9 Weeks at the Hume Hilton by way of comparison

johnboy 16 November 2010 14

The ABC brings word that Akis Livas has been sentenced to nine weeks of prison for talking ten Canberra hotels into giving him 80 nights worth of accomodation.

In sentencing, acting Justice Bernard Teague told Livas he was brazenly deceitful on a grand scale to a lot of people, over a long period.

And now he gets another nine weeks of free accommodation!

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14 Responses to 9 Weeks at the Hume Hilton by way of comparison
viking princess viking princess 7:16 am 02 Dec 10

Ike Livas is a con man of the highest order. He is also a rather large unfortunate looking man. I would have liked to have seen his photograph in the paper just so other unsuspecting people aren’t conned in the future.

I am sure nine weeks will do nothing to dampen his passion for ripping people off and I am sure he will be back to work at it by Christmas. I doubt he has ever done an honest days work in his life!

He stole accommodation from my small B&B with his female “associate” and partner in crime Renee Britt, a woman who apparently runs a spray tanning business amongst other things. She has a tiny white dog that she tucks into her handbag.

I am one of the small fry in his accommodation scam. Others were conned for far bigger amounts of money. Gullible? I spotted him as soon as he walked in my door, but what was I going to do about it? Say, “sorry, you look suspicious to me, get out”. I figured the worst he could do was rip me off, which he did. I did my best to get information out of him while he was here, which I hope led to his arrest. My experience has led me to insist on payment on arrival, a hard lesson learned.

Yes, he is the same guy who conned the prostitute with newspaper money. He’s diversifying, watch out just before Christmas! Who knows what creative entrepreneurial skills he will have developed at Her Majesty’s pleasure?

At least I don’t have to see his ugly face at the Canberra Centre for the next few weeks, that’s almost worth $300.

MWF MWF 10:06 pm 16 Nov 10

DJ said :

No mention of paying off his financial debt?

Or of losing his job in the Public Service ;)LOL.

Nah, when he gets out he will probably be employed as some kind of financial consultant in the forthcoming “PS accomodation, getting it cheap etc.” project.

Serenace1 Serenace1 8:29 pm 16 Nov 10

Canberra has really lovely hospitality. And Gullible.

caf caf 8:20 pm 16 Nov 10

Akis Livas, Canberra’s Biggest Tightarse.

Captain RAAF Captain RAAF 7:49 pm 16 Nov 10


DJ DJ 5:02 pm 16 Nov 10

No mention of paying off his financial debt?

notdingers notdingers 4:57 pm 16 Nov 10

Wow this guy is having a blinder.

This is the same guy who pulled the old “give a sex worked an empty envelope trick” right?


Looks like we can notch him up for 80 and 1 nights free accomodation 😉

sepi sepi 4:16 pm 16 Nov 10

the caption is wrong – i noticed it too. they often are – i think web people do the captions, not writers.

johnboy johnboy 4:02 pm 16 Nov 10

“Akis Livas, 47, stayed at 10 Canberra hotels and serviced apartments between April and September 2008 but did not pay for 80 night’s accommodation.”

That’s what they’ve got right now.

Bosworth Bosworth 3:46 pm 16 Nov 10

according to the ABC link: “Akis Livas stayed at 10 Canberra hotels and serviced apartments in 2008 but did pay for 80 nights of accommodation.”


Holditz Holditz 3:17 pm 16 Nov 10

You might want to also remove the slash at the end of the URL as well. 🙂

Gantz Gantz 3:04 pm 16 Nov 10

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