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A tale of trash

By RodAct - 9 October 2008 37

Just wanted to share my outrage and bewilderment.

Sitting here in north Canberra at my computer, I noticed a truck pull up outside the neighbour’s house.

Two men in the cabin apparently just having a rest from their busy day.

One lit up a cigarette and the other opened a tin of tuna and promptly threw the can lid on to the footpath.

I couldn’t help my red mist and went outside, walked up to the piece of litter, picked it up and said “I’ll go put this in the bin then hey mate?”

All I got was, “oh…yeah”. Unbelievable.


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37 Responses to
A tale of trash
Stung 9:40 am 10 Oct 08

its gold when you save up your car-rubbish for weeks, then while driving down the parkway you just open the door and kick it all out haha… pure comedy ay

Thumper 9:27 am 10 Oct 08

Bin? Point taken if you take the Hargeaves stance on bins.

Bluebelle 9:18 am 10 Oct 08

Put it in the bin……what bin?

Stung 9:14 am 10 Oct 08

..or when you throw a bottle out the window and it doesn’t smash. so annoying!

Stung 9:04 am 10 Oct 08

seems to be a common theme with McDonalds here huh??

I just hate when you litter and you think nobody is watching, but then some smug git gives you a dirty look like they’ve never done anything wrong..

Thumper 8:30 am 10 Oct 08

I was outside McDonalds in the city once and car with young booners in a WRX chucked a full bag of McDonalds stuff out. It landed about three feet from me so i promptly threw it back in.

They were not happy. In fact, i thought one of the guys was going to get out and give me a pounding. What can you do when someone like this thinks that there’s nothing wrong with throwing crap all over the place?

jessieduck 6:53 am 10 Oct 08

People know it’s wrong- they just don’t want to get caught! It infuriates me when I see people do that kind of thing.

Once at Belconnen Mall I had three teenage girls walking towards me rearranging their shopping and I saw them casually drop three plastic bags- they were about 5 meters from a bin!!! I put on my best “teacher voice” (as my hubby likes to call it when I get self-righteous in public) and let them know that I’d seen them and they might want to do the right thing, put it in the bin.

You could tell at least one of them was mortified so I hope she learnt something.

jake555 9:31 pm 09 Oct 08

The attitude for sure…. because they pass that on

Unbeliever 9:04 pm 09 Oct 08

What’s worse – the way people litter or their attitude that someone else was put on this planet to pick up after them!

ant 9:00 pm 09 Oct 08

People frequently clean out their car rubbish, ashtrays, disposable nappies, McDonalds stuff where they park. I wonder what is going on in their minds? Ditto the large numbers of people who throw their cigarette butts out onto the ground, it’s a disgusting attitude.

jake555 6:56 pm 09 Oct 08

Parkway near Kambah – driver in front throws ciggie butt, grrrr, then rear passenger throws macca’s bag and empty drink container, then (other) rear passenger throws apple! Not core, but apple! What the?!

Next set of lights, feeling brave because car was built in the last 3 decades, honk horn and sign my displeasure. Response – another apple (not core) hurled at my vehicle. I wonder, did these people just love littering or also nurse a great hate of fruit?

Oh, and the rear passengers couldn’t have been any more than 7 years old.

rosie_bubz 6:42 pm 09 Oct 08

grrr i hate litterbugs

mad_kiwi 6:24 pm 09 Oct 08

its great when you are on a motor bike at the lights and you pick up a cigger just chucked out of the next car and stub it out on their bonnet or throw it back in the window, hilarity ensuses..

Aurelius 6:14 pm 09 Oct 08

Where’s the bewilderment come in?

Whatsup 5:50 pm 09 Oct 08

Many years ago we were in a line of vehicles waiting to pass through the gate and proceed on to the ski field. The car in front wound down its windows and proceeded to toss out all their McDonalds rubbish out both sides of the car. The parents led the way and the kids in the back seat followed the example. As the traffic was at a standstill my husband got out of the car, picked up the McD paper bag and picked up all their litter. He then knocked on the window of the car, as the driver wound it down he presented them with their rubbish bag and said ” You appear to have dropped this “. The bewildered driver nodded and mumbled something in a foreign language and accepted the bag. They may have been tourists, that kind of thing might be OK where they originated from, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. We saw them put their rubbish in a bin when they reached the carpark. Maybe they will think twice next time, maybe not.

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