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Italian restaurant at Narrabundah shops?

By sharpt - 10 November 2008 37

Hello RiotACTers,

I was wondering if anyone can confirm whether there is a new Italian restaurant at the Narrabundah shops?

My boss wants me to find out for him, and Google is failing to deliver to deliver..

Apologies if this isn’t an appropriate forum for such a request.



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37 Responses to
Italian restaurant at Narrabundah shops?
123qwe 9:50 pm 10 Nov 08

Ahh Narrabundah, the Tuscany of the south!

BigDave 9:40 pm 10 Nov 08

An Italian in Narrabundah? The thought makes me want to vomit.

Mary Whitehouse 9:10 pm 10 Nov 08

I think I had the worse meal I have ever had in my life at the Indian at the Narrabundah Shops.

t0m 8:40 pm 10 Nov 08

The comment from Skidbladnir sounds funny when you pretend the comic book guy from the simpsons is saying it. Does Skidbladnir work on an IT help desk or something?

Dante 8:13 pm 10 Nov 08

seekay, you obviously haven’t been to das kapital then?

it’s a great little bar, i’ve been heading down there sunday arvo’s recently and it’s been great. i must be missing the ‘garbage dump ambience’.

Igglepiggle 8:00 pm 10 Nov 08

caf said :

File under “hamfisted attempt at viral marketing”.

That was my first impression too

GottaLoveCanberra 6:21 pm 10 Nov 08

Owner told me first week of December they plan to open.

Heavy Emphasis on the ‘plan’ part.

peterh 5:08 pm 10 Nov 08


I have found that sometimes the RiotACT uncovers gems re new restaurants, cafes etc.

I am glad that it was you that answered, though. the OP has just been taught RA etiquette in a mild format.

Skidbladnir 4:52 pm 10 Nov 08

Note for Sharpt:

We’re a cynical bunch here and have had a few ‘articles’ looking similar to yours previously, which were clearly attempts by businesses to build profile.
As a commenting reader & contributor, I dislike abuse of reader’s goodwill on principle.

Your ‘article’ is also a negative-information piece, that is most people reading the RiotACT come here to get slightly more _informed_, instead of answering questions for other people.
You have asked us to inform you, but posed it as an article.

Some people will do it begrudgingly, others just won’t do it at all, others might check out your previous contributions to see if you have built up reputation on here, or the quality of your contributions, and if based on that you are owed what is essentially a favour, before even bothering to answer you.

I won’t answer your question, beyond “You’re an adult, try finding alternative means to answering your question, like I-filed suggests”.
Someone else here might be kinder and actually help you, but if you really wanted to know immediately maybe ask one of the other businesses at Narrabundah shops?

dr. faustus 4:39 pm 10 Nov 08

They’re still building it – it isn’t finished yet. Whilst having coffee in Narrabundah a few weeks back we overheard someone asking a couple of Italian blokes (presumably the owners) when they were due to open, to which they replied ‘soon’, but last time I went past there it didn’t seem like they’d be open particularly soon. The restaurant didn’t seem to have been fitted out yet.

I’m looking forward to having an Italian restaurant in Narrabundah (d’browes and the Kashmeri place are good, but a bit of extra variety wont hurt), but for the moment your boss might have to be a bit more patient.

caf 4:32 pm 10 Nov 08

File under “hamfisted attempt at viral marketing”.

Spam Box 4:26 pm 10 Nov 08

#2 – ROFL


I-filed 4:24 pm 10 Nov 08

Phone the chemist and ask …

Holden Caulfield 4:20 pm 10 Nov 08

I could drive past on the way home from work … but you’d have to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse. :p

seekay 4:17 pm 10 Nov 08

If your boss wants Italian food and Narrabundah shops ambience, tell him to buy a pizza and eat it in a garbage dump.

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