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Sir Laurence Street to decide on the release of the functional review News

johnboy 8 April 2009 38
There's no way that the functional review, should it ever be released, will live up to the expectation generated by the saga of its secrecy. But it's become the rope in a much needed tug-of-war between executive and parliament here in the ACT. It's fascinating watching a quintessential round-head...

Taking out the trash day? No Functional Review for you News

johnboy 25 March 2009 22
One hopes that a bikie-related double murder and the sudden death of a prominent member of the community was not what prompted Jon Stanhope's office to push out this media release at 7.30pm last night. Because if that was the reason it's a hell of a way to run...

Functional Review News

johnboy 21 June 2006 3
Richard Mulcahy has taken a moment out from editorialising in the Financial Review to put out a media release asking why the Government's super-secret functional review (but not so secret it can't be used to justify anything the Government can't otherwise explain) cost $350,000. That seems a lot for the...

FOI wittering News

johnboy 11 December 2008 7
I've always thought of Freedom Of Information laws as one of those nice ideas that don't work in practice. Basically unless you can go in yourself and rifle through the filing cabinet there's no bureaucracy on the planet that can't find a dozen ways to stymie a request for information....

Richard Mulcahy’s trouble with the Hotels Association News

johnboy 5 October 2006 2
Jon Stanhope is taking some joy from the troubles surrounding the Liberal head kicker and Shadow Treasurer, Richard Mulcahy. The Canberra Times reported last month that the Australian Hotels Association was to consider the findings of a report into its financial affairs encompassing the time when Mr Mulcahy was its...

Public release of the Costello report? News

johnboy 6 September 2006 18
One of the more charming aspect's of the Stanhope Government slashing and burning of the ACT's public amenities has been the way it has all been justified by Michael Costello's functional review. A secret document might be a pretty poor way to justify actions in public debate, but it's also...

Phillip Oval Proposals News

Pandy 12 July 2006 49

Overhaul shadowed for Canberra government structure News

Kerces 9 November 2005 9
The Chief Minster has announced a "broad-ranging functional review of ACT government structures and programs" over the next few months. This could be paving the way for a potential split between state and local government functions, which Brendan Smyth informs us Urban Services Minister John Hargreaves told the Council of...
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