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Work complete on Lake Northbourne?

By Hercsie - 13 November 2008 21

Cudos to the company resurfacing Northbourne Avenue between Ipima st and Girrawheen st in Braddon.

The new asphalt doesn’t match up to the guttering on the inside lanes.

So prepare for some hydroplaning when it next rains then.

[ED – Spare a thought for your intrepid RiotACT editor who diced with death on Northbourne to bring you this photo]


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21 Responses to
Work complete on Lake Northbourne?
Mr Waffle 3:48 pm 13 Nov 08

I was under the impression that’s just the first layer, and once that’s settled they’ll finish it off? I mean the alterations to the roundabout at Moreshead drive are the same, with those extra cm below the gutter line, so…

pug206gti 3:29 pm 13 Nov 08

Hercise – it’s not just Northbourne – the whole place seems to have the problem that the line markers disappear in the wet.

tylersmayhem 3:26 pm 13 Nov 08

Seems to be a bit of dodgy roadwork going on at the moment.

Can I take a wild guess here and bet that Leighton did the road work, and as much of a sterling job as their recent building construction collapse.

Trained monkeys could………

Hercsie 2:11 pm 13 Nov 08

Ah yes pug – cudos also to the contractors involved in narrowing Northbourne Ave lanes originally – when they removed the original raised lane markers they did not remove the residual glue so that when you are driving in the wet with high ambient light, you can’t tell if you are driving over the new lane markers or the old glue.

Although I guess when a prime mover wipes out the side of your car you would have an idea..

pug206gti 1:51 pm 13 Nov 08

I’m blaming the road markings for Canberra drivers’ bad wet weather antics. I’m absolutely sure whatever paint they use in NSW is actually more visible in the rain than the mix of paint and raised markers we have here.

Meanwhile, playing chicken on Northbourne? Summernats is months away!

Holden Caulfield 11:16 am 13 Nov 08

Zoom envy? :p

johnboy 10:52 am 13 Nov 08

caf said :

(Can’t RiotACT Inc. spring for a zoom lens for their intrepid editor? Or at least a fluro vest if he’s going to be playing in traffic 😉

My zoom lens is just fine, but the photo needed context.

Sn00pi 10:39 am 13 Nov 08

Yeah, we actually used to do this down at Wanniassa shops roundabout. Then we realised people were fanging it out just cuz we were there. Saw quite a few young guys come to grief tho.

caf 10:25 am 13 Nov 08

The best wet weather spectating is at the intersection of Anzac Pde and Parkes Way, where the roundabout contains a gently sloping grass runway leading perfectly into a water feature. Once a car gets onto that wet grass, not much will stop it executing a graceful descent into the pond.

(Can’t RiotACT Inc. spring for a zoom lens for their intrepid editor? Or at least a fluro vest if he’s going to be playing in traffic 😉

Sn00pi 10:15 am 13 Nov 08

yup, quality work. It would almost be worth getting a fold out chair, umbrella & six pack next downpour and watched the drivers iceskate into the back of the car in front. Any Takers?

I have to say, canberra drivers are bad wet weather drivers as it is.

ant 9:59 am 13 Nov 08

Ah, the joys of outsourcing to the more efficient private sector.

Gungahlin Al 9:43 am 13 Nov 08

I think it is entirely unreasonable for you all to expect road construction folk to have an eye for levels. Sheesh you’re demanding…

Back in Qld, I learnt 3 things about all engineering our good roads crews did. Everything took 3 times as long as I figured. Everything cost 3 times as much as I figured it would. And engineers can’t tell up from down without equipment.

In my largely flat and flood-prone coastal electorate, I constantly had drainage lines dug by the crews that anyone could see went uphill at both ends, resulting in wonderful mossie breeding grounds. I quickly learnt that I had to insist (and cop the extra costs of) the crews always use laser levelling to ensure all new drains, well, drained…

Stainless Steel Rat 9:40 am 13 Nov 08

Seems to be a bit of dodgy roadwork going on at the moment. Anyone know what is going on with the new bit of road on Athlon Dr at the back of the hyperdome? The road leveling and surface changes are terrible.

Holden Caulfield 9:07 am 13 Nov 08

Hercsie mustn’t go past Macarthur Ave, the resurfacing between Antill and Macarthur, on the far right hand lane, has been like this for quite some time.

trevar 9:06 am 13 Nov 08

I thought that was always the case.

Northborne is supposed to be Griffin’s ceremonial ‘gateway’ to the city; but the lanes are too narrow for any visitor to pay attention to anything other than keeping the car inside the lines.

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