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Clea Rose Killer on the Run News

neanderthalsis 11 June 2009 55
The Canberra times is reporting that one of our finest young reprobates is on the run after absconding from his fathers house whilst on Humanitarian Leave. From the Times: The youth who hit and killed pedestrian Clea Rose in Civic four years ago while driving a stolen car is once...

Lock up tight, CRK is back on the streets News

johnboy 5 November 2010 25
The Canberra Times has the unhappy news that the man known as "Clea Rose's Killer" due to his very early debut into crime and public notoriety is back on the streets. Acting Justice Bernard Teague has seen fit to unleash the menace back upon the community by granting bail. Anyone...

CRK back behind bars News

johnboy 12 June 2009 55
The ABC reports that the young man known only as "Clea Rose's Killer" (or CRK for mine) is back behind bars after the police hunted him down. He has been in jail awaiting sentencing for a spate of fresh crimes including theft, burglary, receiving stolen goods and property damage. Two...

Scumbag that killed Clea Rose bailed for rehab News

Felix the Cat 20 April 2008 93
From ABC news online - The boy convicted over the hit-and-run death of Canberra student Clea Rose has been granted bail to attend a youth rehabilitation centre in New South Wales. The 17-year-old was the driver of the car that struck Ms Rose in Civic in 2005. Justice Malcolm Gray...

Clea Rose killer gets more probation News

johnboy 23 October 2008 7
The Clea Rose saga has taken another turn another turn according to the ABC. The young man responsible has been in remand since breaching his bail but is now back out on the streets: "Today in the ACT Supreme Court, Justice Malcolm Gray said he understood that the bail conditions...

Clea Rose as convenient distraction? News

johnboy 1 August 2006 13
The ABC informs us that Our Brave Leader, Jon Stanhope, is going to order an inquest into the death of Clea Rose in the wake of coronial dis-interest in the case. Also the Canberra Times is on the story. A desperate attempt to get school closures off the front page?...

Clea Rose killer sentenced News

Kerces 31 January 2006 93
The 15-year-old boy who was charged with manslaughter over the death of Clea Rose last year was sentenced to 18 months jail today. WIN News reported the boy was also sentenced to 6 months jail for car theft, although I didn't catch whether these are concurrent sentences or not. Ms...

Coroner inquires into Clea Rose death News

Ari 3 August 2006
The AFP may have declared themselves blameless with their internal inquiry into the Clea Rose death, but the coroner will have another go.

Clea Rose to get degree Community

Kerces 23 August 2005 21
In today's CT (but not on the front page so not on the web) was a heart-warming story about how the University of Canberra is considering awarding Clea Rose her degree posthumously. Now, the question is will they do this for every student who dies without finishing their degree? Like,...

Clea Rose – Things not done by the book after all News

johnboy 10 May 2007 61
Despite howls from our policing friends that only bad people ask questions about policing, and other howls from delusional members of the community who wouldn't be able to get to sleep at night if their glossy brochure image of policing were to be ruptured, something new and interesting has come...

Here we go again – The Clea Rose inquest commences News

johnboy 7 May 2007 101
The ABC reports that the coronial inquest into the death of Clea Rose has begun. No surprises so far. UPDATED: The Canberra Times reports that the coroner, Karen Fryar, promised the Rose family in writing that her investigating officers would not be the same police who conducted the investigation into...

Guidelines followed in Clea Rose death – everything cool? News

johnboy 28 March 2006 42
The ABC is reporting that the Liberal's Steve Pratt has seen the findings of an internal police report on the role of officers in the death of Canberra student Clea Rose. It says the officers chasing the car which hit the 21-year-old, acted in accordance with national pursuit guidelines. Anyone...

Clea Rose hit and run passenger gets 18 months News

johnboy 10 April 2006 27
The ABC is reporting that A 13-year-old boy from the Canberra suburb of Mackellar has been sentenced to 18 months in detention for riding in the stolen car that struck and killed Canberra University student Clea Rose. Seems like a hard but fair penalty for an accomplice?

Comrade puts on the angry voice over bail laws and Clea Rose. News

johnboy 3 February 2006 2
A couple of days ago we linked to Bill Stefaniak asking awkward questions about the operation of Bail in the ACT, in particular how Clea Rose's killer came to be hooning through civic. Mr. Stanhope has had a little think about this, worked himself into a high dudgeon, and put...

What can be done to stop it happening again. [Clea Rose Tragedy] News

Special G 14 August 2005 14
Following in the wake of the most hotly discussed topic on Riotact - The hit and run on Clea Rose - I propose a civilised discussion on how to fix the problem. Ask any Copper and they could probably tell you the names of 10 car theives who are out...

Clea Rose’s Family Call For Coronial Inquest – Don’t Trust Police To Investigate Themselves News

johnboy 29 August 2005 1
ABC News have just had the photogenic (complete with gorgeous golden retriever), compassionate, and very level headed Rose family on the TV. (i.e. the mourning family of Clea Rose) They thanked the community for the support they have received in the wake of the tragedy. They were an example in...

CRK strikes again News

johnboy 8 October 2010 155
Much has been written about Clea Rose since she died in 2005, hit by a car stolen by teenagers being chased by police. Since then one of the kids in the stolen car, known only as "Clea Rose's Killer" has lead a spectacular life of crime, made all the more...

Let punishment fit the crime for real lessons in consequences Opinion

Greg Cornwell 10 January 2017 11
Our regular Tuesday columnist, former Canberra Liberals MLA Greg Cornwell, is back. In his first column for 2017, Greg argues our justice system should tailor punishments to fit the crime, so that, for example, graffiti vandals would be required to clean up the offending paintwork under supervision, thus gaining a...

So that was 10 years.

johnboy 29 November 2010 6
27 November 2000 was the dawn of the Riot, largely as en effort on my part to win an argument with an ex. But it wasn't until November 2005 that we turned on Google Analytics. Since then we've served up 6,355,023 visits and 17,394,000 page views. (For those who've...

Another police chase ends badly News

Skidbladnir 19 December 2007 123
According to the The ABC, the Clea Rose coronial inquest is due to publish findings today. But in a bad case of unfortunate timing, the ABC are also reporting that a 17 year old male is in a serious condition after a bungled police chase last night.

It’s like a game of GTA News

johnboy 14 December 2010 28
This in from ACT Policing: A 20-year-old man will face the ACT Magistrates Court this afternoon (Tuesday, December 14) on multiple charges after he crashed a stolen car into another vehicle, fled the scene, and was apprehended in the backyard of an Ainslie home with stolen property. Police will allege...

Long walk for Clea’s memory Community

johnboy 15 June 2006 1
NowUC have a story on a fund-raising walk from Brisbane to Canberra by Amy Banson. She's hoping to raise money for the National Brain Injury Foundation in memory of Clea Rose. Details of how you can contribute are on the walk with a rose website.

Look both ways before crossing the street News

Special G 15 November 2007 53
I was reading the the CT (second page) this morning that the little car thief who killed Clea Rose in the bus interchange has already been picked up for stealing cars again only 4 months since being released on parole after serving 18 months of a 3 year sentence. There...

Amy Banson almost home Community

johnboy 24 July 2006 6
The Canberra Times is excited that Amy Banson has almost completed her saccharine-titled "Walk with a rose". She'll be entering Garema Place next monday having walked from Brisbane in memory of Clea Rose. The mission is: "Our mission is to raise awareness about acquired brain injury (ABI), and to raise...

State of the Riot – 2008

johnboy 4 January 2009 25
And so. Here we all are, a little older, hopefully a little wiser, and there's vastly more of you than before. That's mostly a good thing. In this article we'll be having a look at 2008's visitor statistics to RiotACT as well as what were the most popular things...

Interchange Hit & Run Footage Found. News

el 10 August 2005 3
Heard on the radio this morning that footage from a security camera in Civic showing the hit and run incident involving Clea Rose has been found. ABC online has a very short piece here but doesn't mention whether it was from the non-working CCTV cameras or from somewhere else.

The Comrade’s concern for youth sentenced to detention News

nyssa76 4 February 2006 21
The ABC has this to say on the matter . He's concerned as to the fact that youths in the ACT are doubly more likely to be sentenced to detention than those in NSW. A snippet: "Mr Stanhope says he wants to find out why Canberra appears to be the...

Police Court Camera problems continue in attempted suicide News

johnboy 2 October 2005 10
The Canberra Times has a terrifying story of a man threatening suicide who was left alone in a cell under the Supreme Court and found with a broken neck. after being locked alone in a cell below the courtrooms, he attempted suicide and broke his neck. The camera that monitored...

Going for a “Long Walk” Community

Ntp 17 July 2007 16
Depression is a serious issue and one that most feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. Given Australia's "tough" persona and British stiff upper lip heritage it's almost surprising anyone talks about it at all but most of us would know several people who do or have suffered depression at...

Black Boxes for ACT Police Cars! News

johnboy 3 May 2006 11
AAP (via Yahoo) have a story in which AFP Commission Mick Keelty announces plans to install black boxes in ACT Police cars to protect the public and the police. Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty says the boxes will help investigations after police pursuits and car accidents involving police cars....

Car thefts ‘cost ACT $820,000 a month’ News

Special G 16 November 2005 2
Canberra Times is reporting here about the car theft rate in the ACT. How is it that in Australia we seem to have a car theft rate of 4 times higher than other developed nations. Chief of Police Audrey Fagan "And 81 per cent of car thefts were resolved, with...

Boy charged with manslaughter ordered to plea News

Kerces 4 October 2005 1
You may remember that the 15-year-old who was allegedly driving the car that hit and eventually killed Clea Rose was charged with manslaughter, among other things. You may also remember that he declined to enter a plea to the charge at the initial hearing (I feel certain there was some...

Boy pleads guilty to driving car in hit-and-run incident News

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 21 August 2005 17
I couldn't think of a title so I broorwed the one from the ABC Story A 14-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to driving the car that struck a woman at Civic bus interchange last month. The family of 21-year-old Clea Rose has released a statement saying she has severe and...

Stanhope says staffer’s wife was not improper and journalists need to watch out News

Kerces 24 August 2005 21
Jon Stanhope says there is nothing improper in the wife of his chief of staff not declaring her affiliations in a letter to the editor and that journalists should be more careful of uncovering political associations themselves. He said the author of a letter to the Canberra Times that defended...
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