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Italian restaurant at Narrabundah shops?

sharpt 10 November 2008 37

Hello RiotACTers,

I was wondering if anyone can confirm whether there is a new Italian restaurant at the Narrabundah shops?

My boss wants me to find out for him, and Google is failing to deliver to deliver..

Apologies if this isn’t an appropriate forum for such a request.



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37 Responses to Italian restaurant at Narrabundah shops?
dirtybluebird dirtybluebird 12:51 pm 01 Jun 09

I know that this threat is a tad necro, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me if La Cantina is owned by the same people who use to have La Porchetta in Kingston?
Their pizza menus look exceedingly similar (down to the same names) and I know that the previous owners of la porchettas moved up to qld for a couple of years.

ant ant 1:45 am 10 Mar 09


Granny Granny 12:31 am 10 Mar 09

I strongly suspect it shall have to be you! Off you go!!

ant ant 12:26 am 10 Mar 09

Sounds lovely, but I’d liek to hear what their pizzas are like. I’m sad to say the yanks have got thin crusts happening better than anything I’ve had here, although they did lack yeasty fun. But they were nice. I do so hate floury pretender crusts. Where did we go wrong?

Anyone got a review? Shall it have to be me?!

G-Fresh G-Fresh 10:45 pm 09 Mar 09
G-Fresh G-Fresh 10:43 pm 09 Mar 09

La Cantina.

nicolae nicolae 10:46 am 13 Feb 09

…and it opened just the other day. Range of pastas/gnocchi, pizzas and meat-oriented things. Not dripping with imagination but, on paper at least, it promises a solid performance. Of course the proof is on the plate and I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

heinous heinous 8:04 am 23 Nov 08

For those still interested (Skidbladnir please look away), I think the place is called La Cantina. On the development application that was on actpla a while ago, the logo was the same as the logo for in Sydney.

mouthface mouthface 11:43 pm 12 Nov 08

oh yeah….
and to sharpt, there is an italian restaurant opening in that space. apparently by christmas. but you didn’t here it from me skidbladnir…

mouthface mouthface 11:41 pm 12 Nov 08

Skidbladnir said :

Note for Sharpt:

We’re a cynical bunch here and have had a few ‘articles’ looking similar to yours previously, which were clearly attempts by businesses to build profile.
As a commenting reader & contributor, I dislike abuse of reader’s goodwill on principle.

Your ‘article’ is also a negative-information piece, that is most people reading the RiotACT come here to get slightly more _informed_, instead of answering questions for other people.
You have asked us to inform you, but posed it as an article.

Some people will do it begrudgingly, others just won’t do it at all, others might check out your previous contributions to see if you have built up reputation on here, or the quality of your contributions, and if based on that you are owed what is essentially a favour, before even bothering to answer you.

I won’t answer your question, beyond “You’re an adult, try finding alternative means to answering your question, like I-filed suggests”.
Someone else here might be kinder and actually help you, but if you really wanted to know immediately maybe ask one of the other businesses at Narrabundah shops?

what a dick you are skidbladnir!!!

Really get over yourself. this is the most lefty delusional tripe I have ever read. firstly it doesn’t sound like a marketing exercise, and secondly, even if it is, SO F…King WHAT???
Did it hurt your anti commerce sensibilities that much? And haven’t you heard of free speech? I bet you think the internet exists for your benefit and doesn’t have anything to do with making a buck. By the way, next time you go onto somebody’s website, be aware that chances are they want to sell you something. wake up to yourself

nicolae nicolae 3:45 pm 11 Nov 08

Co-incidentally, I have just had lunch at the Narrabundah shops – at D’Browes. Had an excellent rib-eye, cooked exactly as asked for. This place does good food at a good price, in pleasant surrounds.

In defence of Narrabundah in general (and the food in particular) I’d like to say that the ‘bundah shops do a fine job of entertaining myself and partner of a Friday night/Sat morning, what with any or all of: a beer and salty crunchy snacks at Das Kapital, dinner at D’Browes or Kashmir House (only ever had good food there – recommend the balti dishes), outstanding coffee at Cafe Rouge, bread from Danny’s and the paper from the newsagent. Maybe Narrabundah was a somewhat scary dive years ago, but not now.

ant ant 2:58 pm 11 Nov 08

(sits up and takes notice) Pizza oven? Pizza?!

I do hope they’ll use proper dough and not that bready stuff. Oh boy, I hope they hurry up.

astrojax astrojax 2:02 pm 11 Nov 08

i think he’ll spank them, especially if they’re particularly naughty…

sorry, mary [#13], but what do the indians have to do with it?

peterh peterh 1:14 pm 11 Nov 08

Skidbladnir said :

Comic book guy? No.
IT, yes.
Servicedesk? No, never have, never will, and I hate those guys.
Helpdesk? Not anymore. 🙂

But if the Helpdesk can’t fix it, the system has broken, or one of your staff have been really bad, you might end up talking to me.

define “bad”, skid.

sbugden sbugden 9:38 am 11 Nov 08

I was at the shops yesterday and a friend said that the new fitout was going to be a woodfired pizza place. When you look through the window you can see what looks like a pizza oven in the back nad there is arches on the side walls that look like the top of a pizza oven.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:36 am 11 Nov 08

Comic book guy? No.
IT, yes.
Servicedesk? No, never have, never will, and I hate those guys.
Helpdesk? Not anymore. 🙂

But if the Helpdesk can’t fix it, the system has broken, or one of your staff have been really bad, you might end up talking to me.

Come along to one of the RiotACT events and I can tell you what I do now, but for most people its hardly relevant at all…

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 9:14 am 11 Nov 08

Does Skidbladnir work on an IT help desk or something?

Haha – I suspect this is the case, but I can’t be sure 😉

darth_baul darth_baul 8:29 am 11 Nov 08

d’Browes at Narrabundah is a very good feed and the chef is a seriously funny man. It is doing a roaring trade since opening a couple of years ago.

ramblingted ramblingted 6:13 am 11 Nov 08

We used to frequent Das Kapital until they increased their wine prices and simultaneously shrunk the size of the glass they served it in…and the Kashmir place once served me the toughest lamb, er mutton, I’ve ever had anywhere. Danny’s does good bread tho…maybe an Italian there would be good, especially for all the people who flood into Manuka and Kingston to escape the horrors of Tuggers and Gungahlin but can’t find a park…

Olwen Olwen 10:40 pm 10 Nov 08

Not sure about Tuscanny 😀 but Sunday arvos at the Narrabundah shops have certainly got much brighter with the arrival of Kosmo’s Lounge Electronique to Das Kapital… see you there Dante!

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