only ever notice the BAD things in life,
  Is it just me or is it a FACT that every time something GOOD comes to Canberra. that brings in money (that could have been used for repairs on canberra roads, and other things to better the place) some moron has to come out of there dark hole or closet they hide from the real world in to have a SOOK and put a stop to it ?? The V8 Super cars, the Drag way, SUMMERNATS ! (im surprised its still around and oh, they are soooo trying to close it ! GO CHICK ! )… ANYTHING to do with Cars.
  Cant you see that these things make money for canberra, the hotels, the restaurants, the other attractions that Canberra has to offer, War memorial, Telstra Tower. etc. these events bring people to Canberra, thus bringing these kinds of places more visits then EVER !

  Ill just say this. The “HOONS” are not gunna stop, take there cars, give them tickets, say what you like. there is always another $100 BURN OUT CAR around the corner ! PUT UP A DRAGWAY LIKE PROMISED AND IT WILL STOP ! THATS THE ONLY WAY THE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO WIN THIS ONE !

                                        OH YEAH, CANBERRA ! GET A LIFE !

P.S to all those who agree !

What’s Your opinion?

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65 Responses to
Nutter of the month auto-nomination for August – The car hoons speak
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Granny 12:35 am 05 Sep 08

peterh said :

I used to drive an HZ monaro, candy apple red from a custom sprayer.

When I was growing up in the 70s Monaros were just the sexiest cars, but Chargers had a catchier advert. I reckon my pulse still quickens when I see a Monaro.

Holden Caulfield 11:54 pm 04 Sep 08

I’ve considered doing a hillclimb day at SDMA, but to me the bang for buck just isn’t there. You stand around all day for about 6 minutes of driving, assuming you get 6 runs in the day. To the best of my knowledge no practice is available either. Plus you need to go to the inconvenience, albeit small, to fit a fire extinguisher and battery sticker.

For similar money you can take your standard car on the skidpan next door with instruction from Fifth Gear Motorsports and in half the time get a hell of a lot more time behind the wheel while having a blast and still learning a bit about car control that can be translated to every day driving.

If you got more than half a dozen laps SDMA hillclimbs I’d consider having a go.

I’m with ant, too, twisties are where it’s at!

peterh 11:05 am 04 Sep 08

mdme workalot said :

As with most forms of entertainment, there’s something about burnouts I just can’t put my finger on, but they’re fun to do, fun to watch… God help me, I’m going to get labelled a ‘hoon’!

as will we all. I haven’t hooned for some time. I used to drive an HZ monaro, candy apple red from a custom sprayer. I stopped doing burnouts when I found out how expensive tyres were to replace.

next car was a HQ, and I delighted in the feel of the acceleration from the lights.

then a leyland P-76. Don’t knock them, an alloy V8 was a lot faster in a solid tank construction car with air shocks, (and room for a couple of kegs in the boot) it was a grunty car. didn’t do burnouts, but did enjoy traffic light acceleration.

Now, i have 2 cars. Mine (very old, slow magna) and me and my wife’s (really the kid’s car – toyota camry v6)

front wheel burnouts don’t have the same feel.

and as i have kiddies, the thought of hitting a tree, another car etc, doesn’t hold much appeal to me.

Tooks 10:10 am 04 Sep 08

Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot said :

Tooks said :

Bungle said :

A question for the ‘hoons’ – what is the big deal with burn outs anyway? You’ve seen one…

I am a fan of motor racing. I like to watch cars take corners at high speed see the skill of the drivers battling with their machines. The GMC 400 was great when it was on – especially the vintage touring cars.

But burn outs just seem pointless. There’s no skill in oiling the road and dumping the clutch on a cheap set of tyres.

Burnouts, as a form of entertainment, are something I’ll never understand.

Some people are easily amused. Turned on a TV lately?

Hehe. Too true.

mdme workalot 10:06 am 04 Sep 08

As with most forms of entertainment, there’s something about burnouts I just can’t put my finger on, but they’re fun to do, fun to watch… God help me, I’m going to get labelled a ‘hoon’!

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