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Justice Refshauge sets Amber Westin free News

johnboy 23 February 2012 14
The Canberra Times has the concering news that recidivist and deadly disqualified driver Amber Jane Westin is back on our streets (one hopes not the roads but she has form) after Justice Richard Refshauge overturned her four month sentence for breaching her decade long driving ban. Westin appealed against the...

Amber Westin rides again! News

johnboy 13 January 2012 43
Old skool RiotACT fave Amber Westin has returned to the pages of the Canberra Times. Amber is banned from driving until 2017 after killing Heather Freeman in a haze of drug driving in Woden: but was caught in August last year when police spotted her talking on her mobile phone...

Amber Jane Westin – In profile News

johnboy 18 November 2006 64
The Canberra Times has put together a comprehensive profile (With a picture! Welcome to to 1996!) of Amber Jane Westin the alleged culprit from last Tuesday's tragedy in Woden. It seems increasingly clear from the reportage that the incident does not fall under what most of us would consider to...

Amber Jane Westin – Back in court News

johnboy 1 December 2006 25
The Courier Mail reports that Canberra's least loved resident, Amber Jane Westin, was hobbling back into court yesterday on a cane. On top of her current charge of culpable driving causing death, she's picked-up seven more charges: "unlicensed driving, using an unregistered vehicle, using an uninsured vehicle, using a vehicle...

Amber Jane Westin pleas guilty – MAXIMUM SENTENCE OF TWO YEARS News

Kerces 21 February 2007 37
The ABC radio news is running a report that Amber Jane Westin has pleaded guilty to at least some of the charges against her. In December her charge sheet stood at: culpable driving causing death, unlicensed driving, using an unregistered vehicle, using an uninsured vehicle, using a vehicle that...

State of the Riot Q1 2012 Lifestyle

johnboy 1 April 2012 10
As Canberra's only media outlet giving honest reports about its audience we've made a habit of giving a quarterly peek into Google's analytics take on us. So comparing Q1 2012 to Q1 2011 we find: -- Visits: 1,086,481 up from 746,505 for a a 46% increase. -- Unique Visitors: 406,952,...

Amber gets 15 months periodic detention News

johnboy 18 May 2007 48
The ABC has the interesting news that Magistrate has seen fit to sentence Amber Westin to 15 months of periodic detention for her fatallity inducing crimes. She's also barred from getting a driver's licence for 10 years which is of small importance as she didn't have one when she killed...

Amber Jane Westin throwing a rock and failing three drug tests News

johnboy 6 January 2007 198
For those who missed it, Canberra's least loved resident, Amber Jane Westin, was in court yesterday. She was there for failing not one but three drug tests, a condition of her bail after allegedly killing an old woman when she was meant to be in court on another charge and...

State of the Riot Q2 2012 Lifestyle

johnboy 2 July 2012 15
We're halfway through the year and so it's time for our quarterly look back at where we are. Interestingly while we've got major gains over last year it appears that the readership is becoming a little more casual. The price of growth. Stats So comparing Q2 2012 to Q2 2011...

State of the Riot 2012 Lifestyle

johnboy 4 January 2013 5
And so we turn our steely gaze upon the year just complete. From October the restrospective changes to Internet Explorer have had an effect, and yes it's something we're aware of and working on but it's not simple. If you're not using a decent browser like Safari, Firefox, or Chrome...

State of the Riot – 2007

johnboy 6 December 2007 46
Here at RiotACT we're starting the silly season early by doing our year in review now before buggering off for the beach (in my case that's a two minute walk down to seven mile). So by way of comparison this was the State of the Riot in 2006 according to...

State of the Riot – April 2007

johnboy 2 May 2007 10
As a short month with three public holidays April was always going to see our numbers down a bit. But thanks to Steve Pratt (amongst other things) the trend was just up up up as the month progressed. Here's the comparison with March. Visits: 58,855, down from 61,686 Pageviews: 169,640,...

State of the Riot – November 2006

johnboy 3 December 2006 16
Another month, this time blighted by technical difficulties, saw the absolute unique visitors drop but the other stats are looking extremely positive. Absolute unique visitors clocked in at 16,523 down slightly from 17,119. (it's not a bad day in web publishing when 500 readers is a very minor blip). In...

State of the Riot – February 2007

johnboy 2 March 2007 26
Even our biggest two days ever at the end of the month as Canberrans sought out coverage of the storm (and thereby overloaded our server at the peak of demand) wasn't enough to save us from a pretty ordinary month. Fortunately our advertisers only pay for the eyeballs we reach....

Is that a red light? … No it’s Amber! News

Ari 13 December 2006 21
Apparently police have got video footage of RiotACT favourite Amber Jane Westin running a traffic light and killing 82-year-old Heather Freeman. I wonder if a close inspection of the footage would reveal our latest loony poster Jim/Peter in the passenger seat? ED - Thumper also sent in the same story...

State of the Riot – March 2007

johnboy 2 April 2007 31
March was a good month for the Riot with our first paid advertisers taking advantage of a strong performance to reach a lot of Canberran eyeballs. Here's the comparison from February: Absolute unique visitors: 20,221, up from 18,710. Visits: 61,686, up from 57,059 Pageviews: 176,945, down from 180,623 Very loyal...

State of the Riot – January 2007

johnboy 2 February 2007 30
Yes another month sees us all shorter of breathe and closer to death (apologies to Pink Floyd). RiotACT, however seems to get better with age, according to Google Analytics The stats for January compared to December are: Absolute unique visitors: 20,221, up from 16,514 Visits: 60,680, up from 44,132 Pageviews:...

Westin in trouble again (sigh) News

Pandy 4 June 2007 42
The Sunday Times reports that Amber Jane Westin (22) was allegedly (WTF?) found in the possessin of cannabis and a syringe - wait for it- at the Symonston Remand Centre on Friday. She will appear before th magistrate on June 12. Well Ok who remembers that she got off lightly...

Amber Rams Again News

Jazz 5 November 2007 31
Amber Jane Westin has rammed another elderly woman and been sentenced again, this time for assault with a shopping trolley (no license for that either) according to this ABC story. Shes been sentenced to 2 months gaol to be served at the same time as her current sentence. The story...

ABC treating Westin with kiddie gloves? News

Pandy 13 June 2007 14
As you know Amber was in court today. So I thought I would do a Google and: Woman fined for drug possession. 12/06/2007. ABC News Online22 year old Amber Joan Westin was sentenced last month for her involvement in a car accident that killed an 82-year-old woman. ... - Similar...

Amber still at large Community

johnboy 9 January 2007 67
Thanks to Bonfire for the tip, the Herald Sun reports that Amber Jane Westin remains on bail despite failing three drug tests and an earlier bail breach. "A young mother who allegedly caused a fatal crash during a police pursuit received a stern warning from a judge today to stick...

Westin has a problem News

asp 1 September 2007 17
Well, anyone who knows about the trials and tribulations of Canberra's most upstanding citizen *choke* Amber Jane Westin would already know that she has a problem. In fact, she's got several. After having her sentence increased to 7 months in custody for smuggling drugs into jail while on weekend detention,...

Westin likely to face 2 years. News

bighead 15 June 2007 35
Amber Joan (Jane?) Westin is likely to face 2 years in Jail according to a verdict handed down by Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill today. She has been given a week's grace to deal with issues relating to her daughter. ABC NEWS All I can say is, it's about time.

Sentencing Recommendations on RIOTACT? News

luca 8 January 2007 29
The spirited discussion of Ms Amber Jane Westin ...

Another fatality from a police chase – UPDATED News

johnboy 16 November 2006 451
The ABC is reporting that an elderly woman has died near the Woden Police Station after getting caught up in a high speed pursuit. "The pursuit ended late this morning when two cars collided in south Canberra. Police have confirmed an elderly woman died after her car was hit...

State of the Riot for 2011 Community

johnboy 3 January 2012 6
So that's 2011 done and dusted. In late December we took a look at the most read stories of the year. Unlike the rest of Canberra's media we've always made a habit of sharing our readership data. So here's how Google Analytics rates our 2011 compared to 2010. -- Visits:...

State of the Riot, Q3 2012 Lifestyle

johnboy 4 October 2011 5
Every three months we let you into where our reader numbers are at, what people are looking at and what they're searching for. So, comparing Quarter Three of 2011 to that of 2010 in Google Analytics the numbers are looking good! Visits: 897,610, up 38% from 649,361 a year ago....

State of the Riot – 2008

johnboy 4 January 2009 25
And so. Here we all are, a little older, hopefully a little wiser, and there's vastly more of you than before. That's mostly a good thing. In this article we'll be having a look at 2008's visitor statistics to RiotACT as well as what were the most popular things...

Hate mail: Jimbo’s going to shut down RiotACT

johnboy 13 December 2006 120
We all love a good nutter around here. Readers who peruse the comments have, for the last week, thrilled to the antics of the semi-literate multiple personality known as "jim/peter". Predominantly this can be found on the thread about Amber Jane Westin but there were other outbreaks. As Jimbo has...
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