Waiting, waiting, waiting… [School closures finalised]

johnboy 14 December 2006 88

Still no announcement on Schools…

But my sources say 23 will go. Dickson is saved, Kambah and Cook to be comprehensively Barred.

UPDATED: OK, the ABC has the list.

Schools previously down to be closed but now saved are:


Hall preschool
Hackett preschool
Reid preschool
Weston Creek preschool
Chifley preschool
South Curtin preschool
Tharwa preschool
Mt Neighbour preschool
Flynn preschool
Gilmore preschool
Melba preschool


Giralang primary
Gilmore primary
Mt Rogers primary
Isabella Plains primary


Dickson College

ANOTHER UPDATE: More from the ABC now also online, there’s to be a $750 bribe to parents of each effected child and $100,000 of our money spent polishing the turd in advertising. “Would you like sauce with that sandwich?”

FURTHER UPDATES: The Greens’ Deb Foskey is urging school communities to continue the resistance.

Vicki Dunne is deploying churchillian language to describe today’s decisions:

Today an era of Canberra schooling met a bloody end as local neighbourhood schools are demolished to make way for supermarket schools

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times has a piece on the closures as well as a weepy about angry Kambah girls (and others) throwing a tanty about not getting their way.

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88 Responses to Waiting, waiting, waiting… [School closures finalised]
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kiwi61 kiwi61 1:06 pm 15 Dec 06

Just to let you know guys, that in our newsletter last week at Gold Creek, the principal announced that he would be taking long service leave next year. Here’s hoping its enforced leave and he never comes back.
Then Gold Creek may have some hope!!

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:25 am 15 Dec 06

In some cases, such as Nyssa76, they hang around for a while.

Mael, thanks.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:14 am 15 Dec 06

Schemantics Schlemantics…

It’s either Monkey Boy, Ainslie Atlas Cedar guy, Save the Ridge, Save the recumbent cyclist, Save our School, Save the Siev x memorial (oh that might have been me and Thumper).

Point was more about the soapboxers who bring their own boxes…

johnboy johnboy 8:10 am 15 Dec 06

Actually Jim was the first one I had to block.

Normally a few mass deletions sends the message.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:07 am 15 Dec 06

Sethmaster, in a way you are right – this is not the appropriate forum for any kind of SAVE OUR (…) if they want to be officially listened to.

On the other hand, it is reasonably well known that several members of the government keep tabs on this website, and so every month or few, some ranting asshole shows up thinking they can change the world.

After they get put back in their box, they either get all apologetic, or get their ip blocked for a couple of days until they calm down, then they gradually fade away from whence they came.

In some cases, such as Nyssa76, they hang around for a while.

I myself haven’t been posting on the RA for long, so this is my appreciation of events, however in my defence I didn’t arrive on a white horse with a chip on my shoulder the size of Tasmania, I was introduced by Thumper.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:29 am 15 Dec 06

Pandy, and why?

Do you know where you’re working? If you had to prepare before hand would 1-2 days do you for an entire semester (20 weeks)?

Pots, I was told by one of the guys who helped to sell it.

johnboy johnboy 7:17 am 15 Dec 06

So i guess, judging by how fast this forum has moved down on the RIOT-ACT homepage that no one cares any more!

Incorrect assumption.

Pandy Pandy 11:21 pm 14 Dec 06

Nyssa should take a pill and cill-out.

sethmaster2000 sethmaster2000 11:12 pm 14 Dec 06

So i guess, judging by how fast this forum has moved down on the RIOT-ACT homepage that no one cares any more! This happens all the time, its big news at first and then it gets old and no-one cares anymore. So i suppose that all those SAVE OUR SCHOOLS people are going to have no-one to listen to them, to bad coz i stopped listening along time ago!

Pots Pots 10:35 pm 14 Dec 06

Jeeze Nyssa, where did you find that out? That is just stunning.

miz miz 10:29 pm 14 Dec 06

Nyssa, Griffith Library sold? If so, then that is a disgusting act of treachery to the electorate. The local ALP have totally sold out to the highest bidder. I’m so appalled at what’s happening here in this town words cannot express.

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:03 pm 14 Dec 06

Principals and staff will be available on these days to welcome families to their school, provide information about their school, and to assist students and their families to consider their options.

I took this from the Towards 2020 Website.

Basically from tomorrow until Tuesday staff at non-closing schools will be “available”. However, it also states Feb 2.

Now, I don’t mind being there for parents and students, however Feb 2 is a PD day and a requirement of every EBA we’ve ever had – mandated by ACTDET.

So do we get credited for being there or do the PD instead?

nyssa76 nyssa76 3:45 pm 14 Dec 06

I can’t find the thread for this but it is a little relevant to said school closures.

Today I found out that the land that Griffith Library is on was sold before the announcement to close it was released!

So given that piece of underhandedness, perhaps the schools that did close were more “valuable” in a re-sale capacity and that’s why they got the chop.

emd emd 12:26 pm 14 Dec 06

I understand that changes are needed.

But I do not understand why they’ve made these final choices. There are no explanations why – just a list of who’s closing and when.

This whole education thing has been poorly planned, and the community has been inadequately consulted.

Oh, and has anyone else noticed that Pearce pre-school was never even considered for closure (next door to a private school). But Chifley is losing its public primary school and will now have a pre-school that feeds into… wait a minute, it’s also within walking distance of the Pearce private school! They obviously don’t really want us to publicly educate our kids, when they’re so busy feeding our pre-schoolers into the private system.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:35 am 14 Dec 06

in my day.. those clowns with school pride would have been ridiculed seriously. Pride is a dangerous mentality which should be stomped out.

bubzie bubzie 11:31 am 14 Dec 06

Weepy kambah girls having a tanty? Now this i’ve got to see!!

oh. i just read it, and that chick is like one of the only students that does care about the school closures. so to that, i say pfft.
(actulary, i do know her too well…yep, thats her in a nutshell!)

And according to one of my friends, apparently one person from kambah sounded like they were crying when they were on abc radio last night.

Sammy Sammy 9:32 am 14 Dec 06

Did anyone else see the Hall parent speaking on the ABC news last night. The one who said something like:

How DARE they close our school!

She was just scary. Anyone would think Barr had come out and personally taken a dump on her pillow.

Sammy Sammy 9:28 am 14 Dec 06

Having said that, the Liberals are a pathetic excuse for an opposition, so I can see the Labor party returned at the next election. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if that happened.

Sammy Sammy 9:27 am 14 Dec 06

The government is there to administer what we want them to do?

Sure, and at the next election the people will have their say. Voting patterns are typically dictated by what has been done in the past, rather than what is promised in the future.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:15 am 14 Dec 06

Is it just me (obviously not you Areaman – welcome back btw), or is this just a simple failing of one simple fact:

The government is there to administer what we want them to do?.

Fundamentally, the more I look, the less I seem to see about what I want as a taxpayer, and the more I seem to be being fed as a simoleon.

This ‘we’re doing what’s good for you‘ mentality has seriously got to stop.

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