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Ntp 24 June 2007 64

Nathanael, author of local blog purecaffeine.com has kicked off a project attempting to address the issue of parking in Canberra.

Making some sensible points Fair Parking Canberra states its purpose is to:

channel our frustration with the parking situation into change. Let’s stop whinging to our co-workers and tell someone who has to care – the Government. What we propose is not unreasonable, but the recommendations are designed to fix an unreasonable system.

If parking is an issue for you it is probably worth at least a look and maybe signing the petition.

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64 Responses to Fair Canberra Parking
NathanaelB NathanaelB 1:48 pm 27 Jun 07

LOL el, thanks for your useful and insightful advice.

sepi sepi 8:50 am 27 Jun 07

I’m keen for more busses as well as more parking.

el el 8:37 am 27 Jun 07

Perhaps one of these ‘small, reasonable chunks’ could be taking responsibility for your own disorganisation that causes you to receive parking tickets in the first place?

NathanaelB NathanaelB 11:19 pm 26 Jun 07

Kramer – one thing at a time; if you have the time and initiative then go for it! But these things need to be broken down into small, reasonable chunks so you can focus on a single solution rather than taking an entire wish list to the Government 🙂

Kramer Kramer 1:44 pm 26 Jun 07

Maybe instead of lobbying for more parking, you should be lobbying for more busses? or more cycle lanes!

flyingblind flyingblind 12:40 pm 26 Jun 07

Agree Cityboy, its a bit like the dreadful situation out at the Snowdome.

Cityboy Cityboy 10:38 am 26 Jun 07

I like it how the property council always lobbies the government to build more parking, when it was them who built the buildings without adequate parking on the car park in the first place.

Danman Danman 9:33 am 26 Jun 07

I have wet socks.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:16 am 26 Jun 07

tuk tuk’s are the perfect solution.

Thumper Thumper 9:07 am 26 Jun 07

“If they are going to keep on increasing the offices in civic, they should be making sure that the workers in those offices can get to work – be that Enough Parking, some sort of Park N Ride from places like the Rex or Epic, More Busses”

Fair call…

sepi sepi 8:59 am 26 Jun 07

Most women are not going to park far from work at the moment, as it is dark at the time of leaving. No way I would walk alone to the Rex in the dark.

If they are going to keep on increasing the offices in civic, they should be making sure that the workers in those offices can get to work – be that Enough Parking, some sort of Park N Ride from places like the Rex or Epic, More Busses.

and fix the ticket machines – coming up with 7.50 in change daily is a pain in the neck. And the weekly parking tickets don’t work for part time workers.

Thumper Thumper 8:25 am 26 Jun 07

I just did, albeit, from the Rex 😉

NathanaelB NathanaelB 8:12 am 26 Jun 07

Thumper, try taking that leisurely stroll on a cold and rainy morning like today 🙂

Thumper Thumper 8:04 am 26 Jun 07

Treasuru is probably not a bad place to park. even if you work in civic. It can’t be more than a leisurely 20 minute stroll into the CBD.

el el 5:45 am 26 Jun 07

That’s correct Ant – I don’t look all that good in heels unfortunately.

NathanaelB NathanaelB 12:56 am 26 Jun 07

And for the record I also use public transport where convenient, which in my situation is not every day and was certainly not an option while working in Woden up until a month ago.

I also think that us as a community (with or without the ACT Government’s assistance and support) could work better at car pooling. When I do catch the bus almost every car that goes past has a single occupant.

While it doesn’t allow the full flexibility of driving your own car into work it is a good compromise between that and public transport.

I have some ideas for that, but that is outside the scope of this particular campaign – but just thought you should know that I’m not just “somebody who got a ticket and has decided to throw a tanty”.

NathanaelB NathanaelB 12:50 am 26 Jun 07


Thanks to a tip-off from someone who emailed me I realised the site had been posted here – so a bit late, but thank you to everyone who has expressed their opinions, both for and against the Fair Canberra Parking campaign.

Commercially-operated parking does have one-up on the ACT Government in that it at least provides machines that accepts notes and also the ticket dispensing method means that you can get the cash before you need to pay for parking rather than run the risk of having to leave your car in an unpaid parking zone for several minutes to get change if you don’t have coins on you.

However commercially-operated parking is prohibitively expensive.

Also the long-stay parking voucher system does NOT guarantee a long-stay parking space; ok, so at the price they’re offered at I don’t expect the current model to allow for exclusive-use parking spaces but it should certainly be a premium option – though I think the fundamental premis of the long-stay pre-paid voucher system is flawed.

To Woody, I see where you’re coming from however you are wildly inaccurate about your rather critical presumptions for my reasoning behind this particular aspect of the campaign;

I believe the lack of a “sliding scale” is due to a lack of technology – of course we don’t expect parking inspectors to somehow keep tabs manually on all parked vehicles. But my argument is that the enabling technology is not available, so rather than the ACT Government giving people the benefit of the doubt and providing a lenient system they’re rather opting for the maximum penalty approach. We’re suffering due to a lack of investment in technology. THAT, is my argument.

ant ant 12:15 am 26 Jun 07

el doesn’t wear heels, or have any long-term sporting injuries, I can somehow tell. Where I work, things are pretty slow at 8.30am, but by 5.30pm they’re often popping, and you can’t bank on leaving then (you can bank on NOT leaving then). I think it’s nice that some people can get to work early enough to score a park, but whether those same people want to be at work at 7pm on a regular basis is debatable.

I think Treasury’s onto the Library parking. Certainly if I try to get a park at the Library in the daytime, it’s not going to happen. Questacon’s still Ok though…. lots of dirt.

el el 9:58 pm 25 Jun 07

Nah sepi, I usually start anywhere between 8 and 9AM. I’m not sure where ‘fit’ comes into the equation either, WALKING as far as I can tell is a fairly normal activity for people of all levels of fitness.

sepi sepi 9:32 pm 25 Jun 07

So fit childfree men who get to work before 7 are happy with the parking situation.
No problem then.

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