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simbo 6 June 2007 33

Just a reminder for those of you not paying attention to anything beyond Riotact that this weekend is a designated Fireworks-use zone from 5-10 PM on 9th, 10th, and 11th June (that’s Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

For those of you with small yappy animals, be sensible and keep them indoors.

For those of you setting up fireworks, try using one of Canberra’s numerous parks and other wide open spaces and don’t set ’em up right in your neighbours earholes.

Fireworks are available all over the place, particularly in Fyshwick, and are available from now until 5pm next Monday.

Be sensible, be sane, and try to come back on tuesday with as many fingers as you’ve got now.

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33 Responses to Fireworks a-go-go
el el 8:52 pm 09 Jun 07

Crazy as a coconut. Keep shifting the goalposts though.

Here’s the condescending part.

The only people I know who think fireworks are fun tend to be caveman types. Obviously haven’t made that big leap yet.

Get it?

Catriona Catriona 8:44 pm 09 Jun 07

Oh and simbo? You’re the one who assumed that I must live in a cheap, shonky suburb. Talk about condescending, not to mention elitist and snobbish. Do you always bag out people who are poorer than yourself? Such comments reveal a tonn about your true character.

Catriona Catriona 8:42 pm 09 Jun 07

I didn’t realise that caring about animal welfare made me a condescending bitch. But if that’s the case, then I’ll proudly wear the label.

I’d rather be thought a condescending bitch than a whimp who doesn’t say what she means. Sorry if a woman having a strong opinion offends your sensibilities.

GregW GregW 4:30 pm 09 Jun 07

Am I buying the wrong kind of fireworks or are there just none available that would scare pets, the workcover site states that fireworks that go BANG! aren’t being sold (legally) yet inevitably there will be countless stories on the news from the RSPCA complaints dept. Perhaps people are just using the cover of the long weekend to set off fireworks from before the bans or otherwise acquired. I don’t believe it is a big ask for people with pets to keep them inside for 3 days. To be honest I’m not a big fireworks person myself, but I respect the ACT for giving its residents the right to use them, much the same as I’m also not a P-plater but I respect the ACT for not implementing the over the top new rules unlike NSW to win an election… (bite me if you think they’ll actually affect the road toll)

Shows just how a silly issue common to a lot of people becomes an important one.

lateralis lateralis 7:03 am 09 Jun 07

Love fireworks. Love them for 3 days a year. Will gladly tolerate them for 3 days a year. HATE them for the other 56 days that the w@nkers in my area set them off for. It’s that simple.
Come around and see my back door which has been completely shredded by a fightened dog.

caf caf 12:31 am 09 Jun 07

Well, I was one of those in the group that simbo was referring to last year; and the reason I’m not going to be enjoying some recreational explosives this year is that I’m going interstate for a jazz festival.

Make of that what you will.

el el 10:39 pm 08 Jun 07

Well, apparently I’m a troglodyte as well Simbo.

Still, I’d rather be that than a condescending bitch.

simbo simbo 10:17 pm 08 Jun 07

I enjoy things that are different than what you obviously enjoy. Therefore I’m apparently a troglodyte.

Your debating tactics really don’t move much beyond saying “you’re a moron, I’m not, honestly”, do they?

Catriona Catriona 10:14 pm 08 Jun 07

Ah yes “I pity you”, the last refuge of the defeated…now run along and blow your fingers off like a good little troglodyte.

simbo simbo 10:11 pm 08 Jun 07

All I can really do is pity you that, apparently, you haven’t encountered very many actual human beings.

We are diverse. We contain multitudes. We can enjoy both the colourful things going bang and the gentle strings of Mozart at different times without our brains exploding. Honestly.

Catriona Catriona 10:05 pm 08 Jun 07

Hahaha good try! Next time try to make your lies a little less ambitious and I might believe you!

Have fun watching colourful things go BANG! 😀

simbo simbo 10:02 pm 08 Jun 07

I spent the last time I was doing fireworks with people whose other occupations include theatre, the symphony and the ballet. Hardly caveman types.

And it’s strange, my mail definately says ACT, and I’m pretty sure I’ve lived here for about ten years, and surprisingly, I haven’t heard fireworks go off outside of designated periods … well, ever.

You must live in one of those shonky suburbs. I’m sorry for you – that’s what cheap property values do for you, I suppose…

Catriona Catriona 9:54 pm 08 Jun 07

The only people I know who think fireworks are fun tend to be caveman types. Obviously haven’t made that big leap yet.

And if you think people only set off fireworks for three nights, you obviously don’t live in Canberra.

simbo simbo 9:50 pm 08 Jun 07

Look, I’m not saying it isn’t bad when dogs go running off in fear.

But that’s a problem with irresponsible dog owners, not with responsible firework users enjoying themselves for three (yeah, that’s right, a big grand total of three) nights of a year.

In answer to your moronic question – fireworks have colour, light, beauty, and the irresistable attraction of flame that the human race has enjoyed the look of since, oh, we came out of caves.

Yeah, dogs are awesome, huggy, licky and all those other things too, but can’t you just let different people enjoy their different kicks once in a while? Must everything be sublimated to your particular view of the world?

Catriona Catriona 9:43 pm 08 Jun 07

Simbo, that took a lot of intelligence didn’t it! Good for you! *pats simbo on the head*

simbo simbo 9:06 pm 08 Jun 07

By that argument, Catriona, dogs need to be banned, what’s so amazing about them anyway??

In other words, no, Catriona, you really don’t have an argument there. Go back and try again.

Catriona Catriona 5:09 pm 08 Jun 07

Bonfire, if you think “a few dogs” going missing isn’t a problem, go down to the RSPCA shelter after this long weekend and see what they have to put up with. Might change your tune.

Fireworks need to be banned, what is so amazing about them anyway???

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 2:06 pm 08 Jun 07

I’m guessing that the dip-sh!ts who tried to blow up my letter box last year wont be back. They failed to pack enough into the box on their first attempt and only managed to scorch the inside … not to be distracted from their goal the idiots came back to try again, unfortunately we were waiting for them in the neighbours garden and gave them a decent flogging and pinched their stash of incendiaries to add to our own. These guys were so dumb that they went home and had a whinge to their parents, so we go a seriously angry father on our doorstep around 10.00pm – he ended up with a smack in the face as well, which I felt bad about … It must have fu@king embarrassing getting a whooping in front of your kid.

Al Al 9:37 am 08 Jun 07

Cracker night/month in Canberra as a kid in the 70s….[wistful sigh]

The fun you could have with a bag full of bungers and double bungers… [evil snicker]

Cleaning up the mess in the front yard…[aaawww Mum]

The assholes that stuffed it for everyone by blowing up cats and letter boxes and shooting each other with skyrockets…[gggrrrrrr]

bonfire bonfire 9:32 am 08 Jun 07

i dont understand the obsession tha tpeopel have with banning things.

so a few peopel lose a few fingers. so a few dogs go missing. so a few letterboxes get blown up.

look at all the enjoyment that the 99.9 percent of lawful users get from fireworks.

no – instead we must ban something to make wowsers happy.

until they cast their beady gimlet eyes on yet another target to ban.

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