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Underbelly, Al Grassby, and Canberra. News

johnboy 23 February 2009 75
In today's SMH Paul Sheehan is tying in events from the wildly successful Underbelly 2 show on TV to our very own, very expensive statue of Al Grassby here in Canberra. "And yet we have, in the foyer of a public gallery in Civic Centre, Canberra, a life-sized bronze...

Al Grassby finally unveiled Lifestyle

Kerces 19 May 2007 32
The infamous Al Grassby statue was finally unveiled yesterday amid yet more controversy, as the ABC reported (PM also had a story on the Mackay family's complaints but it wasn't on their site at the time of writing). Inspired to see what all the fuss (most of which I've actually...

Al Grassby statue in Civic Lifestyle

IBN News 31 October 2006 31
IBN reports that the opposition isn't happy with the government commissioning that life-size statue of Al Grassby for Civic Square (which RiotAct reported on back in March). Opposition leader Bill Stefaniak says he can't believe money is being spent on this when budgets are being cut everywhere else.

Gazza wanders off the reservation on Grassby News

johnboy 1 April 2007 10
The Canberra Times has a strange story in which our Liberal Senator, Gary Humphries, expresses his deep admiration for the late Al Grassby. Gary thinks the multicultural centre is too mean an abode for this titan of Australian politics and would like the statue erected next to Edmund Barton's (that...

The truncated balloon fiesta Lifestyle

johnboy 13 March 2007 15
The Canberra Times reports that for the cost of a statue of Al Grassby, the Balloon Fiesta has been cut back from a nine day event to a four day event. Don't you love this Government which gives you less of what you want and more of what you don't?

CMCF pays tribute to retiring co-patron Community

Graham Cooke 2 February 2010
The Chair of the Canberra Multicultural Community Forum, Sam Wong, has paid tribute to the Forum’s retiring co-patron, the Ambassador for Mexico and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Martha Ortiz de Rosas. Mr Wong said it was accepted practice for the Forum to invite the current Dean of the Diplomatic...

Minister for Ineptness? News

bhk 3 March 2009 22
If the ACT Minister For Treating Ratepayers Like Idiots, John Hargreaves, was not a paid politician then he would be hard-pressed to find a job in the real world. Just recently he defended the controversial public statue of Al Grassby (of which Hargreaves approved the purchase) by saying that the...

Human Rights…for whom? News

Indi 28 November 2005 3
The re-jigging of a speech into a press release (below) left me trying to work out what was the single message the Prince was trying to deliver to the media - Sir Joh's attempts to supress protests in QLD, the life of Al Grassby, the banning of the Communists in...

Water wastage News

johnboy 22 March 2007 40
John Hargreaves has taken some time out from his defence of Al Grassby to push out a media release calling on business to impoverish their shareholders to solve his water problems. Rather than price water to encourage efficiency Mr. Hargreaves seems to hope a media release might guilt a few...

Apart from the corruption, Grassby was a nice guy: Hargreaves News

Ari 7 March 2007 19
Ahh, the ties that bind ... John Hargreaves has put together an extraordinarily lame defence of his Government's decision to honour the supposed greatness of a mafia crook and corrupt politician, using our tax dollars. No doubt you and I have sides of our particular lives that we would...

Grassby memorial for Civic Community

kimba 23 March 2006 22
Went and watched Page8 last night, it was an exceptional production. I also met someone there who is sculpting a statue of Al Grassby. Apparently the statue will be placed in Civic Square. I didn’t hear anything about this and was wondering what others thought about the idea – perhaps...

The Problem with the Canberra Liberals News

The View From Here 12 October 2008 60
Now I’m sure that Zed Seselja and his cronies are genuinely nice people who, deep in their hearts, really believe that what they are doing is for the good of Canberra and the Canberra people in general. Of course, being Liberals doesn’t real mean that they are liberal in the...

State of the Riot – November 2006

johnboy 3 December 2006 16
Another month, this time blighted by technical difficulties, saw the absolute unique visitors drop but the other stats are looking extremely positive. Absolute unique visitors clocked in at 16,523 down slightly from 17,119. (it's not a bad day in web publishing when 500 readers is a very minor blip). In...

State of the Riot – February 2009

johnboy 3 March 2009 10
The year marches on and it's time to take out the carcass of February. Here’s our monthly review of where the site’s going and what people are coming here for. February, like January, is traditionally a slow month, so it's been a big effort to keep things moving along and...

State of the Riot – March 2007

johnboy 2 April 2007 31
March was a good month for the Riot with our first paid advertisers taking advantage of a strong performance to reach a lot of Canberran eyeballs. Here's the comparison from February: Absolute unique visitors: 20,221, up from 18,710. Visits: 61,686, up from 57,059 Pageviews: 176,945, down from 180,623 Very loyal...

State of the Riot – 2007

johnboy 6 December 2007 46
Here at RiotACT we're starting the silly season early by doing our year in review now before buggering off for the beach (in my case that's a two minute walk down to seven mile). So by way of comparison this was the State of the Riot in 2006 according to...

State of the Riot – February 2007

johnboy 2 March 2007 26
Even our biggest two days ever at the end of the month as Canberrans sought out coverage of the storm (and thereby overloaded our server at the peak of demand) wasn't enough to save us from a pretty ordinary month. Fortunately our advertisers only pay for the eyeballs we reach....

State of the Riot – April 2007

johnboy 2 May 2007 10
As a short month with three public holidays April was always going to see our numbers down a bit. But thanks to Steve Pratt (amongst other things) the trend was just up up up as the month progressed. Here's the comparison with March. Visits: 58,855, down from 61,686 Pageviews: 169,640,...

State of the Riot – January 2007

johnboy 2 February 2007 30
Yes another month sees us all shorter of breathe and closer to death (apologies to Pink Floyd). RiotACT, however seems to get better with age, according to Google Analytics The stats for January compared to December are: Absolute unique visitors: 20,221, up from 16,514 Visits: 60,680, up from 44,132 Pageviews:...
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