Fare Evading Teenage Harpies

CHW 3 October 2008 5

So… where was your daughter last night???

Four girls, maybe fifteen years old, attempted to avoid paying their taxi fare this morning by scampering down my neighbours’ driveway. Possibly they were planning on jumping the back fence?? Sucked in, because the security-minded neighbours have no access to their backyard – so the next attempt was to storm back up the drive-way and abuse the driver of the taxi.

Weirdly, the plucky leader of the pack decided to pretend to be the mother of one of the other girls. Not surprisingly, the taxi driver was not in the least confused by this tack; calmly he advised her to calm down and wait for the police to get there to sort it out.

By this stage, two of the girls had scarpered back up the street; I made my presence known (I HATE being woken up at four in the morning) and commented that the house most certainly was not where those girls lived. By now, the cowardly (and probably pissed) girls had retreated to the neighbours’ again (why the hell didn’t THEY come out and sort it??) while the very reasonable and polite taxi driver explained that the girls were trying to evade paying their fare (well, duh.).

Unfortunately, the girls gathered their dignity together and stalked off up the street, loftily ignoring the taxi driver as they did so. Although I was mightily tempted to pursue the little bovines and restrain them (with prejudice) until the cops arrived, I was just not dressed for the occasion. No idea what eventuated; but I sure hope the taxi driver stuck with the dishonest and inconsiderate brats until the police arrived.

So: do you live near Caley Crescent, Griffith/Narrabundah, and do you own a fifteen/sixteen year old girl? Did she REALLY spend all night tucked up in bed? I might say, at no time was bad language used… but someone needs to point out a few lessons on how mean it is to hire a taxi with no expectations of paying the fare!

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5 Responses to Fare Evading Teenage Harpies
SadMushroom SadMushroom 2:27 pm 03 Feb 09

A few years ago 3 teenage boys did a runner on a taxi driver, stealing his money and disappearing down a laneway.
The driver had no idea who they were and police could not find them,,,UNTIL the next day when the silly buggers called a for a taxi to pick them up at their home address (they were off to the club to spend their stolen money)

Guess which driver got the call to pick them up????

ant ant 8:48 am 05 Oct 08

The taxpayers of the future. I can’t wait. To do such a thing when I was that age would have been, literally, unthinkable. It’s pure, blatant, bare-faced theft.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 10:54 am 03 Oct 08

As I always say…karma with even things out before long. The unfortunate thing (for the little turds) is that sometime karma overpays.

Why does it often to be the little rich f**kers doing it. Love to see them try and pull that stunt in somewhere like Cambodia. They’d be ran down like road kill!

Jazz Jazz 10:16 am 03 Oct 08

Forrest Ari. Pottsy likes Forrest.

Ari Ari 9:21 am 03 Oct 08

Griffith, eh? Does Pottsy have a daughter?

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