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The Creatives. Part 1, Rat Patrol Community

ArrEmm 13 January 2012 27
What do you get when you put a whole bunch of intelligent people in a city with little to do?  The answers are many and varied, but among the many stereotypes of binge-drinking weekend-warriors and healthy living family folk, are the Creatives. The Creatives are a group of like minded...

The Ratlympics concluded for 2012 News

johnboy 13 August 2012 3
Saturday saw the once every four years madness of the Ratlympics come to Downer oval. If you've wondered what sports can be done with a freakbike this is your long awaited chance for enlightenment.

The ride of the Summerats. A new view of Summernats News

johnboy 17 January 2012 14
Have you seen what Braddon looks like on the Friday night of Summernats? Have you seen what Braddon looks like from the top of a tall man riding a tallbike through the Summernats crowd with Canberra's Rat Patrol? It's a unique perspective let me tell you sent in by devdsp.

About last night and Amanda Palmer Lifestyle

johnboy 3 February 2011 11
For those of you who weren't there, in the midst of the sturm and the drang, the rain coming down in sheets while Amanda Palmer jammed with Mr Fibby, it's something you should regret the rest of your life. It all started with a simple enough idea. "I wonder if...

Bicycle Bootleg Jazz Breakfast at the Co-op Lifestyle

johnboy 16 November 2012 4
This in from facebook: Please ride your bike down to the Co-op from 9am on the morning of Sunday the 25th of November and enjoy an organic breakfast! You will help us raise much needed funds for a *pedal powered cinema* and be serenaded by live Jazz musicians while you...

A rare chance to ride with the rats, and hear The Cashews News

johnboy 8 December 2010 2
You normally need to be extremely well connected to get a chance to cycle with Rat Patrol. But tonight is a rare occasion when the public is being invited along. There's a special guest in town and along the (not particularly taxing) route there's going to be a guerilla gig...

Amanda Palmer quite likes Canberra Lifestyle

johnboy 4 February 2011 7
Here's her blog post about us. who has a day like this? so we declared it: BEST. DAY. EVER. EVER.EVER.EVER.EVER. Because Canberra, if you know where to look, is that cool.

Amanda Palmer ride and ninja gig media page Lifestyle

johnboy 3 February 2011 9
I'm going to write some thoughts on last night's madness. But for now I'll just link up the images and video you're all sending in to images@the-riotact.com Here's the work of RedDog from Lushpup images: And here's a great view of the evening as a whole: And here's some vid...

Freak bikes by night. Images of Canberra Lifestyle

johnboy 25 February 2011
Taylor Greenup took these pictures of the rather well illuminated freak bikers of Rat Patrol rounding the Phillip Avenue roundabout at night. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to images@the-riotact.com .

Convoy of unreal Australians. Express disagreement with “real Australians”. Lifestyle

johnboy 19 August 2011 111
As most of you should know on Monday "real Australians" are coming to Canberra in big trucks with the stated aim of tearing up the Constitution of Australia so that there might be no carbon tax, gay marriage, animal welfare, or red-headed women in the Lodge. A thoughtful person even...

Riding with rats. News

johnboy 24 February 2009 35
The old Johnboy you knew is no more. No relax, I haven't been bludgeoned to death by an angry mob of murder victim families and moderated lunatics (yet). Rather I have been on a Rat Patrol ride, the second and final step in immigrating to rat world. (The first step...

Tall-bike jousting – and a stink News

johnboy 6 March 2009 2
At times there was almost too much going on at Corinbank over the weekend. But thanks to YouTube, even if we missed it, we can see the knights of the tall-bike have at each other, have a stink after, and watch it get broken up with a jousting stick.

The End of Rat Patrol in Canberra? News

Limp Jimmy 6 August 2009 29
There is a rumour that the Rat Patrol have nowhere to host their workshop. I can confirm the rumour is true. Our current hosts at the Rat Pad have to move out, and all Rat Treasures need to be moved to a new space. Can you help? IS THIS...

Building a freak bike with the Rat Patrol News

johnboy 7 January 2009 72
My last bike cost me a few hundred dollars from a sports shop. It had a big heavy frame and was quite good at getting me to and from pubs in the Inner North without mishap. But after a year at the coast the spokes had all rusted through...

Rat Patrol OZ mentioned in Australian Cyclist Lifestyle

Loose Brown 7 July 2008 4
From this month's Australian Cyclist Magzine: (edited excerpt - it's not on AC's website) The streets of Canberra are infested or liberated or both, depending on your point of view. Tall Bikes, long bikes, bikes for two with a couch. These are the creations of The Rat Patrol. So the...

Rats at the Mountain Bike World Championship News

johnboy 7 September 2009 2
On a sunny saturday the three of us blasted into the world championships on a train-bike loaded down with angel wings, mexican sombreros, and cases of whisky and cola. With some glee we waved our wrist bands at the security as we whizzed past. It was going to be...

Rat Patrol at Corinbank News

johnboy 13 March 2010 5
The ABC had a bit of footage of the bicycle fuelled carnage at Corinbank two weeks ago. Now Rat Patrol's Constable Willy has put up much more comprehensive coverage. Watch for yours truly in black use my ample weight to good advantage via the laws of inertia in the Pixie...

Bike lock exchanges amongst strangers News

johnboy 26 May 2009 42
On Friday night I was riding with Rat Patrol and we'd come to rest outside The Front in Lyneham. (Some beers may have been drunk, and possibly some tequila, but I'm sure no-one was over the limit because that would be bad.) There was a rocking crowd enjoying the bands...

What should Obama do while in town? [ED – Vote 1 Ride with Rat Patrol!] News

creative_canberran 4 October 2011 43
The US Embassy in Canberra is asking users on Facebook to suggest things he should do while in town next month. So head on over and tell him what to see and do in our fair city, or if they're the sort of keywords that may illicit interest from intelligence...

The Rat Patrol Lifestyle

johnboy 27 October 2006 11
Loadedog has a much needed explanation on the "Rat Patrol", the gang who haunt the inner north on mad modified bikes, sometimes towing a mobile disco behind them at night. Nice to finally know who they are. UPDATE: It turns out they do have their own web page.

Ride-In Cinema 1: Electric Shadows: The Story of a Cinema + The Cashews event

Sharon Kelley 31 October 2020
Join The Electric Shadow, The Cashews and City Renewal Canberra for the debut of the movie 'Electric Shadows - The Story of a Cinema' with a special guest music performance by local legends The Cashews. A new project with links to Canberra’s cinematic past is set to illuminate Dickson with a series of...

Nine things to do in Canberra this week (30 October – 5 November) What's On

Sharon Kelley 29 October 2020
There's a lot happening again in Canberra this week, starting with a tribute for the 60th Anniversary of the film Psycho with a special screening of the thriller at the Arc Cinema on Friday. The Electric Shadow Ride-In Cinema premiere of 'Electric Shadows - The Story of a Cinema' on Saturday promises to be...

No one tells Amanda Palmer what to do, not even Amanda Palmer Lifestyle

Hayden Fritzlaff 18 November 2019
Amanda Palmer's latest album, There Will Be No Intermission, has two modes: respite and devastation. "That was actually a really beautiful mistake," she tells me by phone. We're discussing the musical interludes that lead in and out of each song on the record – the respite, if you will. "The original...

7.30 ACT – what to expect from tonight’s program Lifestyle

Canfan 11 July 2014
7.30 ACT on the ABC Friday July 11th Asbestos and the Property Sector - Adrienne Francis reports on the concerns in the ACT property sector about the ongoing ‘Mr Fluffy’ loose fill asbestos crisis. The dilemma of who should know and how to disclose information about houses that are affected....

Sculpture in the Street hits Downer tonight Lifestyle

johnboy 15 November 2013 5
This just in from Nancy Porker: Head on down to Rennie St, Downer from 6pm tonight for the first ever Sculpture in the Street exhibition. Residents have made their front yards available for 32 artists to populate with installations for the weekend long event. Organiser and Rennie St local, Stephen...

On the human brochure Lifestyle

johnboy 29 October 2013 8
We were not impressed by ACT Tourism's great shout out to the vacuous which went by the name of the Human Brochure. (Although we will concede that identifying top social media influencers and sucking up to them is absolutely best practice and probably explains the influx of invites in my...

Amanda Palmer ninja gig Lifestyle

johnboy 1 February 2011 16
Amanda F***ing Palmer (ex of Dresden Dolls) is doing a "ninja gig" tomorrow night as part of a rat patrol ride. Be in Garema Place on a bicycle at 7pm and bring your swimmers. Mr Fibby will be involved too. It's going to be a thing. UPDATE: If you've got...

What half a tonne of bread will get you Lifestyle

johnboy 26 July 2010 2
We reported that over the weekend Robert Guth was baking and giving away bread at The Front. Last night Rat Patrol dropped into the front for an impromptu BBQ making use of the bread. Pictured is what Inner Northicans traded for bread over the weekend. With a large ELK stencil...

Where to ride bikes in Canberra News

Aeek 12 August 2009 12
the ABC put up a really good article on the opportunities for cycling in Canberra. But they posted it with just a few clubs missing from the links at the end: http://www.vikingscycling.org.au http://actvets.cc http://bilbys.org http://www.rat-patrol.org/RPOz/ (I saw it at work and by the time I got home I had to...

Check out my awesome Southern Cross Tattoo!!! (Counter Protest) Lifestyle

Jim Jones 18 August 2011 26
Word coming from Australian Youth Climate Coalition about a counter-protest against the ''True Australians™ democratic blockade of the  latte-sipping, chardonay-swilling, chattering class, shiny-bum, mung-bean munching, green extremists who will destroy this great nation and everything it stands for AND MAKE US STARVE IN THE DARK" Yes, apparently there’s a counter...

Flashmobbing Pillow Fight in the middle of a biker rally Lifestyle

johnboy 9 May 2010 22
Turning up to today's flashmob in Garema Place we were a little surprised to discover a large motorbike rally was taking place. So were the organisers, standing around with their video cameras we asked when they were kicking off? "Er... We'll wait until this other thing has finished" "No...

A little hustle with that bustle ma’am Community

rosebud 19 March 2009 23
Steampunk. Nope, didn’t mean much to me either until today. But think Victorian slut (Moulin Rouge maybe) meets Clockwork Orange (bad guy eye patch) meets Naussica (the machines that time forgot). It seems it is everywhere, well at least on the net. There are Steampunk parties in New York, Steampunk...

The Crooked Fiddle Band & Mr Fibby Lifestyle

Hadley 25 March 2009
BATTON DOWN THE HATCHES! NAIL LARGE PIECES OF WOOD AT ODD ANGLES ACROSS THE WINDOWS PAINT YOURSELF ORANGE People of Canberra we are at panic stations as THE CROOKED FIDDLE BAND elbow their way back into our sweet, innocent capital to seduce and emotionally damage us with their searing chainsaw...

Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships Launch News

Kramer 31 August 2009 5
The Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships were officially opened today with a ceremony and race in Civic. Canberra showed the international competitors and specatators a sample of the early spring weather to come - sun, followed by rain, followed by sun. The opening ceremony was fairly typical. The RMC...
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