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Phone messages…

By ChoiceMade - 16 October 2008 65

I was at a friends house in Chisholm about an hour ago and the phone range with a recorded phone message from Zzzzzzz droning on about how he wont build a power plant near your suburb.

Geez, talk about desperate!!!

He went on about something else like GP’s.

The Libs in Brindabella have no chance what so ever, and it would be just gold if Dozspot were to roll Smyth or Pratt!


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65 Responses to
Phone messages…
GregW 9:18 am 17 Oct 08

Say 20c per call.

Maybe for the plebs, but with large volume discounts it would be much cheaper. And with the likes of voip providers like engin, they can call as many people as they like for $20/month.

I’m sure they know it will annoy people, but if your going to lose the election anyway…

jakez 9:16 am 17 Oct 08

Punter Campaign Mistake No 1: Assuming your reaction is everyone’s reaction. I don’t know anything about the effectiveness of the messages, but I’ve seen enough campaigning strategy to know that some of the stupidest things are aggregately fantastic.

I really do hope spam doesn’t work though.

justbands 9:10 am 17 Oct 08

So it cost them $12,000 to annoy the hell out 60,000 households? What, they don’t like people voting for them?

D-Man 9:05 am 17 Oct 08

I can’t understand how this tactic could be ‘bang for the buck’?

Say 20c per call.

That is $2000 per 10,000 calls.

If they did even 30% of canberra that is around 60,000(?) households

60,000 x 20c = $12,000

Overheard 9:04 am 17 Oct 08

Ah, the joys of not having a landline. Still get the odd bit of text spam or cold calls on the mobile, but mostly not. Certainly immune to the ‘Moreover, are you interested in a wonderful opportunity to enhance your earning potential, while enhancing your life satisfaction AND enhancing the length of your pen!s?’ (They have the word ‘enhance’ on a flash card in their cubicles.)

Thanks, Sunil, but I’m pretty satisfied on all fronts, so stop wasting that Mumbai, Manila, or Melbourne oxygen.

On the downside, I’m still in the throes of unhooking myself from “Chopped Us” mobile internet and mobile phone. I’ve discovered their slogan is not ‘Yeah’, it’s ‘FarQ’.

(Except for one “Chopped Us World” staffer in the city who could give customer service lessons to the rest of her organisation. God love people like ‘Mustang’ who breathe just a little sanity into my world.)

Vote early, vote often and smile at the booth people. Yeah, they’re getting paid, but probably not enough given what they’re doing.

realityskin 9:00 am 17 Oct 08


justbands 8:58 am 17 Oct 08

> Stupid, stupid tactic.

Yep. Even if I were going to vote for them before, if they called me with one of those recorded messages, they would have lost my vote. Simple.

Tony 8:56 am 17 Oct 08

This election Im was’nt sure who I was going to vote. I was probably going to Vote Liberal (Zed), but after receiving a call from a recorded Zed last night, he has lost my vote.

One this worse that telemarketers calling at dinner time, and that politicians calling at dinner time.

ant 8:51 am 17 Oct 08

Wait… you LISTENED to it?! haaahaahahaahaa! That only encourages them. Zed and friends were probably sitting there, watching teh machine phoning people, and got all excited when one person (you!) didn’t instantly sling the phone back.

I hope the greens make a good showing, they would add a lot of good. Maybe some of the CAP people, maybe credible independants. It would be nice to see Labor, who’ve earned a return of some sort, in a minority gov’t.

A gov’t made up of several parties/entities would be more what Canberra needs: a council. Councils don’t have to toe party lines, they aren’t closed shops, they’re a conglomeration of individuals representing their communities.

This would be far better for Canberra than having a fake 2 party gov’t vs opposition. It’s a waste of time and money. The people being paid to be in the gov’t should be actually contributing to the runnign of Canberra, not fighting in the Assembly to score points for their party.

Spread your vote around, look beyond the two “main” parties.

threeze 8:15 am 17 Oct 08

The Dozspot campaign ute decided it didn’t need to stop for me on a pedestrian crossing in Manuka yesterday. They did wave at me as they drove past though.

Thumper 8:03 am 17 Oct 08

Stupid, stupid tactic.

I don’t know who they take their advice from but I wouldn’t be paying them.

But it’s a beautiful morning 😉

verbalkint 7:27 am 17 Oct 08

Yeah, this didn’t work for Howard in ’04, but it is textbook Textor.

I hate this style of campaigning, so I hope it backfires on them. They will be push-polling soon if we don’t stamp down on this kind of rubbish.

And, for the record, last night was the last night that you could run political TV ads, so the TV will be ad free.

BerraBoy68 7:04 am 17 Oct 08

I had that call last night too, just as I was trying to get the kids to sleep. Now I put the libs in the same catagory as the w*nkers that call me telling me to press ‘1’ as I’ve just won cruise in some competition I didn’t even enter.

DawnDrifter 12:29 am 17 Oct 08

labor imo will get up on sat.. not that thet are doing a stunning job its just that the libs come across as desperate whiners that couldnt manage a dinner let alone a Territory

cant wait for the ad freeze to kick in, Nine had 5 political adds in a row during the news.. fk offffff!!!

Deano 12:09 am 17 Oct 08

Got the same phone call and at a very inconvenient time. Didn’t even bother listening to the entire message but hung up whilst muttering several expletives in Zed’s general direction.

I’ll be voting for the candidates who annoy me the least – which doesn’t leave many to pick from.

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