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Herman’s Fake Hermits at Casino Canberra next week.

By Ged - 7 September 2008 67

I am really annoyed that radio 1206 2CC continues to play their ad several times a day, promoting the forthcoming concerts at Casino Canberra on Monday Sept 15th, and Tuesday Sept 16th (sold out), supposedly featuring 1960s British supergroup, Herman’s Hermits.

The radio spots feature three original recordings by Peter (Herman) Noone and the original Hermits.  2CC’s website shows a picture of the original 1960s Hermits, including Peter, and one deceased member Dereck Leckenby.

The general intent of the advertising is to make ticket-holders think they are going to see the original Herman’s Hermits.  But, they are not!!!!  This is pure, unadulterated, misleading, fraudulent misrepresentation.

The only original Hermit in this touring band is Barry Whitwam, the former non-singing drummer, now in his 60s, but the rest of the band members are contemporary musicians who had nothing whatsoever to do with the million-selling hits by the original band.

I have passed this information on to Radio 2CC, Casino Canberra and the Canberra Times, as well as other venues in NSW where the band has been playing.  There have been a few cases of audience members asking for their money back when they realise that they have been duped, when they find out that this is merely a “tribute” band and not the real thing.

The radio station and some of the venues sent me patronising “hope to see you at the show” letters as if I am some sort of a crackpot.  The Casino and the Canberra Times have not replied.

As a long-term fan of the REAL Herman’s Hermits, I am disgusted at this blatent fraud.  I have had emails from several musicians and music historians supporting me, including Paul Mlynarz of the official Manchesterbeat website, and a very supportive email from Peter (Herman) Noone himself, telling me that he has virtually given up trying to stop these “Hermanless Hermits”, as he calls them, making money off his name, image and music.

Anybody out there cares about this sort of commercial fraud & exploitation?  Meanwhile, Barry Whitwam and his band of ring-ins go ahead at the Canberra Casino on 15th and 16th September.

Ged the Music Historian, Canberra.

[ED – Peter Noone’s website has an interview confirming this interpretation]

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67 Responses to
Herman’s Fake Hermits at Casino Canberra next week.
Ged 7:38 pm 07 Sep 08

By the way Duke, be fair to us oldies, mainly we are not THAT old!

You asked “how many bands … still have all their original members after fifty-odd years”?

The original “Herman’s Hermits” finished their career circa 1972.

Do the maths, and you will find this was 36 years ago.

Ged, The Canberra Music Historian (and part-time mathematician)

Thumper 7:35 pm 07 Sep 08

I somehow don’t think I will be protesting 😉

Ged 7:24 pm 07 Sep 08

To Granny

The band you saw in the 1980s was not the same band that will appear in Canberra next week, apart from Barry Whitwam. Of course it was fun, and the songs are great — but, as I keep stressing, these are not the REAL Herman’s Hermits.

And Herman will not be there! We all love The Rolling Stones, but would we accept the band under that name if they were to tour the world without Mick Jagger?

Mick Jagger IS the Rolling Stones, in the same way that Peter Noone IS Herman’s Hermits.

Ged 7:17 pm 07 Sep 08

To Thumper —

You are right on!

What would it take to get a letter published in the Canberra Times, informing potential audiences that they are being conned into paying money ($37 a ticket, without dinner) to see and hear a band that is definitely not going to turn up on the night?

It’s not too late — we could make history by having a demonstration, with banners etc., explaining the truth, starting on Sunday 14th, then Monday 15th and Tuesday, if there are any potential audiences left by then.

The public needs to be told. Okay, it’s not as important as the Iraq situation, nor the fact that NSW is broke, but as far as I am concerned, any form of public deception is a crime.

PS I’ve never attended a public demonstration in my life, but this sort of on-going fraud makes my blood boil. My niece and her friends paid $200 a ticket to see Fleetwood Mac in Sydney a couple of years ago, and then were quite dismayed when they realised that two of the original members were missing.

Granny 7:17 pm 07 Sep 08

I saw them back in the 80s and it was kind of fun. It was nice to hear the songs again, even though they were fake hermits.

Ged 7:01 pm 07 Sep 08


Let me make this perfectly clear —

I have NO OBJECTION to this band performing in Canberra, and playing Herman’s old hits.

As I have already said ( please go back and read it again); I would be happy to go along, pay my money, and enjoy the music from a TRIBUTE band.

NOBODY has disagreed with me on this.

What I DO object to passionately is the way Radio 2CC, falsely and knowingly, promotes this very same tribute band as being the original, multi-million selling Herman’s Hermits of the 1960s. Somebody at 2CC (or a related studio) edited and prepared this fraudulent material for broadcast.

Listen to their inevitable ads on the radio tomorrow — and yes, I am a long-time 2CC listener, mainly to listen to Tim Webster, and occasionally I talk to Tim and Glenn A Baker on Thursdays about the music scene.

Mike Jeffrey can be quite entertaining in the early mornings, Steve Price alternates between being amusing, incredibly naive and infuriating, and I find Mike Welch a complete waste of time, he has nothing useful to say about anything, and he repeats himself several times an hour. Most Canberra news commentators tend to be rather gutless, which is a shame, considering we are in the national capital of Australia.

I thank God that two of the most useless and idiotic commentators, Mike Frame and Kane Bond, have left the station. I don’t ever listen to the radio after about 3pm. I used to enjoy John Laws, but, like most listeners, I did not always agree with him. I liked the way you could ring John up and talk about anything you felt like, whereas these days, the announcers only want you to ring up about the subject they are currently enthusiastic about.

Enough said —

Ged the Canberra Music Historian

Thumper 6:37 pm 07 Sep 08

Ged, it’s cool that you like this band so much, but seriously mate, if it’s not Peter Noone then it’s not worth seeing.

Duke 6:35 pm 07 Sep 08

Ged I was being quite sincere when I said “enjoy the show.” I recognise you have enormous passion for the band but it seems silly to deny yourself a Hermits tribute concert based on principle.

Besides, most fans will already know the status of the band members. How many bands can you name that still have all their original members after 50 odd years?

I am a 2CC listener – you should not assume that those who disagree with you are part of a 2CC management conspiracy.

Ged 6:21 pm 07 Sep 08

To: Thumper

I won’t get over it, while a group makes money from unsuspecting audiences, and nobody in a position to do so will do anything about it.

But have you ever really seen any controversial news in Canberra? The local Chronicle’s most important concerns are about the use of abandoned public schools, and residents complaining about the latest development. The increasing number of rapes, missing persons, robberies and assaults, and even murder, rates a few columns in that paper and that sort of news fares not much better in the Canberra Times, as that paper considers anything not political to be beneath it.

And then we have that condescending WIN-TV news, with the bland, banal, plastic-faced, one-expression bimbo Jessica Good (arguably the worst newsreader ever in the history of TV).

It’s no use complaining about big business, radio and newspapers in Canberra, as they all appear to have vested interests in each other.

Apathy on the part of the public explains why both Kate Carnell and John Hargreaves got away with drink-driving; and why Belinda Neal, the most obvious liar and public bully, has no case to answer for.

Ged 6:06 pm 07 Sep 08

Hi Duke, I respect your comments but you don’t seem to be paying full attention.

1. 2CC is playing the original group’s RECORDINGS (not merely the songs) in their ads with Peter Noone’s unique voice on them. It was the sound of his voice that helped to make the records hits. But Peter won’t be there on the night, much less his voice !!!!

2. 2CC also shows Peter’s picture with the REAL Hermits on its website — and one of those guys (the outstanding lead guitarist Dereck “Lek” Leckenby) has been deceased for many years. How dare they use his image in a commercial exploitation for some other bunch of upstarts? What would his family think?

3. I’ve already said I will NOT be attending this show. Your patronising “I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show regardless” makes me think you are probably 2CC management or maybe from Casino Canberra.

A fake is a fake; and a lie is a lie, no matter how many times it is repeated.

At least the backers behind the “Cliff & The Shadows Show,” the “Neil Diamond Show” and the various Johnny Cash shows don’t pretend you’re going to get the real thing.

What next? Ringo teams up with three fresh-faced musicians and tours the world as “The Beatles” ?????

I am on a mission here — on behalf of the real Herman’s Hermits,

Peter Noone
Dereck Leckenby (deceased)
Karl Green
Keith Hopwood

and even their (second) drummer, Barry Whitwam, who has disgraced himself by registering the band name for his own use (legally), yet now going around the world with any musicians he cares to employ, and trying to promote the current combination as the original Herman’s Hermits who made three movies in the 1960s and sold over 50 million records.

Thumper 5:57 pm 07 Sep 08

Oh come on, get over it. Of course it isn’t the real Herman’s Hermits.

In fact, any Herman’s Hermits without Peter Noone is never going to be close.

Wide Boy Jake 5:36 pm 07 Sep 08

This sort of thing isn’t an isolated incident. In their early years Bjorn Again had to change their logo and advertising when ABBA threatened to sue. A year or so a tribute artist doing a Neil Diamond show had ads on 2CC featuring the real Neil Diamond’s music. We really shouldn’t be shocked at this sort of thing from 2CC – after all they are simply a relay station of 2UE and 2GB rebroadcasting other people’s work and pretending it is their own (not to mention their so-called “local” news bulletins which consist of recycling items from 2UE’s bulletins of the previous hour).

Duke 5:33 pm 07 Sep 08

I can see why you’re feeling a bit sore about all this, but it would be band management not 2CC that dictates the content of a paid radio promotion.

This is not a new phenomenon. Dead Kennedys reformed a few years back minus founder and frontman Jello Biafra as did Sex Pistols – both bands trading off their original names minus most original members.

I had not heard of the Hermits but I did remember their songs after hearing the 2CC ads. This is an example of effective advertising because they played the songs people are most familar with. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show regardless.

Ged 5:14 pm 07 Sep 08

The band is definitely misleading, you are right. But it is 2CC that is using recordings by the ORIGINAL band, featuring Peter Noone, in its radio ads, and displaying a photo of the original “Hermits” on its website. This is fraudulent advertising, the consumer laws are very clear about promoting a product as something that it is not.

2CC is fully aware — I have communicated with Peter Davidson, the station’s programme manager —- of its fraudulent use of these images and sounds, but he has told me that the promotion is the responsibility of Casino Canberra. On the other hand, the Casino displays a picture of the CURRENT Hermits on its own website, so it is being much less deceptive than the radio station.

As a long-term fan, I am happy to know that the music lives on, but the band playing it should let it be known that they are a TRIBUTE BAND, rather than pretend to be the original chartbusters. On top of that, their management agencies and promotional outlets should also let the TRUTH be known to the public.

I have a CD by the current “Hermits” and they are nowhere near as good as Peter Noone and the original band. If only 1206 2CC had used the inferior copies in their daily radio ads… would the concerts still be sell-outs?

If this was the REAL Hermits, I would be first in the ticket queue. If they were promoted as a tribute band, I would still go along to enjoy the songs. But I will not give money to a band pretending that they are the original hitmakers.

Duke 4:43 pm 07 Sep 08

If anybody is being misleading it is the band, not 2CC, which is merely promoting a concert from a band calling themselves Herman’s Hermits and playing Hermit hits!

As a long term fan you should be pleased this now obscure band and their music is being dusted off for a new audience, or are Hermits tribute bands so plentiful in Canberra you’re not going to bother seeing them?

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