Commissioned text from writers for public sculpture…

I-filed 21 August 2007 21

Here are the four texts submitted by Canberra writers to inspire creators of a public art sculpture in Northbourne Ave.

What do Canberrans want in a $1 million public sculpture? What should be inspiring the artists?

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21 Responses to Commissioned text from writers for public sculpture…
astrojax astrojax 3:40 pm 23 Aug 07

i want a canberra that has an artsACT that commissions writer who can actually string words together and understand commas and things like that! who chose that gould person?? they are four pretty awful pieces of writing i suspect would have failed in the old HSC. i guess we’ll get the 50ft jim morrison statue from that; and deserve it!

have to re-name northbourne avenue ‘love street’ but. and we can ride the snake to the lake. neat.

Pandy Pandy 9:09 pm 22 Aug 07

Park on City Hill. And when you get a ticket, point to all of the people parking all over the parklands outside the Woden cemetry. They NEVER get booked.

Thumper Thumper 1:08 pm 22 Aug 07

Ah yes, but the currawong is still colloqually know as a drongo in certain areas 🙂

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 12:50 pm 22 Aug 07

Two quite different birds there Thumper –
Spangled drongo – Dicrurus bracteatus notable by “fish tail”
Currawong – Strepera graculina notable by white patches on wings and base of tail, plus loud bell-like “currawong” call.

Beats dragging the whole graffiti debate out again anyway…

51modelBloke 51modelBloke 10:50 am 22 Aug 07

Do we really need this? I get quite annoyed with Mr. Nohope and cronies wasting our money, and then gloat about budget surpluses… fiscal mismanagement I say..

Thumper Thumper 10:01 am 22 Aug 07

Ah, bring on the graffiti arguments again…


Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:59 am 22 Aug 07

SIEV X memorial on City Hill! 😉

Then we can feel really bad about ourselves on the way to work each morning.

Actually, why can’t we have something really inspiring like those giant crossed swords they have in Baghdad?

jr jr 9:56 am 22 Aug 07

Genuine (street) art is fine… but having ones house and property tagged (I had my house hit recently) doesn’t classify as “art” in my books and I’d much rather have bland bricks on my house.

Stung Stung 9:26 am 22 Aug 07

“I want to see that $1 million spent on fixing the health system, bringing rates down, filling potholes in the road or getting rid of graffiti instead… (i think you get the idea… there are far more important things that a million dollars can do)”

Getting rid of graffiti? Yea great idea, let’s make Canberra a little bit more bland and boring shall we… Cover the locals artwork with grey & biege buff paint, yea that’s really a good look.

LG LG 9:23 am 22 Aug 07

oh.. and you can paint pretty pictures round the edges of the new carpark

LG LG 9:20 am 22 Aug 07

more civic parking.. i’m getting fed up with, after having purchased a montly pre-paid ACT Government parking ticket, having to park either on the other side of town or park at the Canberra Centre because all the $7.50/day parking spaces in civic are filled by 8:30..

Thumper Thumper 8:37 am 22 Aug 07

How about a giant drongo?

Sorry, currawong to those out there who don’t know what a drongo is…

sepi sepi 8:20 am 22 Aug 07

A gigantic Galah

Thumper Thumper 8:02 am 22 Aug 07

Well, you all know what we really should have, and that is…

the 50 foot tall statue of Jim Morrision!

Seriously, why don’t we just leave it as it is?

Even more seriously, Jim Morrison statue!

Where is the petition for the Lizard King?

Pandy Pandy 7:56 am 22 Aug 07

We need something that is awe inspiring that puts paid to Canberras staid image. Soemthing like a big cock jutting thru the ground. (Well Rundle Mall Adelaide has King Kongs balls) That would complement the big vulva in the sculpture garden of the NGA.

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 7:46 am 22 Aug 07

a dragway

Down Northbourne?

Aeek Aeek 12:17 am 22 Aug 07

a dragway

southerner southerner 11:10 pm 21 Aug 07

a dinng room – Sorry, a dining room

southerner southerner 11:09 pm 21 Aug 07

I’d like to see people understand that we can be a little bit proud of our home and a million dollars to create an icon isn’t that unrealistic. Don’t complain about the waste of money, but suggest something visually appealing yet practical. My offering is to build a single floor building in the median strip of Northbourne Ave. The outside would be painted with murals representing the history and growth of the city. The inside would be set up as a hostel with bedrooms, a dinng room and bathrooms for 60 or more homless kids.

jr jr 11:03 pm 21 Aug 07

I want to see that $1 million spent on fixing the health system, bringing rates down, filling potholes in the road or getting rid of graffiti instead… (i think you get the idea… there are far more important things that a million dollars can do)

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