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Clea Rose to get degree

By Kerces - 23 August 2005 21

In today’s CT (but not on the front page so not on the web) was a heart-warming story about how the University of Canberra is considering awarding Clea Rose her degree posthumously.

Now, the question is will they do this for every student who dies without finishing their degree? Like, for example, Steffi Zhang (who is in the news again today), the murdered Chinese student? Or is UC just trying to exploit this tragedy for their own PR purposes?

Now I just know I’m going to get in trouble for insensitivity, but really what is the point of giving Ms Rose her (unfinished) degree? It’s not like she’s going to use it, is it? And how much comfort will it really be to her family and friends to have a piece of paper on the wall in place of their beloved daughter and friend?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Clea Rose to get degree
Thumper 7:20 pm 23 Aug 05

I think there would be thousands out there with honourary degrees and they still need a spell checker when they type their own name.

Give it to her. She was nearly there and it doesn’t hurt anyone.

terubo 5:10 pm 23 Aug 05

Agreed, Chalker. Plenty of f*ckwit pollies receive honorary degrees merely for doling out a lifetime of crass bullsh*t.
At least in this case, Clea was actually studying, getting results – and from the sound of it excellent ones too.

Chalker 4:30 pm 23 Aug 05

It’s no worse than universities giving celebrities & politicians honorary degrees. And in this case the recipient of the degree isn’t getting anything out of it. But did UC publicise this? In knowing that we can better judge the intent of UC in giving the degree. Is it “just PR” (bad), or is it a “kind gesture” (good – or still bad if you’re Maelinar)?

Maelinar 4:22 pm 23 Aug 05

Chalker, don’t need to read anything.

It’s exploititave, it’s a misdirected gesture, it’s wrong to give posthumous qualifications to somebody who didn’t qualify. But that’s what PR is.

Chalker 4:15 pm 23 Aug 05

Whoops, should have been “is UC the source?”

Chalker 4:14 pm 23 Aug 05

A gesture – exactly what it is, and one that shouldn’t make a lick of difference to anyone but Clea’s family and friends. The only problem is if UC is trying to exploit it as positive PR.

Does anyone who read the CT article know how they got the info? Is CT the source?

Jazz 4:05 pm 23 Aug 05

From my insider understanding Clea received distincitions for almost all of her classes throughout her degree. To get so close and have this happen is horrible. It is a nice gesture from UC considering she only had one semester to go.

Maelinar 3:52 pm 23 Aug 05

Looking into my crystal ball, I can see heaps of people jumping onto this bandwagon, why not allow UC to hold the reins ?

Beats Hargreaves anytime.

Thumper 3:20 pm 23 Aug 05

I agree with terubo on this one.

Afterall, its not going to hurt anyone is it?

redneck_ninja 3:13 pm 23 Aug 05

Well, at least her parents won’t have a HECS debt to worry about. The government cancels it if the person passes away during or after their degrees.

becany 2:53 pm 23 Aug 05

i think it is sort of like the way that fireman and military people and stuff get presented with braveery awards and such after they are dead…i guess it could make the family to feel better to have something to show for all of the hard work? just a guess

terubo 2:42 pm 23 Aug 05

If criteria a) & b) (above) were satisfied, I don’t see why not.
I’ve got a few of them, they cover the holes in the wall very nicely. Other than that, I don’t think they’ve ever helped me get a job…

Kerces 2:33 pm 23 Aug 05

The story said she was due to graduate this December, so had one semester left. It didn’t make any mention of her grades.

Most of my fellow students will graduate at the end of this semester too (not me cos of double degreeness). If one of them died, would they be given their degree posthumously too (we were just having a discussion about it)?

Ralph 2:31 pm 23 Aug 05

Good for the goose, good for the gander.

terubo 2:26 pm 23 Aug 05

I guess it depends on a) how close she was to finishing the degree, and b) whether she was getting consistently good enough marks. It could well be of some comfort to her family to have that degree on the wall.
That said, the same would need to apply in Ms Zhang’s case.
-More detail from UC required.

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