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zagons 4 December 2008 44

The lessee of the Giralang Shops, Nikias Nominees, has advised GRAG that it favours the Woolworths proposal over other possibilities and those parties have been involved in commercial negotiations.

Both Nikias and Woolworths have independently indicated to GRAG that they are close to reaching final agreement.

GRAG’s position continues to be that it will support any proposal which provides for a quality local centre.

Nikias has further advised that it is close to finalising plans for the shopping complex which includes a liquor outlet and other small retail premises. It expects to show revised plans to GRAG prior to Christmas.

A traffic study is also said to have been completed. Hence a Development Application may not be far off.

Yuck!!! Who wants another woolies!!!

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44 Responses to Giralang shops update
Clown Killer Clown Killer 12:56 pm 16 Mar 09

Coles in Manuka trialled the trolleys that required a refundable $2 deposit a couple of years ago. They apparently noticed a significant drop in trade. It seems people decided that making sure you had $2 on you when you went to the supermarket was too much of a hassle.

peterh peterh 12:50 pm 16 Mar 09

ant said :

rephlex said :

And Trolleys are going to be scattered in the vicinity of any supermarket that offers them to their customers..

Not if they have to pay for them! Aldi make you put money in the handle of the trolley to get it, and when you return the trolley you get your money out again. You don’t see Aldi trolleys wandering off.

amazingly, the batemans bay coles has the same system. only a matter of time to see canberra have supermarkets with paid trolleys – good idea, in my opinion.

it will suck a bit for the trolley collectors though, unless people leave them at the bays instead of returning to the stores…

screaming banshee screaming banshee 12:42 pm 16 Mar 09

Mrs Banshee reports Supabarn at Kaleen have a petition up opposing the current plan for the redevelopment on the Giralang shops. Didn’t have a close look but saw something about 3 stories???

aidan aidan 1:33 pm 05 Dec 08

Zagons. As nifty pointed out, a Watson/Ainslie proposal is not on the table. I outlined above why I think this is not an option. If you want to make your own argument against what I said feel free.

I too would like the old shops back (with a committed lease holder). Short of a major U-turn from the Government, playing hardball with the lease holder, THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

You can lobby the government till you’re blue in the face, but their view will be “there is a proposal on the table, it meets your the criteria of a shopping centre in Giralang, stop whinging”.

This is a win for the residents of Giralang. Not ideal, but better n’ nowt and maybe with an upside of a more viable long term future.

niftydog niftydog 12:07 pm 05 Dec 08

GRAG have been pursuing a small, quality local centre! But the option on the table is the only one in the offing, and it’s a damn site better than what was proposed at the start of this saga.

zagons zagons 11:46 am 05 Dec 08

I am not affiliated with Supabarn, I am not interested in purchasing townhouses, I find it annoying that GRAG propose to reflect the interests of the suburb with no real evidence of what people want in the area. Let’s see some consultation- or some research undertaken. It is not what I want personally that matters. It is not what aidan wants that matters – but what is good for the greater populace. I am just asking for what is reflective and I don’t believe that galvanising a new lobby group is an efficient use of time. I personally believe that the majority of people would like to see a setup similar to what is in watson and ainslie. Small, well thought out appropriate development. Why isn’t GRAG pursuing such an option?

poptop poptop 11:35 am 05 Dec 08

Kudos to GRAG for circulating the news to the wider community. It’s a bit harsh to be whinging about lack of consultation when they are doing this and probably from their own pockets.

I agree that Resident Action Groups do not always reflect the views of all the residents, just the views of their members.

But GRAG have got themselves (a)the acronym and (b) organised. All you’ve got is “I know plenty of people with a differing view” with no evidence at all.

The shops have been closed since 2005. The Woolies proposal has been around since at least May. ACTPLA bounced Nikias Nominees’ [the owners of the site] proposal to turn the site into townhouses in September.

I shalln’t ask if you have an interest in residential development or Nikias Nominees, because that would be rude.

aidan aidan 11:34 am 05 Dec 08

Nifty: used to be from memory. Try that.

aidan aidan 11:31 am 05 Dec 08

Zagons: Who financed that flyer? There was no indication from who it came. Someone who could afford to professionally print and distribute flyers to every house in the suburb. GRAG didn’ t even have the money to renew their website hosting! (go to and you’ll see what I mean)

I can only think of one group that would have the resources and motivation to distribute that flyer. It starts S and ends in barn. I could be wrong of course.

GRAG was set up with the express purpose of ensuring quality local shops for the Giralang community. If you want to start a community group lobbying for townhouses on that site go for it.

As it stands there is only one proposal for shops on that site, and is is the Woolies plan. Short of a major U-turn from the Government (which just isn’t going to happen) this is as good as it gets. Faced with Woolies + 3-4 small retailers or townhouses I reckon the majority would want Woolies. I could be wrong. I know I want a local shop option. You don’t it seems.

niftydog niftydog 11:29 am 05 Dec 08

Anyone got contact details for GRAG? Website’s gone and I’ve dropped off the email list yet again.

zagons zagons 10:49 am 05 Dec 08

Actually aidan, I know of at least ten people who emailed GRAG regarding the issue – and even got flyers in my letterbox about opposition to a major supermarket in the area. I don’t believe that GRAG has taken these concerns into account. I also believe it is incorrect for GRAG to say they are reflecting the needs of the suburb. I know of plenty of people who would have been happy with townhouses!

ant ant 10:43 am 05 Dec 08

rephlex said :

And Trolleys are going to be scattered in the vicinity of any supermarket that offers them to their customers..

Not if they have to pay for them! Aldi make you put money in the handle of the trolley to get it, and when you return the trolley you get your money out again. You don’t see Aldi trolleys wandering off.

ant ant 10:40 am 05 Dec 08

aidan said :

Supabarn offer a great product. They have high staff numbers so waiting at checkouts is almost never a problem. If you are dragging kids (or worse, babies) along to the shops this is a huge benefit. Even without kids, who wants to wait in a Supermarket checkout queue?

Not me! In fact I whinged and complained to Coles head office until they fixed this at Qbn Coles. to the point that now, they’ll have people staffing checkouts waiting for customers. They never have to wait long.

I was very impressed with this change of policy, especially as Qbn Woollies evidently went the other way and mandated that everyone must wait in a line there.

aidan aidan 10:04 am 05 Dec 08

Belly aching about Grag is also a bit rich because they received about 3 emails from the public expressing their views about the Woolworths proposal. If Grag had not put in as much work as they did they would probably be building townhouses right now. Not a good result.

Look, the facts as I see them:

– The current lease holders do not want to run shops.

– They have deliberately run the shop site down so that they will not realise much money if they sold it.

– The application to demo the shops and put medium density housing on the site has been (rightly) knocked back.

– We do not have a government with the courage to cancel their lease (they are in breach of their lease conditions as they are not running shops on the site, nor are they maintaining the site to an appropriate standard) and sell it to someone who would be willing to refurbish it and make it a going concern (Clearly the amount the Government would sell it for would be heavily discounted as a large amount would need to be spent to get it up to scratch. It may even need to be levelled and rebuilt).

So. We are at an impasse. The Woolworths proposal breaks this deadlock. They have the resources to redevelop the site and present an attractive enough deal to the Nikias group.

Woolworths has the potential to draw extra customers from outside the suburb, which boosts the other smaller shops that will be in the centre. Everyone wins.

The downsides are:

– Increased traffic flow.

– Change in nature of the shops: from one small supermarket, a pub, newsagent, hairdresser, bakery and (sometimes) a take-away to one medium sized supermarket, a grog shop and a couple of other shops (nature unknown).

– Possibly the quality of a Woolworths might be questionable. I would say that the IGA Nikias ran was very ordinary. Anything else would be an improvement. Plus, if they do intend to compete with Supabarn they’ll have to have decent quality or they won’t get the customers (Supabarn has an excellent F&V and Deli — so much so they put the Deli Planet in Kaleen out of business).

Tempestas Tempestas 9:47 am 05 Dec 08

Sepi is on the money with reality there. Lets be honest even the multi-attempts at a cafe next to All Bar Nun in O’Connor were not exactly proof of concept for a cafe in a suburb.

I think the really sucky thing is that it appeared that the owner/developer intentionally wanted to redevelop the site and let the existing facilities run-down in preparation.

Of course we need to actually go to local shops if we expect them to survive.

sepi sepi 8:52 am 05 Dec 08

I”m all for it too – being mean about GRAG is a bit rich. I’m sure if you joined up they would speak for you. And you could always form your own lobby group.

You may prefer a small IGA and a restaurant – so would I – but you cna’t just order up what you would like at your local shops.

I’d say any supermarket is better than boarded up shops.

Some people are hard to please.

farnarkler farnarkler 7:45 am 05 Dec 08

If a small Woolies or Coles helps Giralang then I’m all for it. As a long time Kaleen resident I can’t help but feel that Giralang shops got swamped by the Kaleen Supa barn shops (we really are spoilt having three sets of shops!!) and really fell apart. Put a nice restaurant and takeaway there plus a small supermarket and the shops would be decent again.

Roma Roma 12:45 am 05 Dec 08

rephlex said :

As for discussion about Charnwood and Kambah Woolworths being a dive – is it any different to supermarkets that go under any other name? Unfortunately, some things will be inferior (such as Fruit and Veg), but everything else? Unless you want/need the convenience, getting such produce from the markets is going to be a better idea anyway.

Actually, I find that the fruit and veg at the woolworths in Woden a thousand times fresher than the stock at wollies in Kambah. I dont really have anything against the brand itself, just the one at Kambah. I dont think I should have to go to the markets to buy fruit and veg if my local supermarket continuously claims that they are the “fresh food people”.

blub blub 10:36 pm 04 Dec 08

zagons – I’m with you. I don’t want a Woolies in my suburb and GRAG does not speak for me – pity they’re the ones working the media and the powers that be.

staria staria 8:53 pm 04 Dec 08

I agree. I can’t see a Woolies being the best thing for a local shop where it is situation in Giralang. Why not put in an IGA, bakery, newsagent, restaurant etc? While I’m guessing/hoping a bit of competition would help Supabarn in Kaleen lower their prices a bit (they seem to go up every week nowadays), I don’t think Woolies is the answer for a small local suburban shops.

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