Post Election Thanks (from Darren Churchill, ACT Democrats)

Darren Churchill 22 October 2008 12

Many thanks to the people of GINNINDERRA who voted for me and to those who wished me well.

Many thanks also to my supporters and helpers, both members of the Australian Democrats and others.

We fought a good campaign and got quite a bit of media interest. And that’s not easy to do when flawed electoral legislation means you have to contest the election from the Ungrouped column.

My result was typically what you might expect from an Ungrouped candidate. The lack of a party column meant no party vote. And finding the ACT Democrats candidates was therefore that much more difficult without our own column.

Thanks again for your effort and support and the faith of those who voted for me.

Darren Churchill

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12 Responses to Post Election Thanks (from Darren Churchill, ACT Democrats)
iCanberran iCanberran 10:37 pm 22 Oct 08

justbands said :

You’ve got to feel for the Dems. Ros Dundas was a great MLA IMO.

Yeah, she had potential and talent. Even she admitted she was too young for the job and didn’t have the experience needed. Had she waited a bit, who knows?

Overheard Overheard 5:23 pm 22 Oct 08

I did at that, and you filled in for Dave on the very occasional evening as I recall.

A top bloke, Dave. His classes you could recite the lyrics to, but predictability is not a bad thing when you’re going hammer and tongs: “Here we go, on your toes, and SPRRRRIIIINNNNNTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!”

Will give you a yodel but probably next week. Affairs of state and the state of affairs and such-like.

Sigh. I was 78kgs in early 2004…

Darren Churchill Darren Churchill 5:15 pm 22 Oct 08

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the comments.

Jakez – I don’t think we are an ideological party. We just speak up on important issues, work for good legislative outcomes and work for a better, fairer world. wE KEEP ON WORKING FOR THOSE THINGS. What part of the Democrats do you mourn the loss of (it would be interesting to see if we share the same views)? Obviously, we don’t on shopping centres. 😉

iCanberran – well, we got some word out. Obviously not enough.

justbands – I agree, Roslyn was a great MLA!

Overheard – for future reference Okay, so you came to my lunchtime Cardio-Box classes, eh? And You know Dave? Yes, Dave worked at a number of locations before he got his own place in Belconnen. He’s in Sydney now. A good mate. We still keep in touch. Give me a call or email: sometime and I might be able to put a face to a name.
ha ha ha, yes the old lack of partner dilemma! LOL

0412 196 473

Overheard Overheard 4:50 pm 22 Oct 08

* partner wasn’t turning up *

Er, I could tell an interesting tale about the original words, but only in the cone of silence, and only if someone was buying a few pints!

Overheard Overheard 4:48 pm 22 Oct 08

Darren Churchill said :

Hi everyone, Overheard – Sorry mate, what is ABN? No, I have never been a tutor at UC. I was a student there in 1986 (or CCAE as it was then).
I’m a resgistered teacher (unusual for a Dem, I know – LOL). My work history is briefly outlined on the ACT Dems website.

Hey Darren. Firstly, it was hard work doing web searches on this one. I’m here to say I got a lot of dross, plus many Riot Act hits before I got the stuff I was looking for.

Boxfit instructor!!! Vale the PCYC at Turner. Back when I was super fit (circa 2003-2005) I was a regular there on Wednesdays and Friday evenings plus many a lunchtime. I loved those classes. Gyms are pretty much anathema to me now, but there was always something wonderfully grungy and ‘come as you are’ about the PCYC. And pairing up with strangers when your partner wasn’t turning was always a great way to get to almost meet new people.

Best work out you’ll get standing up, er, fully-clothed.

A year or so ago I was traipsing across Lyneham Oval towards the Monaro Folk Society club night at the Old Canberra Inn and I came across Dave the Little Italian (or ‘Yoda’ as I lovingly called him, a Sensai with a walking stick) leading the old class out in the open. It was surreal. Like a blast from the past in some place you didn’t expect, a bit dream-like. But I never went back and joined in. Music had stolen my soul!

ABN = All Bar Nun

justbands justbands 4:20 pm 22 Oct 08

You’ve got to feel for the Dems. Ros Dundas was a great MLA IMO.

iCanberran iCanberran 4:08 pm 22 Oct 08

190 votes, wow. I didn’t even know the Democrats still existed, great job getting the word out.


jakez jakez 3:49 pm 22 Oct 08

Darren, I won’t be joining the Australian Democrats as admiration should not be confused with ideological support.

Mostly, I forgot you were even there (particularly not being in my electorate) but I do mourn the loss of the Democrats (at least part of the Party anyway).

For the record, I love the American monstrosity known as the Canberra Centre and will fight to see its propagation across the land. 😉

Darren Churchill Darren Churchill 3:39 pm 22 Oct 08

Hi everyone,

Sepi – Yes, that is true. But they like you to number at least as many boxes as there are members to be elected. This enables the big parties to say: “Just number 1 to 5 for Lib/Lab.”

Sammy – The lack of a party column was a major disadvantage. Have a look at Ungrouped candidates (even those with a party name beside them) from previous elections if you don’t believe me. We did get some good media coverage (with a couple of exceptions). But, losing registered status was problematic in a number of ways. We will not have that problem next time.

Overheard – Sorry mate, what is ABN? No, I have never been a tutor at UC. I was a student there in 1986 (or CCAE as it was then).
I’m a resgistered teacher (unusual for a Dem, I know – LOL). My work history is briefly outlined on the ACT Dems website.

All of you – if you admire me for having a go. And Greg too, for that matter. Then join the Australian Democrats and get involved. As Janine Haines once said, “You can change the world!” So, “Make a difference….join the Australian Democrats!” And together, let’s “Keep the bastards honest!”

0412 196 473

Overheard Overheard 2:33 pm 22 Oct 08

Good on you for having a crack, Darren. As someone famous once said, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. At least you nailed your colours to the mast and put yourself out there. It’s something I’d never do (seek elected office) but I’m glad that people are willing to do so and to suffer the slings and arrows….

I think that’s enough literary references for one comment.

Darren, if you’re still lurking, I can’t even remember if I had a chat to you at ABN or not but are, or have you at any time been, a tutor at UC? Unless my adled memory banks totally fail me, I might have been in a comms tute group of yours somewhere along the line.

This, of course, is where you declare Nathan Rees-style that you’ve been a garbologist all your career!

Overheard, UC Class of 2000, BA (Comms, Organisational Communication)

Sammy Sammy 10:37 am 22 Oct 08

With the greatest of respect, you polled 181 votes, and needed about 3000-4000 to be in the running. You also received a reasonable amount of media attention, particularly from Win News where you popped up quite a few times, but you did mention that.

Your theory of needing to be in a party column is an interesting one. The even spread of votes across the candidates for the Motorist Party is an indication that people voted for the party, rather than an individual candidate. The Robson Rotation system means that these votes get spread around evenly amongst the candidates in the grouped party, when voters number 1 to 5 down the column. This is exacerbated when a party has good name recognition, but the candidates don’t. The slightly higher vote for Denis Walford is a perfect illustration of this, as he appeared to me to be the candidate that most often fronted the media.

Having said all that, kudos to you for giving it a go. I just don’t think i’d be blaming the result on being ungrouped.

sepi sepi 9:47 am 22 Oct 08

I think the ACT ballot paper does need some work.

Mostly the instruction line at the top.

I’m sure it said something like “Number boxes 1-7, or all 40”.

I read in the paper today that it is actually legal to number only 1 box. And many people tell me you can number any amount you like – eg 15.

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