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Todd Carney has done it again… News

By Canfan - 29 June 2014 49

Todd Carney has been caught up in yet another scandal. This time a photo was posted overnight that showed the troubled Cronulla star urinating in his own mouth. Reports are circulating that the Cronulla board have just acted to the news which has been sweeping social media all morning. Carney has been reportedly sacked. A […]

Blake Ferguson out partying with Todd Carney News

By johnboy - 26 August 2013 8

The ABC reports on Blake Ferguson not even pretending to care any more: Speculation surrounding Blake Ferguson’s playing future continues to mount after he was spotted at a Sydney pub alongside Cronulla star Todd Carney the night before missing Canberra’s NRL clash against Manly. Ferguson was a no-show at the Raiders’ 36-22 loss to Manly […]

Roosters make a feather duster out of Todd Carney. News

By johnboy - 4 September 2011 7

The SMH reports that even the permissive culture of the silvertailed Sydney Roosters has had enough of former Canberra bad boy Todd Carney. Todd’s hoping another club will pick him up, failing that he’s off to France where if he keeps up his wild ways it’s a matter of time before he gets stabbed.

So, remember Todd Carney… News

By qedbynature - 20 April 2011 18

Dally M Medalist 2010, the pin-up boy for the Sydney Rooster, former protege of the Canberra Raiders…a highly paid professional football player. Well it seems it’s all about Todd and his problems, again. According to the Tele (the source of everything NRL) TODD Carney can’t be trusted. Always full of promises. Promises to give up […]

Todd Carney the player of the year? News

By johnboy - 8 September 2010 18

[First filed: Sep 7, 2010 @ 8:24] The SMH has Raider’s skipper Alan Tongue’s view on former enfant terrible Todd Carney and the very real possibility that he will win the Dally M Medal tonight as the best player of the year in the NRL. In his lengthy stay in Canberra the Goulburn native was […]

Todd Carney to play for Atherton News

By johnboy - 8 March 2009 58

[First filed: March 05, 2009 @ 10:55] Regular readers will be thrilled by an ABC story reporting that perennial favourite Todd Carney has signed to play for the Atherton Roosters in the Queensland competition. I also hear the gig involves a job working in the pub. View Larger Map UPDATED: Todd is nothing if not […]

NRL tells Raiders – You don’t actually own Todd Carney’s soul News

By johnboy - 15 February 2009 13

[First filed: February 14, 2009 @ 08:28] The Melbourne Herald Sun has a piece on the future of perennial RiotACT favourite Todd Carney. The man who gave us a new word for urination (as in, “Back in a sec, “I’m just going to take a Carney”) is now hoping to get a run in the […]

It’s come to this for Todd Carney News

By johnboy - 14 October 2008 10

The Herald Sun’s man in Kigali brings word of Todd Carney’s latest outing on a football field. He’s playing touch on a rock strewn dustbowl in Rwanda against the Rwandan national rugby team. But the 22-year-old former Raiders star was eager to accept the invitation, even if the rocky field with a metre-deep hole inside […]

Todd Carney strikes again News

By johnboy - 8 October 2008 21

Former footballer and celebrity party boy Todd Carney has made the Canberra Times again: “Former Canberra Raider Todd Carney found himself on the wrong side of the law again at the weekend when the half-back was arrested in a Goulburn pub. Police picked up the 22-year-old in an Auburn Street hotel about 10.50pm on Saturday […]

Todd Carney – Terminated News

By johnboy - 7 August 2008 51

Word coming through that Todd Carney’s contract has been terminated. Lock up your daughters and watch your backs, he’s got nothing to lose now. UPDATE: In a press conference Todd has blamed us in the media (that includes all of you lot) and the club for treating him unfairly.

First entry in for the Ballad of Todd Carney Lifestyle

By johnboy - 5 August 2008 51

The first entry is in for our songwriting competition round one. Those with keen memories will recall the theme this time around is “Todd Carney“. And so I present to you Thumper and The KnuckF*ckles and their Ballad of Todd Carney, with help on the lyrics from Colin Dixon. Entries via mp3 to UPDATED: […]

Todd Carney writes off his career News

By johnboy - 4 August 2008 21

Todd Carney was in an interesting place over the weekend. The Raiders were wavering on his counter-offer (to accept all their conditions except a playing ban), and a large chunk of the public had received his open letter rather well. So what does he do? Return to Goulburn, get on the grog and get kicked […]

Todd Carney’s open letter News

By johnboy - 3 August 2008 53

Todd Carney has chosen to speak directly to you. This is the original of his open letter. The text reads: “The purpose of this letter is to clarify some things to fans of the Canberra Raiders, Rugby League fans and the public in general. I feel I need to tell my side of the story […]

Songwriting competition: The Ballad of Todd Carney Lifestyle

By johnboy - 25 July 2008 36

So I had this idea, and we’re going to see how it goes. Every couple of months we’ll take a topical issue and put it out to the plethora of musos who read this site to write a song about it. They’ll produce an mp3 file which the rest of you can listen to and […]

Lying for Todd Carney? News

By johnboy - 24 July 2008 63

Todd Carney is already entering the language. Just a few minutes ago I went to the smallest room in the house to have a Carney. The Herald Sun is now reporting that his former partner in crime, Steve Irwin, (the League player not the stingray annoyer) is dropping a bucket on last year’s events. Irwin […]

The on-going saga of Todd Carney News

By GnT - 31 May 2007 19

The Canberra Times has yet another story about “wayward Canberra Raiders star” Todd Carney. He’s very sorry and very grateful that he’s been given another chance, and promises to be a good boy from now on. So, should the Raiders/NRL have a zero tolerance policy, or is it fair to give this bad boy a […]

Stanhope speaks up for Todd Carney News

By johnboy - 24 May 2007 12

Our Brave Leader has taken the unusual step of editorialising on behalf of the wayward Todd Carney. We all know from the Bruford fiasco that the Chief Minister doesn’t believe in enforcing codes of conduct. If this was a first offence we’d be more inclined to see it his way. We also wonder if a […]

Carney Watch – Todd gets bashed! News

By johnboy - 12 May 2009 12

When former Canberra Raiders star player Todd Carney was run out of town on a rail departed these regions for the greener pastures of the Cape York Peninsula many wondered how long it would be before the cowboys of North Queensland administered their own more direct form of justice on the little fella. The Herald […]

Carney does down the Raiders again News

By johnboy - 19 May 2013 4

Foxsports has the unhappy reading of the tattooed terror at the suspect Sharks doing the business: NSW Origin hopeful Todd Carney was again the maestro for the home side, who provisionally moved into the eight for the first time since round five. The victory was not secure until a 70th minute try to barnstorming prop […]

Todd comes home to roost News

By johnboy - 18 April 2010 4 informs us of a dismal night for the Raiders, going down 36-6 to the Roosters at the SFS, where we have an impressive 12 game losing streak. Todd Carney’s endless capacity to disappoint the Raiders shows no sign of abating.

Carney does it again…. News

By sunshine - 5 January 2010 20

7 news has this story about the former Canberra Raider. NRL’s notorious bad boy Todd Carney and a friend are accused of burning a man’s buttocks, scrotum and upper thigh, after deliberately setting his pants on fire, the Seven Network reports. The newly-signed Sydney Roosters footballer had been holidaying with mates at Airlie Beach in […]

Another Carney Update News

By RiotPost - 23 September 2009 6

Ex-Canberra Raider, trouble maker, and the man forced to leave Goulburn, Todd Carney has made the papers again in the Brisbane Times, but this time only as part of the farewell to the Atherton Roosters after they went down in their Grand Final 30-18 against Cairns Brothers. Todd says farewell to Atherton and the Barron […]

Telstra apologises for nude Carney photos News

By jennybel75 - 1 April 2009 48 is running a story about nude photos of ex Canberra Raider Todd Carney turning up on a mobile phone which was apparently rented from Telstra in Canberra about 6 months ago. Seems like Mr Carney just can’t escape scandal whereever he goes. ED – Without the photo I’d have assumed this was an April […]

Todd to be a Rooster in 2010 News

By johnboy - 26 March 2009 35

New bring word that Goulburn exile Todd Carney has signed with the Roosters to play in the NRL in 2010. The Daily Telegraph has learned Carney and Roosters officials reached an agreement several weeks ago for the ex-Raiders ball-player to resume his NRL career with the tricolours. So as predicted the move to Atherton was […]

Carney on! Enough’s enough. News

By MsCheeky - 16 March 2009 12

Maybe its just giving oxygen to a story that’s had enough, but I have to rant.  I couldn’t believe that the C.Times ran a FULL BACK PAGE story on some loser playing in some minor football game in north Queensland on the weekend.  It’s not as if there wasn’t enough other sport in Canberra over […]

Carney to try his luck in the US of A? News

By Thumper - 22 February 2009 17

RiotACT favourite Todd Carney is obviously finding that life is quite tough when you have to work for a living. And so, with that in mind, the SMH is reporting that he may take off to the US of A to play american football. Frankly, I cannot see this happening. [ED – Can’t see the […]

The Carney dilemma – Get a real job, or sue News

By johnboy - 10 January 2009 20

LeagueHG informs us that the man who has given so much mirth to Canberra, Todd Carney, is considering suing for the right to play Rugby League in Australia as the realisation dawns that his criminal past makes getting working visas for overseas opportunities tricky. The NRL would probably like Todd to work a real job […]

Carney future in doubt News

By Thumper - 8 January 2009 7

The SMH is reporting that Todd Carney’s career may be doubt again, with his management and English Super League side Huddersfield fearing his visa application to travel to Britain will be declined. Carney is unable to move to his new club due to difficulties in processing his visa application. The situation has become so desperate […]

Tigers Eye Carney, but is Carney eyeing an earlier return? News

By EnglishRaider - 14 December 2008 5

In the Courier Mail this morning there was an article on Todd Carney, with the Tigers keen to Sign him for 2010 season…. Although it looks like his work permit to play in the UK is taking a while, and it seems things are getting a bit tense if he’s even going to be granted […]

Carneywatch – Stonefest! News

By johnboy - 28 November 2008 12

Mish_Mash has reported a Todd Carney Facebook sighting. Looks like he’s had trouble sorting out the visa, but having a good time regardless.

Carneywatch: He’s Back! News

By johnboy - 22 October 2008 32

Todd Carney’s turned his back on the bright lights of Kigali touch football and, according to the Canberra Times he’s back in Canberra. “Sacked Canberra Raider Todd Carney was an interested spectator at the Scottish rugby league team’s training yesterday. Carney returned to the capital to meet with his new boss Richard Thewlis, the chief […]

Carney Carney Carney News

By johnboy - 10 October 2008 13’s man in Kigali has tracked down Todd Carney and had a chat. It seems the reason he isn’t playing football in the grim North of England is because, for some reason, the UK High Commission here in Canberra is dragging its heels about issuing the young fellow with a visa. It could be one […]

Carney off to mill News

By johnboy - 29 August 2008 15

The Canberra Times reports that Todd Carney is off to the dark satanic mills of Wigan. I for one will miss him immensely.

Raiders blink in the face of Carney demands News

By johnboy - 1 August 2008 13

The ABC reports that Todd Carney has lobbed a counter-offer in to the Raider’s ultimatum and they’ve capitulated on their deadline. ‘”Todd’s manager David Riolo has sent through a response in regards to the clubs proposal, and out of good faith the board has agreed to look at this response before a final decision is […]

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