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blindcommissioner 8 September 2008 26

Does anyone know why David Kilby is back on 666 ABC radio?

I have left the local 666 and switched over to Radio National because I was just sick and tired of Ross Solly.

I stumbled on 666 this morning and was pleasently surprised to hear David’s voice.

Has anyone got any idea on how long we can enjoy this welcome pleasure?


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26 Responses to Dave Kilby on 666
punkarella punkarella 4:27 pm 09 Sep 08

Agreed. Old time music really makes me want to change stations. 666 needs to get some direction in your music stance and don’t let the DJ’s decide.

SkipDaRoo SkipDaRoo 1:45 am 09 Sep 08

Kilby only knows music and old music at that.

666 need to learn that their audience is changing as the mid 30’s + listen for news and current affairs with a local tinge. As soon as they play a circa 60’s or 70’s or worse song, I leave to News Radio and sometimes forget to come back for days.

Just like channel 9, soon all the 80 and 90 yr old listeners will go on to better pastures and they will be left with no audience. Adapt or die.

Bungle Bungle 8:46 pm 08 Sep 08

News radio on 103.9 is the way to go. Lots of news and no bullsh*t. I guess the only thing you miss out on is the Canberra news – but that’s what I come here for.

miz miz 7:57 pm 08 Sep 08

David and Chris were the bomb. Their talents meshed and made a top program. Not surprising that Chris went on to become the ABC’s chief political correspondent.

But I am glad Rod Quinn and his umming, erring and his sad Elvis obsession has gone.

jenny green jenny green 6:59 pm 08 Sep 08

I’ve had to switch to RN to get away from Kilby’s reminiscing. Can someone please update RA when Solly returns???

sepi sepi 5:56 pm 08 Sep 08

IN real life David Kilby is a lovely guy and Fran is a total cow.
David isn’t that interested in hard news etc though, so he needs a newsy sidekick – or maybe just longer newsbreaks.

ABC tv news annoys me for being mostly world news. If I wanted to know about depressing world news I’d watch sbs.

Overheard Overheard 5:15 pm 08 Sep 08

Don’t know. At that hour I’m normally listening to Australian Independent Radio (AIR) News and it’s always intriguing stuff, if only to see/hear whether their newsreader is going to one day forget to breathe and there’s going to be a loud clunk sound as his head hits the desk, followed by his colleagues phoning the paramedics, and switching to the ‘We Apologise For This Interruption To Normal Broadcasting’ cart, followed by ‘A Walk In The Black Forest’.

cranky cranky 5:09 pm 08 Sep 08

I don’t really have a problem with any of them. I just switch the news on, and off as soon as its finished. No annoying opinions, inane talkback, or corny jokes.

Slightly OT, does anyone else get annoyed at the ABC’s news coverage at 6.30 and 7.00am.
Nothing ever happens in Canberra, or even Australia, worth reporting on in these bulletins. We get overseas coverage in spades, and these reports are almost always a case of ‘Mr X has said that Y will happen’, followed by a recording of Mr X saying that Y will happen. Often via a translator. Hardly rivetting, informative radio. Perhaps the ABC dosn’t believe in flex time, so the joint only works from 8.30 to 4.51.

astrojax astrojax 4:55 pm 08 Sep 08

you’ve turned off ros solly? so he now has no listener?

anyway, you should all be ashamed of your selves and listen to radio national in the morning anyway – fran’ll fix ya.

niftydog niftydog 4:48 pm 08 Sep 08

The 2003 fires pushed me towards 666 – esp. Chris and David. Ross Solly has single-handedly driven me away again.

At first it was his ham-fisted attempts at cornering someone during an interview, and the fact that he keeps talking shit to his producer – riveting listening, Ross. Lately EVERYTHING he does drives me up the wall – ever notices how it takes him 6 times as long as anyone else to make a simple point? Just waiting for him to finish sentences is excruciating! “199 22 66” shouldn’t take any longer than 2 seconds to spit out, Ross.

Kilby is nowhere without Uhlmann. Solly is just nowhere.

Then we discover that Lisa is a complete bitch with a selfish agenda as well as a cackling blonde moron, and that 2CA is now a gay station (although that only serves to make Jane Turner even more attractive.)

Gimme a week and I’ll hate Mike Jeffreys as well.

PickedANickname PickedANickname 3:38 pm 08 Sep 08

Ok people in their 80’s and only slightly bias former students love David Kilby. LOL

As much as I personally dislike David Kilby on the ABC as a radio host you can tell he would be an excellent teacher due to his passion.

peterh peterh 3:14 pm 08 Sep 08

PickedANickname said :

Oh David Kilby drives me spare. Really boring irrelevant triva and music that only really old people listen to. I am in my 30’s but I think Kilby’s most responsive audience would be in their late 80’s.

I miss Chris Ulman. Ross does tend to go after the issues that no one has an issue with. LOL

I miss with a passion Rod Quinn for Drive. Louise Maher is too much fluff and overly silly.

Try again.

David Kilby, that is Mr. Kilby to kids who went to Charnwood Primary, educated and used music to do so. We all thought he was the best teacher, ever. He played oldies on the radio, and we found ourselves humming along – even though the music was written before most of us were born. He was an awesome teacher, and a great role model.

He is a welcome change to the 666 lineup.

PickedANickname PickedANickname 2:35 pm 08 Sep 08

Oh David Kilby drives me spare. Really boring irrelevant triva and music that only really old people listen to. I am in my 30’s but I think Kilby’s most responsive audience would be in their late 80’s.

I miss Chris Ulman. Ross does tend to go after the issues that no one has an issue with. LOL

I miss with a passion Rod Quinn for Drive. Louise Maher is too much fluff and overly silly.

tortfeaser tortfeaser 1:49 pm 08 Sep 08

As long as Andrea Close is nowhere near a microphone I can handle the 30 mins between radio national and getting to work.

needlenose needlenose 1:45 pm 08 Sep 08

I’m a relatively recent convert to 666 so Kilby is new to me, but if that was him this morning then I thought he was a total waste of oxygen. Half an hour’s talkback on names and aphorisms in the last week before caretaker period, following the WA election and two by-elections of major significance? Really? THAT’s what he’s using to fill his air-time?

(Of course, I hit the snooze button the regulation five or so times, so I may have missed something of significance in the nine-minute intervals – but every time it came back on it was the same irrelevant drivel, so I sort of doubt it).

Overheard Overheard 1:41 pm 08 Sep 08

I stopped listening to 666 in the mornings a long time ago, partly because I don’t need traffic news to get to work. But also because Solly’s style of interviewing just used to grate on me no end. And the way he’d latch on to some semi-issue and then want to talk to everyone who had some peripheral interest in the matter until I was screaming at the radio, ‘Enough, already!’ and praying for a musical interlude.

And on that note (boom tish), while David Kilby is interesting and engaging enough, while I like my music non-mainstream-ish, I just found his selection just too esoteric for my ear. Haven’t heard him in this breakfast incarnation.

Oh, and possibly for the first time ever, I caught 20 minutes-ish of Mark Parton on 2CC on Friday afternoon. He had the head of the ACT Electoral Commission on air chatting about the wherefores and whyfores of Parton being on air. (Stop me if that was covered elsewhere.)

la mente torbida la mente torbida 1:31 pm 08 Sep 08

three post moron (me)

Ross manages to get me out of bed and out to walk the dogs…can’t be all bad :-0

la mente torbida la mente torbida 1:30 pm 08 Sep 08

sorry…’around noon’

la mente torbida la mente torbida 1:29 pm 08 Sep 08


I do…i prefer my news after i have woken up and my brain is engaged….areoubd noon

zagons zagons 1:22 pm 08 Sep 08

Totally agree, Ross Solly has totally turned me off 666 during the week. Surely the ABC is aware of how unpopular he is?! I have never heard of anyone who actually enjoys listening to him.

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