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ACT Election Candidates – How Low Will They Stoop?

By Jean Mc 8 October 2008 80

All’s not fair in politics.

Driving home today along Athllon Drive I see four campaign signs from Joy Burch (Labor candidate for Brindabella) strewn along the roadside.  That made me pretty angry. 

This senseless vandalism is getting ridiculous.  I heard that one candidate last week had every single sign stolen from around the electorate.  These signs are not cheap and if your campaign budget is small, like Joy’s, each one is very valuable.

It’s one thing to strategically place your sign to obscure that of an opponent at a shopping centre or ring the Rangers to complain about someone’s sign inappropriately placed – that’s strategy – taking advantage of the opponent’s poor choice.

Vandalism (like plagiarism) is the choice of the stupid, the lazy, and those incapable of waging a clever campaign based on sound policy, good marketing and solid community relationships.

But it’s not just that.  Joy doesn’t have rich business backers or a wealthy husband backing her campaign.  She doesn’t have a high profile from years in the public eye.  She isn’t a sitting member with a nice salary to build an election nest egg. 

Joy relies on meagre funds from generous supporters (many of whom can ill-afford it) and the support of friends and family to keep her campaign going.  If Joy has any chance at all in the election it will be from sheer hard work on things like the campaign to save the Wanniassa Medical Centre.

She’s a good person and it’s a disgrace to treat her this way.

You’d think that elections would bring out the best that parties have to offer.  What I’m seeing is the worst of some people and I don’t think it’s the last.

All I can say is that if people are so frightened of someone like Joy who’s just a nice, hardworking person that they have to stoop to this sort of activity – they deserve a resounding defeat on October 18.

PS: I’m a Labor Party member and NOT on Joy’s campaign team and don’t know her that well.  Of course I’m a little biased but I’m a lot angry.


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ACT Election Candidates – How Low Will They Stoop?
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antiyou 7:53 pm 16 Oct 08

please tell me if anyone knows a candidate that has not posted signs and I will vote for them.

I think it is very condecending that the candidates think that many voters minds will be changed by a road sign. Well to be honest, my my vote has be changed by the road signs I might just vote for a donkey!

I work near where the libs store there campain trailers, what a joke, 10 plus trailers in every car park and plastered with crappy signs. Morons. I also just copped a “Special message” phone call from ZED and a letter box full of labor recycle bin fillers.

Here’s and idea, see the google adds on the side of these pages, every click costs the candidates campaing money! (pay per click)

stray 4:57 pm 14 Oct 08

sorry, that was supposed to be in reference to the environmental impacts of the signs being left everywhere the day after election day…

Granny 4:45 pm 14 Oct 08

stray said :

… but you can guarrantee he wouldnt be there the day after election day!

Well, duh!!

stray 4:28 pm 14 Oct 08

riding down northbourne the other day i was so busy trying to read and at the same time avoid the large orange (vogt is it?) signs all over the place i almost ran over the man himself…whoops!

not as noticeable as the signage but you can guarrantee he wouldnt be there the day after election day!

dingo84 3:54 pm 14 Oct 08

Young liberals… *shudders*

imarty 10:03 pm 13 Oct 08

Free stakes for your tomatoes people…

mr grumpy 9:07 pm 13 Oct 08

go greens? the majority party, liberal or labor, shouldn`t need these dingbats permission to govern for the majority of the greens listen to the majority of people in the street?

zephyr9673 8:20 pm 13 Oct 08

I need a texta just to remind everyone why we don’t want Barr.

You want to hand school closures to him, let him be closed.

I wouldn’t suggest voting Liberal, I had a word with Zed, suggesting since Bill Stefarniak had left (amen, thank you lord) he should build extradition treaties with the golden triangle countries for all the heroin dealers, he wasn’t very interested, there was a nice young lady who was, but it was labor that pushed on the other issues not coming up in this election, the shortage of Womens crisis to mid term accommodation and services, that is not including the shortage in the one area of womens shelters ‘domestic violence’ that does exist.

Now I ask you Zed, if you not gonna be a right wing nazi, who will take up bills position?

Canberra, if the head of the opposition won’t listen to you in the street, why give him money a job and power.

Go Greens.

bennyboi 8:45 pm 10 Oct 08

Also the sign doesn’t really make me want to vote for her.. Its just her face and name..

Something clever like:

Joy means ‘Joy’ for Brindabella’s future – (insert picture of joy with cheesy grin and thumbs up) – definitely got my vote then.

bennyboi 8:40 pm 10 Oct 08

I sighted at least 20 of these on the Parkes Way.. I don’t wana look at her ugly mug on the way to work, someone should tear them down or move them to the other side of the road so i don’t give a crap cause all i wana do is get home.

peterh 3:15 pm 09 Oct 08

joy’s signs were up the parkway this morning.

(there was a truck parked nearby – obviously guarding the signs…)

Gobbo 1:29 pm 09 Oct 08

nathan said :

@Gobbo: Para 5 in the document you linked seems to require $10m public liability insurance. Am I reading that correctly?

Nathan – I believe so. At least that is how I interpret the section’s requirements.

For those who want to read it, it says ….

“5. Insurance requirements

(1) A person who places a movable sign in a public place must have a current
public liability insurance policy for at least $10,000,000 limit of liability,
which would include any liability to the public or the Territory arising out of
such a sign, its design, construction or placement.”

Deadmandrinking 12:32 pm 09 Oct 08

jakez said :

Loose Brown said :

Very clever free advertising for your favoured candidate Jean. Very clever.





That’s what you get for only putting them up in a pub 😛

It’s probably just kids, honestly. 16-17, armed with casks of goon, roaming the streets looking to dispense their good-intentioned but not yet fully-formed political ideals on any signs, shop-front windows or postboxes nearby. It’s a pretty amateur job anyway – why didn’t they steal the sign and burn it? Chicken?

Gord0 12:09 pm 09 Oct 08

the perpitrators are just as anonymous as the pollies whose signs they vandalise.

Elections are naught more than a public job application from people we never hear from during non-election time but for a few weeks they are our saviours and will change our lives for the better.

Who are these besuited beggars at my shopping centre and why can’t they shove their pamphlets somewhere else (I know a great location) ?!

nathan 12:00 pm 09 Oct 08

@Gobbo: Para 5 in the document you linked seems to require $10m public liability insurance. Am I reading that correctly?

Danman 10:33 am 09 Oct 08

Thank Christ when the election is over and RA can get back to the usual suspects slandering each other instead of blow-in newbies slandering others for the political gain of (Insert candidates name here)..

deezagood 10:20 am 09 Oct 08

A new low for climbing beetle. Absolutely no need for this type of dirty, personal slandering.

jakez 9:34 am 09 Oct 08

I for one look forward to the day where my life becomes so easy that the biggest complaints I have are that there are signs in my peripheral vision, and I have to pick a piece of paper out of my letterbox.

Granny 9:19 am 09 Oct 08

I demand equal rights for Socialists to have a good sense of humour. Everybody else gets to have one.

simbo 9:11 am 09 Oct 08

Passy said :

Sorry johnboy. It was a poor attempt at humour – a bit like John McCain sometimes. I actually was aiming to get something on the banner introducing topics (the comments there can be quite funny and/or insightful) and so was being overly contrary.

It was really a compliment of sorts gone wrong.

Oh, Passy, this is what happens when you atttempt to rewrite the playbook. Socialists aren’t meant to have senses of humour… only conservatives (who can then use the “I was only joking” thing when they say something racist, sexist or otherwise deeply offensive”)…

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